Aaron's Last Wish$500 Tips for Waiters and Waitresses

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Week 43 at Bank 253 and Hillbilly Days in Pikeville, KY

This one is special to us because we’re from Pikeville and have wanted to get back there to give a tip for a long time. Even better that we got to do it during Hillbilly Days! So, mom and I drove down and invited friends and family to come along. In search of a local place, we ended up at Bank 253, where we met Lindsay and surprised her with a $500 tip for Aaron.

6 Responses to Week 43 at Bank 253 and Hillbilly Days in Pikeville, KY

  1. Glen

    Your doing great things

  2. Ricky Hamilton

    i loved the her facial expression when you pulled the money out.

  3. gord

    I can’t find your/aaron’s facebook page, please provide a link from your main page.

    Awesome stuff your brother got you into.
    The reactions are so touching, some so shocked they can’t talk till later when the have had time to process what just happened.
    See the world!!

    • sethc

      You should be able to find it now, down at the bottom of the page. Hope that helps.

  4. Karen

    I get that Aaron was a big tipper… but why that is has been graciously explained by Lindsey when she reminds us that waitstaff do a hard job, are not always appreciated, and sometimes even have a tough night — especially my guess is when big busy events take place and people drink and restaurants get too crowded– like they were having the day Aaron’s family stopped by. What is also wonderful is that often the person receiving the money immediately decides to share it with the other staff. Yes, some places share tips automatically — but not all places do share automatically so it is uplifting to hear people be generous with co-workers when they come into good fortune. In the end, it’s a lovely gesture you are making in Aaron’s memory and one which he’d no doubt appreciate very much.

  5. Hillary

    What really struck me was how much she changed during that interaction. When you first started talking she was very skeptical. What were you going to say? Was someone trying to pull a quick one on her? Then she opened right up and you saw what a beautiful friendly person she was. That’s really amazing.

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