Aaron's Last Wish$500 Tips for Waiters and Waitresses

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My Brother

Aaron was the type of person that took great joy in unexpected kindness.  Once after receiving exceptionally bad service at dinner, from a rude waitress, he left her a $50 tip. Things like this, given or received, were what he thought left a mark on a person’s life.

Aaron passed away July 7, 2012 just 3 weeks after his 30th birthday.  He left us a will full of his personality. He asked that any debt he owed his parents be repaid should he have money in the bank at his death, but also had the following request:

“Third, leave an awesome tip (and I don’t mean 25%. I mean $500 on a f***ing pizza) for a waiter or waitress.”

Of course, the way he lived his life meant Aaron never had much and didn’t leave much.  We want to make his wish come true. So we are asking for donations to make this happen for him. Any money donated will go directly to this cause.  His hope was clearly that such a random gift of kindness would leave an impact for life.

Once we have $500 his family will go to dinner somewhere and leave it as a gift for the waiter or waitress.  If we continue to receive money, we will continue giving these gifts randomly, so that in his death he can touch the lives of many more people than he had even dreamed of doing in life.

If you can’t donate then please give a generous tip on your own.  Tell the waiter or waitress why, or don’t.  He would still be happy that you had done it.  Give them this website address if you’d like, or write it on the check, so they know they received the gift because of my brother.

271 Responses to My Brother

  1. Arie

    I donated $ 5,00 (from Europe 🙂 )

    • suzy

      i have a 32 yr old son who is struggling. he called me yesterday and said he wanted to donate $100 to a friend of a friend who is battling leukemia. he has no credit cards so he asked me to put it on mine. i thought, “wow! i am always helping him w/bills and groceries; but he wants to give someone he doesn’t even know $100!” he said to leave in the comments… aaron collins.org.. you are paying it forward.. p.s. my son did give me $100 to cover donation.. 🙂

      • Tina Collins

        Your son sounds like a guy Aaron would love, Suzy!

  2. Ty

    Wow, it’s so sad to hear of a young person leaving so early. It’s amazing to hear of how you are keeping his memory going by doing such a random act of kindness!! Keep it up Collins family!! I will be doing my part up here in Canada!!

  3. Harry Miller

    Its really awesome to hear im sure your brother was an awesome guy. Finally a good story Im from Atlanta but im living now in Mexico for another month when i get back i will try to do what i can. I can go without my vodka for a week

  4. julian

    your good

  5. NJJ

    Your Brother has left his mark around the world and for such a blessed reason, would have really been blessed to have known him. God Bless your family and your efforts for continuing his request. I would love to send a donation, but dont use the web for financing, please put an address where checks can be sent. it would prove very beneficial for all, I believe………………………………….

  6. Brian

    came across your site and i myself have been doing something like this for a few years. I served in the United States Marine Corps. and while on a tour overseas i lost my good buddy. we were always going out as a group of buddies and usually was the table having the most fun. it was the norm for us to close out the Bar/Pizza Place/diner wherever we may have gone. We always had the attitude that we made it through hell and knew what a tough life was so whenever we were not overseas we made it a point to live big and always made a point to tip big as well. we knew that we were not rich but we had a zest for life and always wanted to share our happiness with others. it was upon my friends passing that i made sure that we would continue this in his memory. whenever we gather we have a seat and a drink set up with my friends picture at the table. even in his passing he is able to offer us strength. it is always nice to see the look on the waiter/waitress when they realize that they have received a tip that they were not expecting. we have a group of 11 of us and we get together once a year at least so we set 100 per person for a tip and end up leaving atleast 1100. life is good as long as you let it be. carry on in your mission and always know your brother will continue leaving his mark.

    • Chef Tony Marciante

      That is a great way to live, thanks for sharing…what an amazing feeling it must be to do something so simple, yet impactful…awesome.

    • Kip2me

      Awesome!!! we need more people like you and your friends in this world.

    • Givi

      Thanks for the reminder of the important things in life Brian. And thanks for putting your life on the line to protect others

    • Brian Smoth

      Brian I like to say thanks to you. I am not American but commend you as you have served your country in two different ways. The first is by serving your country overseas and the second is by getting your friends together and leaving a nice tip for a waiter or waitress. my hats off to you Bro. peace

  7. Karen

    One day we were my family and my sons friend were out to dinner and as always we bowed our heads to pray and thank God for our food. A few minutes later a man gave my husband a 100.00 bill to pay for our meal and told use to keep the change. When asking why he said he could not believe that people still pray and are not ashamed to do so. Mind you we were eating Chineese so the bill was not but 30.00 for the 4 of us. Boy was the watress surprised to get quit a large tip. And ever since then I am not so stingy with tipping. Thank you for sharing your brothers story. I wish we could all live like that and know how much of an impact kindness could help someone else. God Bless you and your family as you go through this hard time of lossing your brother, your son, your friend.

    • Brian

      Amazing story, Karen. I like picking up the tab for WW2 vets when I see them. It’s a small thing to do and the opportunities are getting more rare every day.

  8. Lisa

    This story is very touching… I know that it must be so difficult to deal with the loss of a friend, brother, & son… but the message you are spreading is beautiful, I got goosebumps when I fark led me here today, and I know it that by sharing this message with all of us Aaron’s “smiling down at you now”.

  9. Wendy Johnson

    I already tip more than the 20% tip average because I know that waiters and waitresses basically earn their only real money from tips. Will start making them bigger…and in your brother’s good name. God bless. What an awesome thing you’ve started and what a great way to remember and honor your brother.

  10. Kathey

    This is wonderful!

  11. Ian

    Your brother sounded like a very cool guy …. I think you may be surprised what his legacy may be as a result of this small gesture … well done Aaron!

  12. Brad

    Faith in humanity restored…

    • Renabee

      And just today I was saying how bad people were………..

  13. Sheri

    Awesome! As someone in the business for many years I don’t know how I would respond to such an act. I do not know if I could accept that, from any customer. What a beautiful thing.

  14. Tabitha

    I work in the service industry and have always been a firm believer in leaving a damn good tip. We depend on them! The next time I’m in a restaurant though Aaron will be in my mind and the tip I leave will be my best one yet. Thank you so much for the inspiration Aaron, your memory will live on!

  15. Helena

    So sorry for your loss. What an awesome guy Aaron must have been.
    I hope you can continue to touch the lives of others for many years to come and keep his legacy alive. All the best from Holland.

  16. AJ

    Aaron has touched my life just in seeing this video.

  17. Kenzie

    This is such an amazing story! I hope people continue to donate! I will definitly spread the word!
    Thank you for being good people! We need more people like your family in this world!
    Also, so sorry for your loss, Aaron sounds like he was a great person!

  18. Mac Wilson

    A 30 year old in the prime of his life is dying and his last wish is to make some random stranger have an awesome day? Pretty much says all I or anyone else needs to know about him. I’m sorry for your loss, but the joy of knowing such a person has to be a great comfort to those lucky enough to know him.

    • Terry

      Well said Mac Wilson. And I love Aaron’s idea of a large tip for snarly service-brilliant. I eat out alone often, and while I can’t afford a $500. tip, I can afford more than the $5-$10 tip I usually leave. Even if it’s only $40, I think two 20’s with Aaroncollins.org on the bills would make my and the server’s day. Thank you Aaron for reminding us what is important in life.

  19. sarah

    Your brother had a great heart and I know that he is in heaven looking down on all of you.I am so sorry that he passed on at such a early age,God had plans for him.I will give large tips on his behalf.God bless you all and know that you will see him again when you pass on.Live a good life!

  20. david

    Your brother’s impact is bigger than he imagined. $500 helps a person, sharing this story helps everyone. Good luck to you and your family.

  21. Gary

    I’ve just made a donation of $10.00. As you continue Aaron’s crusade of kindness, I will be back to donate more. Bravo to you for being such a loving and giving family.

    Best regards,

    San Francisco, CA

  22. Tom

    You should show a running tally on the site of how much money that has been donated. Charitable giving tends to be contagious and I suspect that people will be more likely to give if they see how much money has already been donated.

  23. Carmen Crespo

    This story is absolutely the most beautiful thing I have ever heard…. Such a wonderful soul in life and in death….. Speechless

  24. lkaps

    You should make a kickstarter campaign for this.

  25. eleanor

    I think this this speaks volumes of your brother’s character and what a wonderful spirit he had! His good karma is still here!

  26. Gretchen

    My dad would have loved this! He was always a huge tipper! Every time I tip I think of my dad : ) The next big tip I leave will be for your brother : )

  27. Ashley

    Hello, my name is Ashley, I stumbled across a now viral video of your family giving the waitress the 500 tip for Aaron….. I am a server myself and this just blew me away! Aaron was a heck of a guy to ask for something like that in his will, I am so happy to hear that there are people like that on this planet who, no matter what is going on in their lives, they think of others. Everyone could learn a lesson and a half from your dear brother. I wish that i could donate, but at this point in my life its not possible, low income and a six year old to care for isnt easy, I am glad your brother knew there was alot of other servers like me, who needed alittle extra help! thanks so much for fulfilling his wish and bringing hope to everyone who reads/sees all the good you all have done! thanks so much! and prayers and thoughts go out to you and yours alike xoxox

    • Anwar

      Dear Ashley,

      If people cared less about a big house, a nice car and eating lobster every single day and started caring more about their evironment the world would look a whole lot better!

      Send me your e-mail adress in a private mail at: oddmale@hotmail.com

      Perhaps I can help you somehow, I am certainly not rich and I have 2 little girls to take care of too, but we need to help eachother!


      Gorinchem (Holland)

  28. Ashley

    Hello, my name is Ashley, I stumbled across a now viral video of your family giving the waitress the 500 tip for Aaron….. I am a server myself and this just blew me away! Aaron was a heck of a guy to ask for something like that in his will, I am so happy to hear that there are people like that on this planet who, no matter what is going on in their lives, they think of others. Everyone could learn a lesson and a half from your dear brother. I wish that i could donate, but at this point in my life its not possible, low income and a six year old to care for isnt easy, I am glad your brother knew there was alot of other servers like me, who needed alittle extra help! thanks so much for fulfilling his wish and bringing hope to everyone who reads/sees all the good you all have done! thanks so much! prayers and thoughts go out to you and yours alike xoxox

  29. Ashley

    p.s. I did share this page on my Facebook wall….. I hope that it helps!!!!

  30. Elizabeth

    When things are looking better for me, I will donate something to this very worthy cause 🙂 I’m sorry for your loss…. he was too young…. I myself am turning 30 next month and this is really making me think… thank you 🙂

  31. Nick Cosentino

    Because of your brother’s kindness & incredible wisdom, his spirit will stay behind and spread warmth and a sense of happiness to everyone it comes across. That, is a true legacy. That, cannot be measured…and that, will live to find itself in too many hearts to count.

  32. tammyehoney

    We sell Tupperware and was wondering if you were aware of the fundraiser that is available for causes like yours…please contact me…40% of all proceeds would be mailed directly to you from Tupperware not from me lol…for every item sold with the fund raiser. Any Tupperware dealer can set up for you. If you can’t find one in your area would be more than happy to help…What a great Cause…Pay It Forward…

  33. Kim

    I’m very sorry for the great loss that you and your family have suffered. Your brother sounds like he was a lovely person who left his footprint on all that had the pleasure to know him, and clearly now because of you, on those who never got the chance to know him.

  34. Jessica

    I used to be a waitress and I still work in the food industry. Most people who work in this industry struggle daily to pay their bills and provide for their families on pretty much tips alone. What your brother did during his life and what you are continuing to do in his memory is a testament that goodness still exsists. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is an extrodinary quality to have and I am so glad that children were brought to the dinner. What a fabulous example to set for future generations! I am so happy to contribute to this fund!!!

  35. Don

    You guys are doing a great thing. It sounds like Aaron was a heck of a guy.

  36. Toni

    My brother also was a waiter and loved his job… He passed at 25 so I can understand your loss. I also do not have much but I will make it a priority to tip what I can and leave the website for every place we eat out at… Thank you and thanks to you Aaron 🙂

  37. Kim

    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I also lost my brother on July 7 (2004). I will always think of you and your family while I celebrate the memories I have with my brother. I carry on a tradition of my brother’s as well, we live in Chicago and if you are familiar with the area, there are usually homeless people on exit ramps along the highway. My brother, Nick always used to give them what ever he had on him; Money, smokes, a burger and fries….didn’t matter, he reached out and changed someone’s day. God Bless you and your family and our wonderful brothers.

  38. Kim

    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I also lost my brother on July 7 (2004). I will always think of you and your family now when I celebrate my brother’s life. I have a similar tradition that my brother started, we live in Chicago and if you are familiar with the area, there are usually homeless people on the exit ramps along the highway. My brother, Nick, always used to give them what ever he had on him; Money, smokes, a burger and fries, it didn’t matter. He just reached out and changed someone’s day. God Bless you and your family and our wonderful brothers.

  39. Toni Hazelbaker

    You’re an awesome brother!! It’s a shame your brother passed away so young!! You came up with a great way to keep his memory alive. Good Luck, I hope you receive MANY donations!! 🙂

  40. Larry

    It saddens me that I’ve missed my opportunity to meet Aaron. Odds are it would of never happened, but I know for sure it won’t. This is awesome and if only everyone had a heart like his. If only…..

  41. ami martin

    what a huge impact he is leaving on this world! I can’t wait to leave a big tip in his honor! The world needs more ppl like him in this world!

  42. John Forbes

    As I sit in Starbucks and read and watch this story unfold I am crying. Thinking what a very unique and special individual this man must have been and his psychology is so beneficial to those in need and searching for what is missing every day in life. Just one kind deed can make all of the difference in the world. Your brother sounds like a wonderful man and I am filled with tears and cluthching my throat to learn of such a caring man’s death. This world could use more people like him. Just seeing this encourages and uplifts me and has touched me beyond belief. I hope I have and will make an impact even remotely close to what your brother has done for me and for what I’m sure is many lives he touched. He is truly an inspiration and a role model for us all.

    God bless,


  43. Sylvia

    So strange to have someone do this. I think it is so great that you all are doing your part to keep his memory a live. I feel everyone should do this. Kind of like paying it forward. Wish I could donate but I will try to do what I can where I’m living.

  44. Joe

    Cheers to Aaron. We don’t go out to eat very often, but when we do and it comes time to pay, I will most definitely be thinking of Aaron when I fill in that ‘tip’ line. The incident where he gave a $50 to a rude and poor waitress is just as amazing as well. He sounds like he was an amazing guy – let his legacy live on!

  45. Lyndsay

    I think this is a wonderful story and a great cause. As a waitress myself, it is always appreciated when getting a great tip, especially when you’re having a bad day. It is nice to know that Aaron wanted to make this impact on people who don’t always feel the most appreciated. Sounds like a great person, and I hope your family can continue this tradition in his name for a long time.

  46. Brad H

    I watch the video twice and cried .Your Brother was way too young to go.I wish the family peace and happiness for all that you do .Aaron your the greatest

  47. Fran

    Pay it forward! That is such an awesome and powerful way to live! I challenge you to try it and see for yourself!

  48. Saeed

    Hi Seth (and the family),

    That is a very touching story and I am so sorry for your loss. I feel for you and the rest of your family as I have lost a triplets brother myself at a young age. Aaron seems like a very cool person and it looks like it runs in the rest of his family. You’re doing an excellent job keeping his wish and memory alive. Send my love to your mom and dad and the rest of the family, God bless you all.

    I already donated through PayPal and I will share this with all my friends and family.

  49. Roger

    I’m 66 years old and began waiting tables in 1972. Even though I taught school, I continued to wait tables until 2007 simply because I have a passion for hospitality and service. Aaron’s last gesture of kindness , especially to waiters and waitresses, is inspiring and I appreciate his family being willing to honor his requests. The story of Aaron leaving the large tip to a rude waitress who gave him bad service has given me a new perspective on how I should react when I experience the same thing and that is to be kind and generous rather than mean-spirited. Thank you, Aaron.

  50. Ms. Hedgepeth

    What a wonderful Wonderful thing to do!

  51. spacegoddess

    This is so awesome!! I like the fact that your brother tipped a really terrible waitress….I hope that made an impact on her work practices. Sounds like your brother was an amazing person. I’m sure he will be missed, but not forgotten…. 🙂 Best wishes to you and your family! He would be so proud!

  52. Cassidi

    This makes me cry. I am happy that you had the opportunity to live knowing one of God’s angels. I will give this website out to all my friends on facebook if you do not mind. May God bless your family for doing want your brother asked.

    • sethc

      Please, share it with anyone you like. The more people we inspire to be generous, the better the world will be for us all.

  53. Yale

    I can tell he would have been someone who would have been a good friend of mine. We need more people on this Earth like your brother

  54. luana

    This is awesome that you are doing this. As a waitress of almost 8 years many people dont understand how hard it is. Most of the servers I know are single mothers or college students. Serveing seems to be the best job that will work with a school schedule. I have been treated badly by some customers they act like I am a slave and have snaped their fingers at me, and laugh at me. All I can do is smile and hope that they don’t stay long lol. We do get paid very little less than $200 every two weeks is very hard to survive on. I decided to go to school to be a nurse because my little sister became ill at age 1. I had so many questions about her illness. I also realized that I wanted to help others and care for them. I am half way to my degree now so soon I will be helping others the way your bother is even with his passing.
    much love ~Luana~

  55. Greg

    Very cool story. Loved the reaction of the waitress. Hope you can keep it going in your brother’s name.

  56. Melisa

    What a wonderful person your brother was. There is no better way to celebrate the person he was then to fulfill his wish, thank you for your kindness and generosity. Like the waitress said this is like “pay it forward”, I hope we can all learn from your brothers generous request. My condolences to you for your loss.

  57. Robert

    My mom raised 5 children by herself working at Huddle House and Waffle House and I think it is a disgrace to our men and women who earn $2.00 an hour to put up with rude customers or even customers in general and what Aaron has started is wonderful though I would love to see legislation to make it mandatory for restaurants to have to pay waiters and waitresses at least minimum wage plus tips !!!! So I to will be paying it forward !!!!

  58. Greg Smith

    Very nice story. I hope you can do it again to another unsuspecting server.

  59. alison

    i will deffinintly be giving a donation or leaving a big tip as soon as i get my paycheck this is an awesome thing and you guys are awesome people 😀 <3

  60. Jenna

    Donated a few dollars. Wish I would have had more, but posted I will make sure to share this and hopefully that will help. Your brother will live in infamy, as I shall remember him every time I leave a tip!!

  61. Whitney

    this is so inspiring. Your brother would be so proud on how his name is being carried on. My thoughts and prayers are with you

  62. Brian Fish

    I just wanted to say what an awesome thing to do! I to know how it is to have a family member taken away from you all to early. Three years ago tomorrow my sister was taken from this world just 5 days after her 30th birthday. I applaud what you are doing and will now do the same by giving someone a large tip at random, for both your brother and my sister because they both were more interested in helping others than themselves. Thank you for sharing your story so that others might be able to help others.

  63. Jean Morales

    Your brother had a great sense of humor. I read the information on his website and laughed for a second just based on how his last requestes were expressed. It just shows such act of selflessness. May this gift of kindness keep touching others peoples lives and your brothers act of kindess is shared with everyone. Your brothers story truely touched my heart.:) God Bless to your whole family!….Jean

  64. Gail

    I’m sorry to hear of your brother’s passing, but what a wonderful legacy this will turn into in his memory. All the best to your family.

  65. Mel

    Hey Kinfolk! I’m a Collins, too (maiden name)!! My deepest condolences to your family. I love this story, and Aaron, as a result. I love your family for honoring his wish and succeeding. It’s my dad’s b-day today, & my parents continue to show me what generosity means. I will share this story with my family, friends & waitstaff (+a bigger tip than usual) ;-). Awesomeness. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Jk Freeland

      And thank you and your friends for your service and your kindness!

    • Belinda

      That’s a beautiful story. Thank you for your service. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend but his honor will live on through you and your buddies.

    • Eric

      Wow! All of these stories have mooved me to tears. I’m really touched by the kindness of straangers.

  66. Fran Salamone

    I love this idea.. and his heart <3 sounds like he was a great guy and came from a great family. Great job, in keeping his wish alive, along with his memory. It's something I'll never forget after watching this video. 🙂 God speed…

  67. Steve

    Terrific way to continue having Aaron impact people’s lives!

  68. Mark

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Awesome parting wish on Aaron’s part. Take care and God Bless.

  69. Jennifer

    You are all amazing souls, being a former waitress tips are really all we make.
    I worked two waitressing jobs to put myself through college. I succeeded and received my Bachelors Degree about 2 years ago. I now have an amazing fulltime job and always give back over 20% tip to any waitress/waiter, even if it is bad service. It is called Karma “What goes around comes around”

    Your brother’s love you all received is now coming around to everyone else.

    God Bless

  70. tri

    It is such a joy to see his giving spirit giving and just carrying on the love that your feel for the one you have lost. He sounds like he was a great soul matured by his many experiences in life and just in the fact of knowing that he would no longer grace this world with his physical presence but his legacy will live on. May the love of God and the joy that he brought to you all continue to sustain you, I will send my blessing so that you can continue to fulfill his wished and bless others. God Bless.

    • Chris

      Nice Ashley, why not just come right out and ask them for $500 – I wish that your brother had been an animal lover, that money could go a long way towards spaying and neutering animals, dog food etc…I hope you can see through the people like Ashley…you will soon have a lot of best friends that are “servers” – my big problem with the first donation made to the chick in the pizza place was that she didn’t even acknowledge your brother, give any sympathy at all..I thought that was sad..it was all about the money…beware of people and their pity parties – you should really disable the comments at this point…

  71. tammy

    i had a brother that died of aids and i think what you are doing is a wonderful way to honor his wishes and memory i was very proud of my brother because he went into every study of the new medicines for hiv patients and his outlook was might not be able to save me but hopefully it will save someone else so GOD BLESS YOUR BROTHER AND YOUR FAMILY and keep up the good work i will be donating thanks for this message it really hit home

    • Victoria M.

      Tammy, I am so sorry for your loss. My condolences to your entire family………your Brother was brave and selfless.

  72. Donald & Gina

    What a simple yet wonderful thing Aaron would do for wait staff, and what a fantastic thing his family is doing now in his honor.

  73. Kathy Hammond

    I love to see families come together and fulfill a loved ones last wish. So amazing! Right now my daughter and I are residing in our van and once we get back on our feet I will be making a donation. My daughter and I will be looking forward to this. Keep up the awesome kindness. God Bless!

    • Diane

      Hello Kathy, I would just like to add my thoughts to you & your daughter.. I am so sorry that you have found yourself in this situation and have to live the way you have to right now. I do wish great things for both of you in the future and I am sure you will have your own ‘home’ space before too long. Keep smiling and sing a song of joy when you are low as this will help you & your daughter to have hope for a better tomorrow.. I feel that Aaron would have helped you guys with a moments thought.. God Bless and take care…

  74. Nelda

    One of the best ways yet to memoralize someone. What a wonderful guy Aaron is. I say “is” because his spirit is alive here on these pages. Gave my heart a lift just reading about it. I’ll leave his website with any tip I leave now.

  75. Shane Campbell

    I am sorry to hear about your brother. After looking at his pictures I totally see someone I would love to hang out with. He reminds me of my brother in many ways, in his creativness and posistive attention to people whom he did not know. It is amazing how a few good deeds can have a snowball effect on others around you. It makes me proud to see you are from the South. This is the kind mentality I see in communities all around us, and it is thanks to people like our brothers.
    Thank you and your family.

  76. Melanie

    I was sad to hear about the loss of someone so young and so full of heart. He wanted to continue giving even after he was gone. This is such a good thing that you are doing. Please keep it up and continue. I know I won’t forget this story. Pay it forward.

  77. sheri ann

    I hope U do this forever I know U inspired me! thank you for sharing.

  78. Tardyviking

    Here here. Ten bucks from Cali. Aaron sounds like he was a cool guy. I will drink a toast to him tonight!!

  79. Rick Shedd

    It sounds like Arron was an awesome guy!! Also his family carrying out Arron’s last wishes is some thing that is compelling. I’m sure that Angels wings are wrapped around him as he watches over his friends & family.
    God Bless, Rick Shedd

  80. Ryan and Nicole

    Awesome!!! Aaron is loving it!!!!

  81. Linda

    This brought me to tears. Wish we could have met Aaron. I know he was smiling down on all of you when you make his last wish come true. I love tipping big when we can afford it because they work so hard for such little pay. On all my tips going forward i will leave this website on the bills and check. I will try and donate as soon as I can. This is a beautiful tradition to pass on for generations. Let Aaron’s legacy transcend decades and continents <3

  82. Deby Zimmerman

    You have the MOST AMAZING brother EVER!!!! What a generous spirit..and I’m honestly sorry that his time here was so short…God knows this world needs more people who think like this……Bless his spirit and generosity and may you and your family find peace with his wishes blessing so many others. Thank you for that wake up for kindness Aaron!!! Your wishes will carry on!!!!

  83. Brent

    As a former bartended I have always tipped well, not to impact someones life, however just knowing every dollar will help with bills. I will continue to tip well and when I can afford to do so I will tip and Obnoxious amount in the name of Aaron Collins as he is looking to improved someone else life, even for a moment. Thank you Aarons brother…you are a good brother to continue to look out for your brother always…good on you bro, good on you

  84. Jon Karlen

    My deepest condolences to you! He sounded like a really great person!

  85. Rob

    Aaron was certainly a very thoughtful person. Glad he was able to get his last wish, and I’m sure there will be plenty of donations to support this worthy cause. 🙂

    • Joel Van Horn

      You should include a button on this site so that people can “like” it onto there Facebook page. I am going to recommend it right now to all of my friends, but it would be easier with a

  86. Kristi

    I am a blackjack dealer, another profession in the “tipping” industry. I don’t have much, currently recovering from a major shoulder surgery and out on disability right now (sadly, haven’t even gotten my first check yet). I will donate some as soon as I get back to work. In the meantime, I helped spreading the word out by posting them on Facebook (on my timeline) with hopes that my coworkers who are currently making money dealing blackjack will help by donating some to this amazing cause.

  87. Chris

    What an awesome way to be remembered… this story made my night

  88. Steve

    This is heart felt to have never known him i wish i would have. he sounds like the guy everyone should be, not taking his own personal life for granit and helping out others without any true reason other than he was a kind person. i passed this story on my facebook page and i hope it helps with spreading the good that your brother was all about. God Bless your family and your brother in heaven i know he is proud of you all just writing this makes me smile like a kid at christmas

  89. Ryx

    Awesome story!

    Always make it a point to tip more than the usual for exceptional service and you’ll be surprised how many friends you’ll be making later on.

  90. jim

    Even if people cant afford a big tipbuy a random strsngers lunch somtime tell the waiter or waitres why your doing it give them a tip for both a little kindness goes a long way

  91. Penney

    Incredibly kind, incredibly thoughtful, incredibly sweet, incredibly awesome his heart….how I won’t forget this story, and I will attempt to remember it as much as possible in my life to keep someone’s spirits up, even when they are letting us down.

  92. Gina

    WOW!!! That is truly a wonderful legacy to leave behind & your brother would be so proud to know you went the extra mile to make sure his last request was put into action. I have been a Bartender/Waitress for 16 years and it can be a tough job. In fact, there are many tough jobs out there where the people working the jobs are taken for granted. Your brother saw this as a way to encourage those who feel under appreciated that there are customers who see value in the service provided. Keep up the great motivation to put out something positive into the world… I will do so from here in Northern Idaho. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story and allowing all of us to see the happy results of your brother’s generosity, kindness, & compassion. 🙂

  93. Jerry

    A neat play on this would be to buy a dinner for a random family at a restaurant. We have done this a few times, each time asking their waiter to allow us to pay the bill before we leave and to not tell them who it was. The wait staff always is confused, but we tip them well for their service and allowing us to bless someone. Of course with this idea, you could let the family know, or even leave a card to be given to them in place of their bill explaining your reasoning.

    • Sue

      I have several times picked a family in line behind me at McDONALD’S or somewhere given the cashier an extra $20 and told them to just say their meal is indeed happy and paid in full.
      Everyone can use a little help once in awhile.

  94. Mary

    What an awesome family, what a wonderful upbringing you all must have had! My sympathy and prayers are with you. Keep up the great work.

  95. Joseph

    This is nothing short of a miracle. The bible has expressed time and again, show Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) to others and they may spread the good news to everyone they meet. Aaron, I never met you man, but, you seemed like an awesome guy anyone would be proud to call a friend, brother, cousin, son, nephew, grandson, etc. We’ll see ya soon.

    Brother in Christ,

  96. Rita Haskin

    Kudos to your parents for raising such wonderful children. Aaron sounds like a character who was full of life – and that energy is expanding to others. I will participate with both money and kind words to wait staff (another thing they don’t get much of).

  97. Andy

    You guys are awesome. I love what you are doing. Respect for you and your late brother/son.

  98. Vickie

    First let me say I have never left a comment before ever to any thing,but this act of kindness brung tears to my eyes this morning as i was reading this story and watching the video. WoW What An Amazing Guy.

  99. Albert

    WOW….. what a great story….. made my year…. i will donate to your son… what a great loss

  100. Kate

    I just watched the video, bless your family, they have an angel in heaven now, Aaron. I am so glad that you did what he asked and that now you get to reap the thanks on his behalf. Bless all of you. I tip more than most because I know what it is like to live off the tips. I will be sharing your website on Facebook so more people can read and maybe do the same for others in the service industry. Love you all…..

  101. Jon Gerty

    Sorry to hear of your loss – I will donate. I think it’s important to tell people how your brother died.

  102. John W

    Just donated $50, great story!

  103. Krista from Canada

    Random acts of kindness go a long way, Aarons legacy will live on and on. He Sounded like a fun and awesome Brother! I have a daughter that is a waitress and what you are doing in his memory will change many lives, bit by bit! Good on you all!!!

  104. bogadabogada

    There are a thousand things you can say about serving, tipping, or getting service. But at the end of the day, a great tip has meaning. And since tips are almost always shared nowadays, a knockout tip has a higher meaning than just the dollar amount. It means that the customer sees the server as a person, in the situation they are in, and they bless them and wish them well as a person. I wish I could explain this better. I have had it happen to me and I carry the memory of it with me longer after the money has faded away.

    I am afraid that some of the servers you wlil give these tips to, will not know how to respond in a way that is web-ready. I think that is okay. They will go home and fucking cry their eyes out.

  105. Jason Swartz

    Faith in humanity restored…

  106. Ashley Schultheiss

    I am so sorry to hear of your families loss. I can tell he was a good, kind, and thoughtful man by his wish. I will be putting this website on the dollar bills that I use to pay my dinner bill with tonight. God bless you.

  107. Tj

    I think there are millions of needy people out there than hard working waiters who are luckily getting enough meals for living..though concept of making someone’s day special is interesting but it can be done by some gift or hug 🙂
    Still if it’s your bro’s last wish then i must respect that as long as you are really doing this for his last wish’s sake and without any other intentions behind it 🙂
    P.S- Just my perspective, not criticizing anything or any one 🙂 peace \ /

  108. Sneider

    Aaron’s act of kindness has been spreading quite quickly. Truth be told, I cannot donate now, but God is great and and I’m quite sure I will be able to do so soon. In the meantime, I’ll do it in my country of origin (Colombia). By the way, does Aaron Ramirez sound good to you? I’d like to name my next son after Aaron 🙂

    • sethc

      Sounds great to me!

  109. Ali Williams

    What a great thing and what a wonderful way to remember your brother. It’s so wonderful to see you turn something sad into something amazing. I will never forget this and will pray for all of you. I am a single mom of 4 girls and can’t give much but I am so glad to be able to be part of this. This is truly how people live on…..love lives on. God bless Aaron. God bless all of you.

  110. Bea

    What a wonderful way to honor your brother. Please be sure to get the legal details worked out so the IRS cannot issue some sort of penalty on the gifts you receive.

  111. Melisa Mitchell

    Hi, I just seen the video posted, and I must say, it brought tears to my eyes. Such a nice gesture. I’m sure your brother is very happy about this. This world needs more people such as your family.

    I truly wish I could afford to donate, but unfortunately I am unable too. I have two boys who cost alot 🙂 Keep up the good work and may god bless your family!

  112. David K

    I love the idea and will spread the word about your site. I will also do this at least once in his name.
    -Just a thought… Have you talked to an acountant or lawer about this. You would hate to have Uncle Sam come knocking on your door in a year and ask for his share! You may need to set this up as a non-taxable entity.

  113. Chris

    My friends,
    I am overwhelmed at the goodness in this whole story and in its ripples! I am crying uncontrolled tears of joy and inspiration. I am overwhelmed by Aaron’s love of strangers, (reminds me of the message about neighbors in the Parable of the Good Samaritan) I am overwhelmed by the goodness of a waitress whose first thought was to share her good fortune with the other staff at the restaurant instead of keeping it for herself, I am overwhelmed at the thought of all the amazing good yet to happen as a result of a web address on bills that will circulate through the economy spreading the seeds of generosity and inspiration far and wide, I am overwhelmed by the generosity of strangers who have now donated over $10,000 dollars knowing that Aaron’s last wish is already fulfilled, but who just want to be part of blessing the lives of additional total strangers/neighbors to honor the name of a young man who died way too young! I am reminded of the Goodness of Americans who by and large are just like Aaron. We live in the most generous nation on earth, with millions of people who above all else love each other and go about doing good. Yes the news focuses us on the bad stuff and the great evils of our day, often to the exclusion of what really matters. I am profoundly grateful for Aaron, for his family, and for their sharing this story. This is Real News! This is awesome!

    Aaron will have easily touched millions of lives for good in the final accounting. I do not for one second believe God took him out of this life deliberately at such a young age, but I firmly believe in a God who turns trials into good. As of this writing over a million people have already seen the video on youtube! Think of all the lives inspired! Think of all the random acts of kindness that will seem so natural now with Aaron on our minds!

    Thanks to all for touching my life for good! Thanks to Aaron for being the generous genesis of this new “Pay it Forward Movement!”

    Rigby, ID

  114. Dana Bougon

    May God bless Aaron and your entire family. I’m so sorry for your loss but I can see that you are taking comfort in making Aaron’s last wish come true. What an inspiration…..

  115. zmasters de poker-partner

    Hey! Your video is now on a lot of entertaining french site, hope it will give you more donations to accomplish your brother’s wishes. 🙂

  116. zmasters de poker-partner

    Hey! Your video is now on a lot of entertaining french site.
    I hope it will give you more donations to accomplish your brother’s wishes. 🙂

  117. Alexi

    I don’t have much in the way of money, but Aaron’s generosity is the most incredible example of humanity, when kindness tromps all. $50 towards a “f***ing awesome tip” it is! Cheers to Aaron, and the thousands of folks keeping his spirit alive!!

  118. Pam

    My daughter who is 16 recently started working at Bob Evans as a Hostess. Hostesses do not get tips, but there is one gentleman that comes in regularly and gives every hostess $10 and his server $20. It does make their day from what my daughter says.

  119. Victoria M.

    What a beautiful story from the family of an amazing young man. Over 40 years ago I was young, broke and out of desperation I took a job as a cocktail waitress. Tips varied in amount but that is what I lived on. One day a group of 11 Australian sailors came in and I waited on them hand and foot. They were pleasant and we chatted a bit and laughed a lot. I guess in those days Australians were not used to tipping (at least I thought that) because they left me nothing – not a dime. Ever since, I have been a huge tipper because I know how hard it is to work all day or night on your feet dealing with the public. After reading Aaron’s story, I will enjoying tipping so much more and will try to make my tips even larger. Way to go Collins family!

  120. Dee

    How lucky Aaron was to have a great family fullfill his wish, and look what is done for you! I often times at a drive thru, pay for the person’s order behind me in line. The look on their face is priceless. it is the little things in life that make a difference. Keep his spirit alive in your acts of kindness, only good things will come of it! God bless you all.

  121. Matthew Walsh

    I am so sad for the loss of Aaron. What a good F***G Duse.
    Im a guy and I am crying right now……Keep up the good work, You guys rock!!

  122. Deb

    My condolences on the loss of Aaron. What a wonderful thing you are doing in his memory. He sounds like he was a very special person and I’m sure he was smiling down from Heaven when you gave the waitress her tip! Awesome story!

  123. scott

    That is the most inspired story in the entire history of stories.

  124. Kip2me

    What a terrific gesture. Thank you so much for fulfilling your brothers wish and for sharing it with others. love it!!

  125. Al Capone

    This seems to be a total scam and anyone “donating” to this con artist is an idiot.
    Let me see if i have this straight, this guy “Aaron” dies (NO explanation of how or ANY other info about who the f*#k this guy is/was) and TWO DAYS LATER, they’re here begging for “donations”? YEAH RIGHT Instead of giving tips to trailer trash waitresses so they can go get their 20th tattoo, how about giving money to something that will actually help a real cause?

    • sethc

      I just thought everyone would want to see what an awesome guy you are, Al. Congrats on being published.

  126. diva

    There is something to be said about random acts of kindness and how it impacts the world. Your brother sounds like he was the kind of person that just “got it”. My condolences to your family because you lost a very special person. It’s nice to see that even though he didn’t leave anything behind in a monetary sense, he left a legacy that is priceless. A truly inspiring story.

  127. joy

    i had the pleasure of knowing aaron. he was a really good person! he was funny and so wasy to hang out with. with a family like this i see why he was a good person! he will be missed more than words could ever describe! my heart goes out to you his mother and brother. so sad

  128. Melissa

    I love the story and was laughing back tears as I watched the video. Like many of the other comments, I also try my best to tip well. But another thing that helps bring joy to others is:
    When going through the drive thru at a fast food restaurant, I pay for the order for the car behind me. Maybe they continue the trend… maybe they don’t – but I know it made them smile.
    Aaron, although it is a loss that he is no longer here with you body, will forever be with your family and thousands more.

  129. Renee

    My heart-felt condolences to your family for your loss; it has moved me to know that in loss you have gained so much as your brother`s dying wish has given your whole family the gift of giving which helps to heal all wounds. When we give we not only see how it affects the receipient but amazingly it helps us to feel fulfilled … no matter how big or small the gesture. Lots of love. xoxo

  130. Adnan(Bosnia)

    Hi Collins family,

    What I like about Aaron is that his good manners were not born after he passed away they existed already and hopefully they will exist for long time!!

    Thank you for sharing your story an I wish you all the best!!

  131. Kim

    My condolences for your loss of Aaron. You’ve got a road ahead of you… but thanks for sharing your story and allowing others to help in fulfilling Aaron’s wish and have faith restored!

    God bless Aaron, you and your family… your weekly restaurant visits will be both heartwarming and heartwrenching!

    Take care!

  132. Andy McNee

    I have decided NOT to directly donate , please continue reading. I will now from this moment forward leave “larger”tips with a small note from time to time that says “Tip left on behalf of Aaron Collins””…..I am in Ontario Canada and will start the very next time I eat out/drive-through service. If on a bill I will write his name,if collected via Visa his name will be on the bill.

    • sethc

      That’s even better, Andy! The more people who are made happy, the better.

  133. Charlie

    What an amazing thing you guys are doing! I am definitely going to share this with friends. You may want to look into Facebook as a vehicle to spread the word and to collect donations (if facebook allows donations through their site), if not it will atleast spread Aaron’s message. My condolences to your family.

  134. Katie

    Like you, I have lost a family member too soon. But, like you, I have also had a chance to see amazing beauty and kindness that can only exist because this loss occurred. I am largely inspired by this and will increase the amount of my future tips in Aaron’s honor. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  135. Thomas Sizemore

    This story really got to me, as my son is a waiter going through college. Next week (I am broke right now) I am putting 20.00 on this deal. How unselfish this man must have been. My question is how are you going to afford to eat out often enough with all this money comming in…LOL.. I dont think any of the people donating would mind if you paid for half of the dinner with donation money, only because you yourselfs could go broke eating out every night in order to pay 500.00 tips. I certinly don’t mind. Great Story, you got my heart. You should post more about Arron and his life, the things he done and how he lived.

  136. Brenda

    This is such an incredible story, and so inspiring!! I’m thinking that there are others in the service industry where I work that I could impact similarly – like the facility people who clean the restrooms and the people working in the cafeteria.

  137. Brad C

    What a wonderful story. This short story is not to brag or toot my horn but a few weeks ago I was shopping a Lowes in the garden dept. The temp was very hot and I mention to the cashier a popsicle sounded good. She agreed. So I ran across the street and bought a popsicle for myself and her. When I returned to Lowes and gave her hers, she said I made her day. It made mine too.

  138. Michelle

    The first day this story came out, I saw it and posted it on FB. It is so moving.
    Please accept my condolences on the loss of a remarkable young man. Aaron is the type of people I enjoy meeting and talking to in life. I know he is at peace now and watching over a wonderful family.
    I would love to know more about Aaron and his family.
    Apparently everyone else finds this story so touching as the family will be able to leave weekly tips in Aarons memory.
    I will begin leaving all of my tips in memory of Aaron here on out~

  139. Kelly Garland

    My sincere condolences for your loss of Aaron. He was obviously a stand-up guy! As someone who has worked in the service industry supporting a then, young child, I can’t tell you how much this would have impacted my life. By doing this, you’re going to change someone’s life as well as their children’s life. The money to buy a baseball mitt or uniform, pay the electric bill or food for the month. The ripple effect will go on. Thank you so much for honouring Aaron’s wishes and making the world a better place! K. Garland -Toronto, Ontario Canada

  140. Tia G

    Love this! Witnessing integrity, kindness, and compassion, especially in light of the grief you are all facing, proves the heart of America is still beating — Congress and corporate America could use some lessons from Aaron and your family.

  141. Jeffrey

    PATHOS!! OMG! OMG! OMG! A true, new spark of the divine.
    Where’s the Kleenex?

  142. Deborah

    I just tried to donate and my credit card was not accepted. Is there an address I can mail a check to?

    Thank you!

  143. Woodrow

    Nice story and nice for him to do this but I gotta say that tipping should be abolished. Start paying the servers more money. Why should I tip some service people but not others? Doesnt make any sense.

  144. The Sudak family

    A wonderful and inspiring story. We are happy to donate to such a beautiful gesture of humanity. God bless your family.

  145. collin

    What an awesome story! I have felt the pain of suicide in my own family and I wish that we would have reached out to others like your family has. I just read the story on CNN then watched the video on youtube and sent the link to everyone in my cell phone. Great story, Great people, keep it up. With a world so full of negatives it is nice to see there are people out there turning them back into positives which I am sure Aaron would have loved to have seen! Thank you for making my day!

  146. Laurie

    What a beautiful legacy…smiling people and happy hearts. It’s all anyone can ask for int his world. Seth, your Mom must be an amazing woman to have raised you and Aaron. Thank you for sharing Aaron with the world. I always leave a good tip, but now I will try to leave something extra each and every time, and I will think of Aaron when doing so. I’m looking forward to the smiles…

  147. Steve Howerton

    Few things impact me much anymore…….
    But this……is pretty damn cool.
    I bet doing this kind act…..even makes a bad pizza…taste great.

  148. RobertM

    This is very cool and I wish more people were like your brother was, it appears that he was too good for down here and had a greater purpose up in Heaven. His legacy is proof of that. God bless and when I get a chance, I’ll throw some clams his way to that this can continue. I heard about this the other day and I am still touched by it.

  149. Susan

    Aaron obviously knew he had a wonderful family, and through you we also get to know a little about him. I lost my brother a few years ago. The most poignant part of this video for me is watching the family arrive and my thoughts are with each of you in that video. I am so very sorry for the loss and pain you are experiencing, but glad that in his leaving he also found a way to provide you all something positive and comforting and meaningful. All of us touched by your story and Aaron will have you in our hearts for a long time.

  150. Tyoung

    This is wonderful and something that I used to do too. Giving large tips to those who wait on us is a kind and generous thing to do. Only once did I get a negative reaction. It was about 15 years ago, I gave a twenty dollar tip to a waitress for a seven dollar meal. She treated me like my money was dirty and acted like I wanted something in return. All I wanted to do was brighten someone’s day. That was the last time I ever gave an exceptional tip. This story has reminded me that my generosity was not wrong. My hope is giving beyond reason would become an everyday thing.

  151. Danielle Aubuchont

    I wish to extend my condolences to you and your family on the loss of your brother. It is rare in today’s world to find such magnificent and beautiful souls. However, Aaron has left behind a legacy in the truest form of humanity…Caring and sharing. I have been a server for 25 years and have always fantasied about being able to leave a tremendous tip for another server out there (or being left one myself). I was a single teenage mother that was working hard in order to feed my child and completely dependent upon the good-heartedness of my customers (unfortunately, most are not as kind as Aaron was). Aaron was 100% correct in his belief that such an act is life changing for the recipient (and the giver as well in my opinion)…It is indeed! Recently I have returned to college to pursue a degree in the Human Services field because like Aaron I value the joy one derives through showing compassion to others. Aaron’s story has touched my heart and restored my faith that there are still angels among and around us. Thank all of you for what you are continuing to do. You and your entire family are truly the noblest of all the angels!

  152. AARON

    Guys its sounds real crazy .. its almost that the aaron you tell about its me .. all things that he did .like u discripe are the same things i do .. … i would like to hear more about him . I can’t donate bcos i don’t realy have much .i am srry for that …

    Greetzz Aaron v B
    The netherlands

  153. Andrew

    Thank you for sharing this with the world

  154. Kelly

    I am firm believer in paying forward but this is beyond anything I could have imagined. I am so sorry for your loss but to have this to hold onto is such a gift. You and your family are amazing. this has to be a hard time for your mom but to know that she raised such sweet, good men has got to help her. prayers to all and God bless!

  155. Gretha Pouza

    Aaron’s final wishes and your idea to document this has shifted the world, even if atleast for a moment, to something good, decent, and beautiful. Thank you for bringing something good into this world. What you did is big deal, you have affected people, and possibly even changed some. I will be praying and thinking of your family.

  156. Pascale

    Sounds like Aaron was a great guy with an amazing family!
    Donation sent from France.

  157. Maria French

    In high school, my debate team and I used to go to the same pizza place after competitions. We’d just order a pizza or two, but the waitress was always very nice to us. We were teenagers, so we didn’t have a lot of money, but after our last competition we wanted to say thank you so we planned ahead and managed to scavenge together a $100 tip. Our waitress, Ginger (I still remember her name even though it has been 13 years) started crying and telling us how much it meant to her. It was nearing Christmas, her husband had been laid off and she had been worried about them being able to pay their bills. She was so pleasant and kind, that we had no idea she was going through so much. The gesture and the tip meant so much to her that it has always stuck with me. Since then, I often leave larger tips. Now when I do I still think of her, but will also think of Aaron. His wonderful request is touching so many lives, not just the people to receive the tips, but everyone that is inspired by him.

  158. K3441

    Thank you for sharing your story. It’s really beautiful.

    Aaron’s desire to make one large change has catapulted into something bigger than imaginable. His kindness has touched people and in turn has given your family a reason to come together every week and remember Aaron. A gift to so many from the heart of one.

    Warmest regards to you and your family for your loss.

  159. fakeassnews dont givethemanymoney

    just another chain letter/scam, or way to get money… show proof of death certificate or it don’t exist

    • sethc

      Your logic is very sound. Have a great day!

  160. George Bush (not the president)

    My sincere condolences for your loss. It is wonderful that you are carrying on his legacy by your actions. However, I would like to mention… and if I am off base, or out of place… I retract my remarks. But please remember to draw attention to the fact that suicide usually occurs among those suffering with depression. There is still a tremendous stigma surrounding mental illnesses, and even more people suffering today as a result of life stressors and many other causes. I too suffered from a severe depressive episode, and felt completely hopeless and like I could not go on. Fortunately, I was treated by a very talented physician who recommended some aggressive intervention treatments, and I am thankful to say, I made it back and am glad to be alive and well.
    Please, please, utilize this tragedy in some way to help others recognize depression, and encourage others not to feel shame, but to seek help, and know that it is available for them. Again, if I am incorrect in my assumptions and recommendations, then please excuse me. However, I do believe that under what the details were surrounding his death, that you may see times and circumstances where you could have intervened and have possibly prevented this tragedy. God bless you all.

  161. Lev

    Iam crying now…It’s a great love from Aaron and his family!
    Humanity is Love….
    Aaron is the proof!

  162. Zafenate Desidério

    Sou Brasileiro e conheci a história de Aaron em um site brasileiro, adorei o gesto e claro, vou repassar a ideia no Brasil, pois acho que ele deixou uma linda mensagem de amor para o próximo, desculpa não escreve em inglês, deixo um abraço e muita paz no coração de sua família em especial no coração de sua mãe, e viva Aaron!!!!

    • Jerry J Kadera

      I Used Bing Translator for you and reposted Zafenate comment

      I’m Brazilian and I knew the story of Aaron in a Brazilian site, loved the gesture and of course, I’ll repost the idea in Brazil, because I think he left a beautiful message of love to the next, sorry don’t write in English, I leave a hug and peace at the heart of your family especially in the heart of his mother, and viva Aaron!!

  163. April-Joy Koopmans

    Just saw this on CNN & Had to take a minute to say thank you. My Grandma is dying & I was feeling sad but now I want to think of a way to pass on the good things about her the way you are for your Brother, not sure how I’ll do that yet, but at lease your story got me to stop crying & start thinking. You may have lost the physical part of Aaron but because of his wish you & the world now have the essence of him in our hearts & minds forever. I hope my Grandma meets Aaron on the other side, good luck in your continued journey;) <3 xoxo

  164. Pete

    What an awesome act of random kindness.We need more committment from people of all ages,all walks of life in these troubled economic times reaching out to their fellow Americans. Anyone working as a waitress,waiter or pizza delivery person is working for minimum wage or below. Aaron must have been an interesting young man. I trust the generosity will continue.Best of luck with your efforts in this undertaking.

  165. Sid

    May all your family reap their just rewards for such a powerful caring outreach!
    It would be very cool if you placed a link on this site for a small printable handbill (design of your choosing) that would contain relevant info to perpetuate this outreach and accompany our tips. Sail On Aaron!!

  166. susan

    What a beautiful way for your brother to leave his generous spirit behind. I am sorry for your family’s loss. It must be a wonderful feeling to remember him with a smile on your face each time you get a smile back after giving this gift. That’s a lot of dinners out. It IS like a “pay it forward” turned into a trust in honor of your amazing brother. I hope each of your recipients is as generous as the first one who wanted to “share” it.

  167. paula west

    such a beautiful thing he request their needs to be more people like him im in tears saying this from the bottom of my heart wow what a great person he has touched someones life when i was a child my mom and dad had set up each one of us kids would pray well a lovely couple had saw us and our dinner was paid for plus tip it was a nice gesture i will be praying for your family as you know that our economy is sucking us dry i would leave you a tip but i dont have the money but next time i go out ill leave what i can 500 dollars is alot for my family

  168. Ivan Sayago

    There´s still priceless people on this planet…. god be with you Aaron….. From Venezuela…all the best wherever you are as for your family

  169. cesar andrew

    I regret the loss of his brother, but what they are doing will take you into the heart of the people you are helping, I send my donation right through paypal continue with this noble cause,
    Cesar Andrew

  170. jj jayne

    Wonderful way for your brother to bring your family together and keep giving. He must be really excited to see the outcome. Grateful to see the love your family has for one another and that it made such an impact on his short life. Keep blessing!

  171. Chris brunner

    My heart goes out to all of the Collins family. May God take care of him and keep him near always.
    I do hair and I have waitered so basically I have been in a tipping profession all my life. What you are doing to honor Aaron is incredible. Now and again I have had people like Aaron in my life and they always seemed to show up when things were the worst. Alot of people don’t realize how much service people depend on there tips as part of there livelihood. Salaries in service professions are not great.
    I have fowarded your brothers story to everyone I know and from now on anytime I have an Aaron Angel customer I will call them that and tell them the story. Thank you so much for sharing your story and his with the rest of the world.
    Thanks to your family the world is just a litttle bit better and every little bit helps. God bless you all.

  172. Jerry J Kadera

    Seth & Collins Family,

    My condolence for your loss of Aaron, what a great Brother/Son he was, it speaks of his upbringing. Even when he had bad service, he still must have thought I will brighten her day. So yes he was an Angel.

    I do pray that a producer will contact you, and tell you he/she would like to make a movie. I can think of two movies one is where the little boy told us to PAY IT FORWARD, “Pay It Forward (2000) and the other is where the Police Officer split his lottery ticket with the waitress, “It Could Happen to You(1994)

    I agree with what Ken on July 13, 2012 at 4:10 pm said:
    What a great idea! And,it could be a great story for a movie: “Aaron’s Last Wish” with the idea of how the original $500 impacted each worker in the first restaurant then the story continues with the $10,000

    I do hope that you continue posting video’s & pictures of the next recipient, I for one have saved your sight in my favorites-bookmark so I may come back to and see how Aaron has impacted the world. Also maybe keep a scrapbook of your adventures as you bless the other’s that will receive a Larger than Life Tip.

    Jerry J Kadera
    Lansing, Michigan

  173. Mary

    To Aaron’s Friends and Family,
    I am so sorry for your loss. Aaron sounds like someone I would have liked to have known. I have no doubt that you will make a significant impact on the lives of some good,hardworking people. With sympathy, Mary

  174. Rachel

    Thanks for what you are doing. What a wonderful idea to celebrate someones life.

  175. Katie Prior

    I am a chef and we basically earn minimum wage which is always a struggle but most of us use our tips as socializing money. To think about using this weeks tips to socializing and your brother can’t, I am donating this weeks tips to a very good cause of making another member of the industry very happy. Aaron sounds like a genuine person. <3

  176. Caitlin

    Dear Collins family,

    What you have done to honour the memory of Aaron demonstrates the strength and compassion of your incredible family. Not only is this a beautiful way to improve the lives of others, but it has inspired so many people around the world to do the same. Like many others who have posted here, I, too, have wanted to leave a massive tip for my server, but have never had enough money to do so. I am so excited to have the opportunity to contribute the small amount that I can to help carry out one of your random acts of kindness. Like the young woman who received the first $500 tip said, each generous tip is one of those “Pay it Forward” moments, and it is sure to be life changing for all involved.

    May you continue to stay strong through your memories of Aaron and your motivation to live your lives – and help us live ours – the way he did.

    Sending love, support, and many thanks

    Caitlin (New York)

  177. Chris

    I love the simplicity of this gesture, no non-profit organization, no board of directors, no political or religious association, no agenda, just pure love from one human to another.

  178. Nichole Krist

    Your brothers story touched me, I never comment on any stories. I have shared on my FB, your family was lucky to have such a wonderful person for as long as you did. It’s too bad people like your brother are taken so early in life. Maybe God’s reason is what is happening, love, giving and compassion. People need to be reminded often of such things. He is doing great things even in death, I’m sure he is smiling down on what his story and what your family are doing in his name. 🙂

    God Bless your family <3

  179. btt

    This story is awesome!! I’m a waitress and the biggest tip I’ve gotten is $100 from one person, more common is a $20 from one or two ppl..It would be very shocking to get $500..I love it when I can leave a good tip for a waitress/waiter, the joy of being able to make someones day/night is overwhelming..Aaron sounds like he was an awesome guy!! I’m sooo sorry to hear of the loss.

  180. keason tanner

    That was AWESOME!

  181. Jennifer Ventura

    For the most of my adult life, I have suffered from depression. About a year a go, I went through some med changes and was having a hard time. I went to a local fast food restaurant and sat at the counter. Three older women came in and took out their coupons and proceeded to start ordering their meals. For the first time in six months I started laughing, just listening to the way they got along. That day I tipped the waitress really big! I also bought them a gift card to pay for their meals which I gave to their waitress to give to them. I didn’t wait around to see the results but I am sure they didn’t use their coupons that night!

    I say this because I work in human services and too often we forget to be kind and that everyone everywhere is fighting some kind of battle. Matthew 25:45

  182. Ks

    Very inspiring story. I wish all people are as benevolent as your brother.

  183. Ks

    Very inspiring.

  184. Kathie

    First I want to offer my sincere condolences to your family. As I read about Aaron and his wish I couldn’t help but to think of what a great guy you were blessed with having in your family. Then I realized how special your entire family is to want to make sure that Aaron’s generosity continues on.

    I took my Mom out to dinner the other night and decided that our waiter was going to receive a gift in Aaron’s name. I wrote your website address on five twenty dollar bills, wrapped a small piece of paper around them also with your web site on them and at the end of our meal I thanked him for his hard work and briefly told him about Aaron’s wish and handed him a tip that I am sure he had no idea the amount of until later when he went back into his pocket. He thanked me and asked that I offer my best to Aaron’s family.

    Driving home I felt really good about being able to do that for Aaron and for our young waiter. I realized how good Aaron must have felt when he did things like that and I will continue to do my best to do generous things for others as often as I can. Thank you for sharing Aaron’s wish and an inspiration that I am sure is reaching a lot further than Aaron or your family ever could have imagined.

    Kathie (in NY)

  185. Momto3_96

    I am on disability, but when I receive my check this week I will be donating to help you all continue to do this for your brother! My thoughts and prayers are with you as you struggle with the loss of him, but always praise you for keeping his memory alive by following his last wishes! I lost my 12 year old nephew almost 3 years ago, he lived in Georgetown KY, when I hear of someone losing their life like this I try to send something to their family even if just a card/wind chime/ etc……letting them know people out there do care!!! As I said I get my check this week and I will be donating to help carry this on for your brother and your family! GOD be with you and BLESS you!!!

  186. Hairdresser

    I have doing hair for quite sometime now and a couple of years back a man came in the shop, that i have never seen before..i was completely broke and so sick but couldn’t take off from work..he left me a hundred dollar tip and I have never seen him again,i have paid it forward so many times now..I love this and hope that your brothers wish gets bigger and bigger!

  187. Roseboat

    Aaron Collins will be a household (or restaurant) name!
    I have 2 children who worked as restaurant servers and I know what a thankless job it can be. God bless you, Aaron, and your wonderful family.

  188. Kim

    Years ago, I came across an elderly woman at Walgreen’s who was searching for SweetTarts to buy for her husband. They were his favorite candy and he was undergoing chemotherapy at the time. They didn’t have any at the store, but I knew there was a candy store a few stores down, so I made my friend stay and talk to this woman while I ran down to the store. When I came back and handed her the candy, she was SO grateful and I simply told her that my mom always told me “If I had my health, I didn’t need anything else”. This happened over 20 years ago, and it still makes me smile to think of the look on her face. You never know how your actions will impact someone else.

  189. Unlock Blackberry

    Truly touched by this story. I read it yesterday on CNN and wanted to come visit the site. I myself personally love giving good tips to waiters because I appreciate the hard work they do and love to make them happy. What your family is doing is truly amazing. I will be donating to this cause so you can continue making his wish come true. God Bless!

  190. Sebastian C

    I don´t think this is right
    I can’t believe you are asking for donations to give $ 500 to a waiter o waitress that has all the capabilities to work and make money instead of using that donations to help people who really need it and help eradicate hunger and poverty

    • sethc

      If people want to donate to help eradicate hunger and poverty there are organizations that specialize in just that. I, however, wouldn’t know where to even begin. Instead those people chose to donate to us, to help with this, and for that I am very grateful! Hopefully you’ve realized that there exist multiple good causes, and donating to one doesn’t stop people from donating to another. Your line of reasoning would mean that EVERYONE should only donate to whatever “best” cause there is, and nothing else. Who gets to decide that cause? Is it you or someone else? I certainly hope you aren’t spending any of your own money on TVs or going to the movies, or eating out for dinner — I assure you there are better causes that you could devote that money to. Have a great day.

  191. Liz

    It is so uplifting and refreshing to hear a story that proves simple acts of kindness can spread so much love and positive energy. I will definitely use your story to help inspire “at risk” youth at the continuation high school I work at in Southern California to live more compassionate and generous lives! Obviously, Aaron’s life has and will continue to make a positive difference for generations to come! He is truly an angel!

  192. Bridget Bradshaw

    Would you put more pics of your Aaron on his about page ? It would really be nice to see more about who he was – a picture can paint a thousand words…
    He was obviously an amazing guy and will continue to be an inspiration to many, including me – Thank you Aaron!!

    • SethC

      I definitely will be as I get time. The response has been so overwhelming!

  193. Fernando

    God bless people like your brother. Greetings from Peru

  194. Cheryl

    Don’t forget … garbage men, janitors, postmen, checkers, those who return shopping carts, just clear tables, drive through fast food help, toll way attendants, nursing home aids, filling station attendants, movie ticket takers, street cleaners, military servicemen and women, highway maintenance help, the list goes viral with the ideas. Alan Jackson sang it best…It’s All About Him, so we can just say, Jesus loves them and wants them to know it!

  195. anonymous

    I know a handful of waitresses at a seafood restaurant in Surfside Beach, Texas would greatly appreciate this generosity.
    Thank you for what you are doing.
    God bless.

  196. Atlantamom

    Thank you Collins family. It seems a global reminder to give till it hurts has gone out. The thing is, when we do, we’ll think we never felt better, and our own hurts will melt away if only for a while.

    I’d love to see an aaroncollins.org sign while watching the Olympic games on tv from London – anyone across the pond game? Or on your Facebook page hmm?

  197. Marvin Droogsma

    Well, here’s a fiver from me too! Make someone happy! Cheers Aaron!

  198. Mary

    I am a teacher and I wait tables on my nights and weekends, in order to pay off my student loans. I think this is a beautiful story and I can say that those in the service industry will greatly appreciate this gesture. A 500 dollar tip could pay my loans for 3 months . i know it is not just about the money it is about your brother and I hope that someday I can leave an impact the way he did. God Bless!

  199. Esther

    I am so touched by this story! It renews my faith in mankind to see people act so unselfishly for no apparent reason other than a remarkably kind heart. And don’t we always need a reminder to pay it forward?! I am so sorry for your previous loss and I pray that God will continue to bless Aaron’s desire and your efforts to accomplish it. I hope it grows and grows because this is the kind of story that can change people and lives. It’s what we all need, unexpected love and kindness. How about if we leave a note on the back of the receipt that says “Aaron’s wish” and the website!” This will spread it even more. I can’t wait to do this myself. Thank you and God bless you and your family.

  200. Shanell Overton

    I left a 100% tip for our waitress at Lancaster’s in Harrisburg, PA. As I was filling out the bill, everyone at the table was curious why it was taking so long (turning the check sideways and writing down the website). I don’t know if she visited the site or not but that doesn’t matter. I felt really good doing it. Thank you and Aaron for giving me an opportunity to make my own day. 🙂

  201. Penny Chance

    Your brother has made such an impact in his short life, both on his family and now on the world. Thank you so much for sharing his story. It is an inspiration to me. I’ve always thought of myself as a generous person, but I can see now that there are so many other ways to give. My husband and I will be thinking of Aaron every time we dine out and get ready to leave a tip. I hope to pass his generosity on as well. Bless your family!

  202. Desiray

    My husband of just 2 years and toddler daughter were eating breakfast at a small cafe around Thanksgiving. It was the cafe that my Grandpa used to take me all my life. (He passed about 5 years ago) An older gentleman acros the way finished his meal, paid and then came over to our table. He said ” I know we don’t know eachother but you look like a great family. Breakfast is on her”, as he handed my 1 1/2 year old daughter a $20.00 bill. It covered our breakfast and tip. I will never forget the kindess that man gave us that day. Your brother Aaron has already impacted thousand of people just days after his passing. I can only imagine how happy he is right now. Many blessings to your family. It’s not just your brother that is impacting but you as well! God bless to you all.

  203. katie

    this story touched my heart so much, what a wonderful guy your brother was, so special and kind even when he had nothing, i lost my brother aged 22 and i know how you feel next time i go out for a meal i will tip the waiter also i will donate to this wonderful mans memory

    love katie , united kingdom

  204. Mohamed

    God bless people like your brother, baraka allhou fihi.

  205. Maryjane Smith

    This is the stuff that makes humans feel great about life. There is no way this could go anywhere but up. Your brother Aaron should have been able to live a long life and demonstrated how wonderful and generous people can be. Perhaps he has done that in his death. I thank the Collins family for posting this and allowing us to contribute to Aaron’s dream. This is the way this country (US) will heal, no more being torn apart by politics, but unite for a common cause. Just what we need. Thank you Aaron, and thank you Seth.

  206. Renae

    I don’t have money to give today, but I will in Sept when I’m back in school & at work. Please keep the website going until then so I can donate and help your brother change lives.

    A beautiful human being makes a difference in every life he/she touches. Aaron is going to be remembered for this unbelievable gesture, but for those of you who loved him, remember that everyone else knows that this can’t even come close to how special he was for you during life. God bless you.

  207. Tamara

    I’m from Chile, in South America. I read about your brother, and I only can say that if more were like him , this would be such a great world. I can’t make a donation, but everytime that I’ll go to some restaurant, I’ll think in yoy brother.
    God bless you, and thanks for sharing this. With this, you think the world is a real good place, we just need to move more in love 🙂

  208. Simon

    Aaron has shown us the spark of divinity that is in us all; what a great guy and what a great story, everyone should have an Aaron in their life!! Keep up the site and keep up this great work, best wishes to all the family and one amazing soul.

  209. David

    the truth that I was very moved when I read the note in a local newspaper in my city, I see that they began to meet the desires of Aarons,, I hope you can achieve far more years!! Hugs from Rosario, Argentina …!

  210. Leslie

    This was such a GREAT thing you did for Aaron. I try to help people as much as I can , but money is tight right now. This kind of act is what people need to give them hope in uncertain times. I gave a guy $1.00 the other day, it was all the cash I had at the time……..just the fact that he was greatful made my day. So I can imagine how you all feel every time you give a waitress or waiter a $500.00 tip. It feel good to do a good deed once in a while no matter how much it is. I’m sure Aaron is Proud of his family. Sorry for your loss.

  211. Carolann


  212. Cheryl Sanders

    I am 54 and have served for 20 yrs. Nothing like this has ever happened to me, but, I am thrilled that servers are getting the appreciation they deserve! You are changing the lives of so many with your generosity! I am off work with an injury to my thumb or I would definitely help with your mission. You and especially your brother, will never be forgotten by all you have touched with this story. God Bless you and your family and good luck with your mission!

  213. Korey

    Awesome, keep it up this is so cool!

  214. Charlotte Baber

    I was already updating my own Will and now I am putting this stipulation into it. So many stories with great suggestions!!! I am excited about explaining this to my young daughter and making this our own family tradition of giving. Paying for others’ meals or groceries at the checkout or the toll behind me,….wow!! So many wonderful opportunities to smile and give!!

    Thank you all !!

  215. Cool Conman

    Your brother must have been a wonderful man. Even though i am ten and have 0 money i wish i could donate. This is a truly touching story. Best of luck to you all. () ()
    ( ) (^_^) ( ) THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cool Conman

      Woops bad thumbs up srry bout that.

  216. MizEllie

    “Magnificent Obsession”. Watch the movie. It’s all about ‘paying it forward’ and not letting people know you did. ‘Random acts of kindness’ all the time.

  217. mashman

    Sorry to hear about your brother, but what a way to keep his memory alive by helping random strangers with a little boost in their lives. I have donated 25.00 to help keep this going. I am sure over time you will find other people to help with this money, be they waiters, cab drivers, coaches, fast food employees…..here’s one try finding a dishwasher or cook people that rarely get a thank you. Best of luck and God Bless. If you truly keep this going I will check back and if you continue to spread cheer I will be more that happy to make more donations. Don

  218. Suhail Afzal

    Hi Seth,

    Just made a donation to your site and am about to surprise my local pizza delivery guy with another tip courtesy of Aaron!

    Thanks for sharing his wish,


    • SethC

      Bank you so much for that amazing donation!

  219. Lisa D.

    My condolences to you and your family. Allowing his legacy to continue like this is beautiful. I wish the best for you and your loved ones. Thank you for sharing his story.

  220. keyword competition

    This is why I keep going to this website. I can not believe I missed so many posts since I was here last!

  221. Simon Drapeau

    hi, im Simon from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and i donated 150.00$. I find that if every one in the world would do random acts of kindness we would be able to live in a better world than we are today. When i go to the restaurant i always leave a 6-10$ tip no matter the service.

  222. Juliane

    This is a truly great thing you are doing.
    It is wonderful to see, how Aaron’s idea not only has an impact on waiters and waitresses, but also brings your family together for dinners to share love and his memory.
    Very touching story all the way over to Germany!

  223. Eliza

    Hello, just got finished watching this video and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Just recently my husband got layed off and we had to move to a more affordable apartment. In the past 5 years we have beem married I did not need to work, it has been a struggle for him to find a job. So I called up one of my coworkers from a few years back and asked if I could use her as a referance for job applications. She ended up getting me a job with the same familys resturant as a cashier the very next day. This is a very popular bbqresturant in our area. The original place burned down 2 year ago and the family started out a take outcounter and just 2 months ago opened a dinning room. The t 65 year tradition had always been male servers only, But a few weeks a they hired myself and one other female to break tradition. All the male sservers have worked for the place for years and have many regulars many who seeem to voice their opinion about not wanting a female to serve them cause it is not the same. Well just the other day it happened to be the worst day for tips I left on a quick break picked up my girls from one sitter gave her all my tip money and dropped them off at the other sitters house (I have a 3year old girl with down syndrome and epilepsy, and a and a 9 month old) husband has been out looking for work all dayh. Its hard finding sitters who are not scared to watch a kid with health problems. So I get back to work and knowing all the struggless I am going through one of the waiters set up a 5 top in my section and said his wife and kids were coming in and wants me to take care of them. He said he. Didn’t want the bosses to think he was giving them free stuff. Well after they left he handed me their tip….. $40 asked me if that was ok I started to cry I didn’t want to take it but he insisted and I couldn’t have had a better night after that. Its people like Aaron and my coworker who could put such a smallest ray of light shine so bright on the darkest night. Thank you and your family for sharring Aarons story and starting a movement to randomly helping out a stranger in a huge way. 8m so inspired and full of “ove and joy!

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