Aaron's Last Wish$500 Tips for Waiters and Waitresses

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Aaron’s Last Wish 38 – Pazzo’s in Lexington, KY

Mom and I went to Pazzo’s in Lexington today, for appetizers, and surprised Mindy with a $500 tip. Enjoy the video!

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37 at Stinky and Coco’s Diner in Winchester, KY

We took a vote on Facebook and the fans chose Winchester, so we headed east and found Stinky & Coco’s Diner. The food was great and we gave Hannah and Don a $500 tip for Aaron!

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Map of $500 Tips

As we give more and more $500 tips in more cities and states I wanted you to have an easy way to keep track of where we’ve been. So I set up this map with all of the restaurants marked. Don’t forget to zoom in, because there are some cities where we’ve given several tips….

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Aaron’s Last Wish 36 – Saul Good in Lexington, KY

Back in Lexington this week, I went with mom and dad to Saul Good. There we met our waiter, Arthur, the most recent recipient of a $500 tip from Aaron. His co-worker, Calvin, also told us a story about how a few days ago he had lost some money but Arthur gave him $45 to…

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Aaron’s Last Wish 35 at Pizza Hut in Berea, KY

Today mom, dad, and I invited Amy and her mom, Donna, to join us for lunch and give a $500 tip. It was special because we went to the Pizza Hut where Aaron worked when he was a teenager. Crystal and Kaitlin from the Richmond Register also joined us. Nikki was our waitress. Also, this…

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Aaron’s Last Wish 34 – Mansfield, MO

My mom and sister (and her family) went to Missouri because they love Little House and Laura Ingalls Wilder. While there they stopped in at Tastee Freeze and gave Brittany a $500 tip for Aaron. I’ll be back next week!

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Week 33 with Project Love in Cleveland, OH

In November I had the amazing experience of getting to speak to students for Project Love’s Kickoff for Kindness. Before I spoke at the event I brought a few adults and students along with me to be part of a $500 tip for Aaron. We went to Yours Truly in Cleveland and met our amazing…

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Aaron’s Last Wish 32 at Giovanni’s in Ivel, KY

Along the road trip I met Jess, who was visiting Nashville from Wales. She wanted to see the hills so I offered to bring her back home to Pike county. While there we stopped in at Giovanni’s Pizza Den in Ivel and left our waitress, Jessica, a $500 tip. And don’t forget to check out…

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50 State Road Trip Fundraiser

We want to share $500 tips across the entire country. To do that, I’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money. Thanks to donations we have the money for all the $500 tips. We just need funds to go on the road for a year and give them away. My goal would be to leave…

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Aaron’s Last Wish 31 in Nashville, TN

In Nashville, Laura and I stayed at a hostel and had a wonderful experience getting to meet people from all over the world. The next day I invited our new friends to join us for brunch and be part of a $500 tip. we went to 417 Union where we met our waiter, Mike.

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