Aaron's Last Wish$500 Tips for Waiters and Waitresses

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Our CBS This Morning Segment

In a few days I will have pictures and behind-the-scenes video of our trip to CBS, but here is the segment for any who missed it this morning.

5 Responses to Our CBS This Morning Segment

  1. Jamey

    That was awesome. Good job!

  2. Blake

    What a great segment! You all did a great job on national TV…which can be really nerve-wracking…. It was so nice to hear your Mom speak – usually in the videos she’s just smiling and hugging 🙂 I still think about you and your family a lot, and especially every time I go out to eat (20%+ every time! 🙂

    Keep up the great work. I tear up every time I head over to aaroncollins.org, but it’s worth it to see the happiness you’re spreading.

    Thanks for being awesome Seth.


  3. Debbie Schellman

    This is such an awesome thing you are doing in Aaron’s name, to honor his last wish! All three of my sons waited in restaurants while they were in college, and all three have moved on in life and have jobs and careers that sustain them and their loved ones. However, I feel that all three of them learned something very significant as waiters: to help another human being end their day with a smile on their face! They learned that for the moment, meeting their customer’s needs was their only concern, and that putting others first and helping them to be comfortable and satisfied at the end of the day is a worthwhile endeavor. Today my boys are grown and are all practicing “putting others first” in their families and in their jobs, a value they learned while waiting tables! I am very proud of my sons as Christians and human beings, and I want to thank you, Aaron, and your family for “thanking” the waiters and waitresses in this world in such a generous way!

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