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Aaron’s Last Wish 100 at Cheddar’s in Lexington

After 3 years, here we are at the 100th tip! This time we visited Cheddar’s in Lexington, which is the last time most of us had dinner with Aaron, and Tyler was the lucky waiter. Stick around till the end for a special message from mom. This episode’s music was provided by Englishman: http://10in20.net/archive/2012/06/19/englishman/ And…

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Aaron’s Last Wish 99 at Fat Patty’s in Huntington, WV

How did this take me so long to post to the page? That, I can’t really answer. Clearly it slipped my mind, but I hope everyone saw it back around the New Year on Facebook or Youtube! Anyway, we hit the road on Christmas Eve and had dinner at Fat Patty’s in Huntington. The food…

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Aaron’s Last Wish 98 at The Pub in Lexington, KY

Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of that first $500 tip, so a few of us went out to The Pub here in Lexington and surprised Kyle with the 98th $500 tip. It’s been a while since we did one and it felt great to make his day!

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Aaron’s Last Wish 97 at BellaBrava in St. Petersburg, FL

I finished up my 7 month long road trip in St. Petersburg, Florida. There I met up with Bill and we walked around until we spotted BellaBrava and decided to have lunch there. Our waitress was Abigayle and after eating some delicious pasta we surprised her with the 97th $500 tip. Check back soon to…

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Aaron’s Last Wish 96 at Andiamo! in Miami, FL

Almost time to go home! I met up with Jason from Beyond Zero in Miami Friday evening, and we went out on a search for pizza. Eventually we settled on Andiamo! and surprised Ana with the 96th $500 tip.

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Aaron’s Last Wish 95 at Mex 1 in Charleston, SC

As of this tip, Aaron’s Last Wish has been granted in all 50 states! The road trip isn’t over, but this was a special milestone. On Sunday I was joined by Sumyhr and Caitlin and we went to Mex 1 in Charleston and surprised Nelia with the 95th $500 tip. Stick around after the credits…

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Aaron’s Last Wish 94 at Early Girl Eatery in Asheville, NC

This road trip is quickly coming to a close. While hanging out in Asheville, I ran in to Andrew Knapp and his dog, Momo. Friday afternoon he was kind enough to join me at Early Girl Eatery. There we left Kendra the 94th $500 tip.

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Aaron’s Last Wish 93 at Taylor’s in Ocean Pines, MD

John and his family were kind enough to offer me a place to stay in Ocean City, so I made that area my stop in Maryland. On Sunday night we all went to Taylor’s in Ocean Pines where we surprised Sandy with a $500 tip.

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Aaron’s Last Wish 92 at Burger Bach in Richmond, VA

The 92nd stop took me to Richmond, VA where I brought along several friends from Snagajob, who have been supporters of Aaron’s Last Wish from the very beginning. We went to Burger Bach and surprised Sam with an awesome tip, and then Kim from Snagajob had another surprise for both of us.

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Aaron’s Last Wish 91 at J. Paul’s in Washington, DC

Wes and Jenn from the Bucyrus video invited me to stay with them in Washington, DC if I came through, so yesterday I took them up on that offer. While I was there we went to Georgetown and had a late dinner at J. Paul’s where we surprise Steve with a $500 tip!

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