Aaron's Last Wish$500 Tips for Waiters and Waitresses

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Over $10,000 in One Day!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for the overwhelming amount of support you have given my family. Since last night we have received over $10,000 in donations. When I started this site I only expected to receive donations from friends and family. I was hopeful that we would get enough to make my brother’s wish come true. Even in my wildest dreams, I imagined we would receive enough money to do this for 2 waiters or waitresses. What has happened is absolutely incredible.

Right now we have enough money to change the lives of 23 more people, $500 at a time. That is nothing short of amazing. Please know that absolutely every penny we receive will go toward nothing but this. We will pay to host the website. We will pay for the food. Absolutely 100% of the donations we receive will be given to random waiters or waitresses. Our goal is to do this once a week, for as long as you give us the opportunity.

The stories, comments, and notes have touched my heart. They have given my mother, father, sisters, and me strength. The way my brother’s last wish has inspired people is incredible. It is my hope that even if you can’t donate, but feel moved, you will give your own huge tip and share the story here. If you are a waiter or waitress who receives a huge tip because of Aaron’s wish, please tell us.

Again, thank you all so much for your own generosity. Thank you for allowing me to help facilitate your acts of kindness. You have amazed me.

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  1. Tina

    This is amazing!

  2. Austin

    Amazing… wow what a guy! I see this going big… bigger than it already is.



  4. Nic Miller

    I seen this on the NineMsn News website, from Perth, Australia!
    I don’t know Aaron, but this touched my heart in so many ways than just one – It’s a truly amazing story & it’s completely heartbreaking that someone as special as Aaron is no longer with us – Someone up there must have wanted such an Angel to help out up there!!!
    Rest In Peace, Aaron! I’m sure you are smiling back at your Family & Friends for following through your one wish & taking care of them!
    You are a true hero & your family & friends were the most luckiest people in the world to have known someone like you & them in their lives. They would be proud!

    Your Amazing!

  5. Jon G

    This is such an inspiring story. one persons wish will make so many other people happy. I wish you all the best and hope this doesnt stop. I have shared this on facebook in hopes of others reading this and making selfless dessions day in and day out.

  6. Rey Cabalo

    I am convinced that Aaron has a beautiful soul and a heart that overflows with goodness. For him to selflessly think of others while in his deathbed speaks of the generosity and purity of his spirit. To his family, that you for sharing him and his story with us. I may not be able to send you a check to help you sustain your efforts but I’m going to do, more often, random acts of kindness to people in my corner of the world.

    Again, my sincerest thanks for having been blessed by Aaron and his family. May God encircle you in His loving care.

  7. G-ma

    God bless you, Aaron! May your good example live on and on and on…

  8. Brian

    We all need to follow Aaron’s lead by being kind to others. Like the old saying goes, ” Kill them with kindness “. It’s amazing how good you can feel just by treating others with kindness regardless of who they are or what they have done. I hope more people see what can come of a selfless act such as this and implement it into their lives somehow. It is a quick and sure cure for the blues, to be nice and help another just because you can.

  9. Mike Corbett

    THis is TRULY a blessed young man and tho his life may have been short lived HIS memory and SPIRIT will forever go on by his Family and Loved ones and the lives they TOUCH one by one.

    I am 30yrs old now and try to do the same in my life as well. HELP someone else to remember that even when life has ups and downs KINDNESS is MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. My M\mother has just suffered a masive stroke as of June 1 2012. She is 50 yrs old and has NEVER been hospitalized for anything EXCEPT for the birth of my younger sister,my twin and I. She is in the beginning process not able to speak and it has been hard. WE have full FAITH that she will recover tho it will take time. I WISH that you keep her in your PRAYERS as she is in ours. SHE has done so many GREAT things in her time for soo many and HaS been BLESSED in so many ways. Your story and Aaron’s HEART has raised a NEW Warmth. IT REMINDS ME OF MY MOM and That ALL THINGS are possible. I AM SURE HE IS SMILING FROM ABOVE that even in his Passing he is still SUCH A BLESSING. GOD BLESS.

  10. Dustin Vowels

    I really hope that the people who receive the money do something great with, just as this person does. Hopefully this inspires a number of people and continues to grow bigger.

  11. SD

    This is purely awesome. I am one of those, who always think about ME!

    Maybe people like me should learn something from this. Hats off!!!

  12. salsa_81

    Oh my gosh! $10,000! I can’t believe it!! I cannot stop smiling! It brings me so much happiness to see Aaron be able to continue to touch others with his kind heart. This is nothing but a testament to what a beautiful person he was, and I am finding so much peace in knowing what an impact he is creating around the world. It is truly amazing, and I am incredibly blessed to have known such a wonderful person. You will live on forever, Aaron. <3

  13. Katherine

    You must be very proud of your brother !!! It shows the compassion he was taught by his parents and family. BTW: Please call an accountant immediately. You must set up a trust or related intity for your brother….Good Luck 🙂

  14. Linda

    Making another person’s day amazing, what a beautiful legacy!

  15. Lekan

    I’m a grown man and I’m fighting back tears! Your story about your brother and his wish is very moving. I only wish that more people see this and realize that we can all do more for others. I am inspired to do more!!!!!

  16. Sara

    This is incredibly inspiring, thank you for sharing your story and for sending the right message to people. One simple good deed can change the path of someone’s life.

  17. Ryann

    I am so impressed that you are following Aaron’s wishes. Such a wonderful example of love and generosity. I wish you the best and plan to try and make someone’s day in the future:) But for now, I have posted your website on my facebook page. Hopefully, one of the hundreds of friends I have will come on over and help you guys continue the dream!

  18. Mary Pitman

    FInancial guru Dave Ramsey, who promotes the benefits of living a debt-free lifestyle and all that you can do with the extra money that isn’t going toward debt repayment says, “If you want to really rock someone’s world, then go into a Waffle House on Thanksgiving Day and leave a $200 tip. The people that are working that day are struggling and can really use the help, especially right before Christmas.”
    Aaron’s wish takes that a step further. What a kind person he must have been. It obviously runs in the family. May God bless you and those whose lives you will touch.

  19. Mike

    The story is very touching, so much so that I took the chance that it might even be “too good to be true” and made a donation. I am sorry for the loss of your brother. What a wonderful memorial to him!

  20. Kat

    Truly amazing and truly amazing person he must have been. We need more people in the world like Aaron! What a great family you are to keep his memory going in such a fabulous way.

  21. Bob

    As a husband of a 35 year old wife with stage IV breast cancer I broke down and cried when I saw this. My wife has been doing something like this for the past couple of years. She gets a group of friends together to go out to eat and the pool together for a huge tip to make make someones day. I think after she passes I will continue doing it as it brings her great joy. Thank you for sharing.

  22. beth

    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
    Margaret Mead

    much love to your family <3

  23. Brad

    This is a wonderful story. I’ve always thought that if I ever had a windfall of some kind, I would like to do something similar for a waiter or waitress. As it is, I always try to tip well, because I realize they work hard and often put up with a lot of crap from customers. I made a donation and hope you can keep Aaron’s wish going for a long time. Will there be a mailing list where we can be notified every time you leave another $500 tip and post a video? I would like to keep up with your activities. Thanks.

  24. Marc Mitchell

    First, very sorry of the loss, especially someone so young, second it’s a pleasure to help with a few bucks to continue your brother’s wish; this really made my day and brought a tie to my eye as well. God speed Aaron your family is make you proud

  25. jimmy

    Here is my donation from Canada,

    keep it up

  26. jennifer

    I don’t have any money to donate but if I did I would!! Your brother, son was obviously an amazing person and I think it’s awesome what he did and what you all are doing!! God bless you and your family 🙂

  27. Susan B.

    Hi…..I think this is very admirable too, but…..what if the server you had was absolutely horrid? I’ve had some servers where I think they should tip ME for enduring their lousy service!! And we are at least 20% tippers, so we aren’t cheapskates…..Just wondering….

    • sethc

      So far it hasn’t happened. If it does, I look forward to giving them $500 and seeing how their attitude changes.

  28. Melanie

    This is one of the most incredible stories I have read in a long time. I hope & pray that it inspires people to do good in many many ways. We each have the opportunity to do something that is life changing if only we choose to. What a wonderful family & what a legacy you are leaving for Aaron. I pray this “gift” will go on for a long time!

  29. Felicia Thornsbury

    Everytime I read this story I get cold chills. This act alone has restored my faith in the future, there are still good people in the world and your brother was one of those people. You guys are amazing!

  30. Christian

    I know a waitress who really needs this help in florence she is a single mother of three who works two jobs and 80 hrs a week she never has a day off she works at logans and her name is hannah spicer and im am her son this would relieve some stress from her and help her pay the bills im am pretty sure this would make her life alot easier and memorable. May aaron rest in peace and let his last dieing wish never ne forgotten.

  31. Emen Christopher


  32. kathie lynn

    i just have to say this coming from a waitress as i am you dont see it everyday for a person to be so kind hearted . i myself every thanksgiving and christmas make a cpl hams n turkeys with all the sides and box them up i drive around and had them out to the homeless. i feel they deserve a nice dinner to. that is my dream to be able to open a place where the ppl that dont have much to have a nice place to lay there head an know they are loved. bless you all remember there are ppl out there taht do care

  33. Fab

    Aaron would be so proud of all of you. If i had the money, i would donate but im on benefits so money isn’t laying around for me.
    I hope my words of support also ads to the cause.
    So sorry to hear about your loss, but even after passing away he still puts his mark on people lifes, not many that can say that they do.

  34. Paco

    For many reasons this has made me cry. What a beautiful way to keep Aaron’s memory alive! Thank you and please, carry on

  35. YouLyingOrWhat

    More videos or I call BS. This could be a scam.

    • sethc

      I hope you’re satisfied at this point. 🙂

  36. Linda

    Very touching story. You are an amazing family to do this. I could not help myself had to contibute.

  37. Rebeca

    hi!!! i’m from Venezuela and my english is not the best, but i have to tell you that this story really moved me…i’m mom of the two mot beautiful litle girls on the worl…and sometimes i look around me and i’m scared for the kind of place that they have for live….but cause people like you’r brothter, you and your family i satrt to have hope again…cause with facts like that i know that still are hope for the world taht my girls will live….. cause of the laws of money change of my country is impossible for give u some money, but u can be sure that the next time that i go with my daughters to dinner in some place i’ll leave a big tip on behalf of Aaron and al of you!!! thanks for to share your story with the world…. thousand kises for the entire family!!!

  38. Rebeca

    hi!!! i’m from Venezuela and my english is not the best, but i have to tell you that this story really moved me…i’m mom of the two mot beautiful little girls on the world…and sometimes i look around me and i’m scared for the kind of place that they have for live….but cause people like you’r brothter, you and your family i satrt to have hope again…cause with facts like that i know that still are hope for the world that my girls will live….. cause of the laws of money change of my country is impossible for me give u some money, but, u can be sure that the next time that i go with my daughters to dinner in some place i’ll leave a big tip on behalf of Aaron and all of you!!! thanks for to share your story with the world…. thousand kises for the entire family!!!

    Reply ↓

  39. Molly

    So inspiring, as a past waitress, I know exactly what it’s like. I love to make someones day, even if it’s just the littlest thing.

    Although I have not donated to the cause, I want to help others and your story has inspired me. Tonight I went to a tiny restaurant in a small town, by myself, and left a $20 tip for a great waiter and his service. I left a note with the website address. It’s what I can give, but I know it would make his night. Thank you.

  40. rudy negri

    We are in Vancouver, Canada and saw the video on the local news.
    My family of four are heading out to a random restaurant tonight and tipping in Aarons name.
    In a time where our world is really being tested (Somalia, Italy, Greece – locally with homelessness and mental illness) it was a bright light in the newscast.
    Thank you for sharing.
    My wife loved the video and she cried too:-)
    $10K- that is awesome…keep donating people.

  41. John paul

    I’m a grown ass man and I’m nearly in tears. i gave for aaron

  42. Simon

    I was truly touched by this heart warming memorial to Aaron. In tough times it is so important to remember our humanity and Aaron’s last wish has done this to me. I can not donate via the web so I left a £50 tip to my waiter after my pizza in Balham,London (England) and explained it was in memory of Aaron. The waiter cried as did I. Thank you Aaron and your loving family.

    • sethc

      That’s awesome, Simon! Believe it or not, Aaron and I have been to that area of London!

  43. Brandon

    This is amazing.

    Your brother’s dying wish has and will continue to change the world…I’m in awe of the nobleness.

    Enjoy the ride, I’m sure your brother meant for this adventure to benefit you greatly.

  44. Chris Shank

    Aaron’s wish is beautiful and is an example of how I try to live my life, how we should all live our lives! I can’t wait to see more lives impacted by such generosity and kindness!

  45. Ben

    Hey, just one thing to say. Keep on doing it as long you can. your brother your sun is right “Things like this, given or received, were what he thought left a mark on a person’s life.“

    take care.

    best wishes from Switzerland

  46. Aranda

    This is extremely amazing. I hope you continue to do the videos, I enjoy them very much!

  47. Doreen Colonello

    This is a really lovely story about being generous and not expecting anything in return. Pure kindness.
    Aaron sounds like a wonderful brother and he lives on with his generosity. All the best to your family.

  48. Maru

    An Angel…He was an Angel and now everybody knows it. I am sure he is smiling from heaven. May God bless you and your family for continuing with your brother’s last wish. I read the story today and can’t stop telling everybody about it. I am not a religious person, but I do believe in God, and when something like this happens, it makes you think that there are still good things happening in this world….hope, hope, hope.

  49. Joe

    You are an awesome brother man!!! I give you tons of credit for doing all this and helping you carry out his final wish. Keep it going… I’m sure he is looking down smiling.

  50. frank

    I suppose there are a lot of applicants for pizza restaurant waitress in your neck of the woods?

  51. chad

    I just donated. What a great idea! Proud of you and your brother. You should raise to $1,000. That would really make someone happy. I am sure you are going to get a LOT more than $10,000.

    $1,000 to someone who is a server would really make a difference. Please consider raising it.

  52. Talitha

    I can’t even begin to express how you made me feel reading this, watching the video, and seeing what Aaron and your family have done and are doing for people. I’m so touched that there are people like this in the world who are good, beautiful caring people. I’m a waitress in California, and sometimes with this job, or any job for that matter you really see people’s ugly sides come out and you forget about all the good out there. Sometimes you forget for good. But what you are doing, all of you, is not only helping but teaching people to love. And it’s the most refreshing thing I’ve seen in awhile. Aaron is proud of you, and so is everyone else who has the chance to know what you are doing. I will pass this along so we can all remember him and the good people like him. Thank you and of course my deepest wishes for your family

  53. Chris M

    I think I saw this story on foxnews.com and it was amazing to see people in this world still out to do noting but make the lives of others better. I dont have a lot but this wont be the last time i donate to this cause! You are an amazing group of people

  54. Jason

    What an awesome thing thats happening here. People helping people. I gave a little, and I hope everyone who can does. Out of curiosity how did this amazing young man pass?

  55. Chris M

    This is a simply amazing story!!! I read about this on http://www.foxnews.com and it really touched me….. In a world of people only out to do each other wrong theres this amazing group of people remembering someone I only wish I could have known. I’ve lost a lot of people very close to me in my 29 years yet only one to cancer. I dont have that much but i couldnt help but to be a part of this cause in making the life of someone else just a little better…. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!

  56. JoAnn Sizemore

    I believe what you are doing in Aaron’s memory is awesome….I wish i had it to donate but I am disabled but being a former waitress I know the job is a hard one and very fulfilling by helping others. All I can do is pray that those who are able to donate will continue so that this wonderful tribute to Aaron will continue. God Bless

  57. Anna

    I loved reading about this and I have saved the site as a favourite as I would like to watch further videos. As important as the money is, I’m sure Aaaron would be so happy that you guys will keep eating out together as a family and spend quality time together as you have fun and remember him. Thanks for sharing!

  58. arly sylvanie

    sincerely,once more i am proud of this act and i know that,the Good God we serve will see the family through and continue to bless them.Aaaron may u have comfort in the Lord

  59. Nate Lang

    Aaron is #1 in my book. This is something that I will always remember. As I sit here thinking about his story I question what can I do to touch someone’s life. I am inspired by a man I have never met. A simple YouTube video has me looking forward to tomorrow. Thank you Aaron you are truly legend. I will do my best to keep lives touched in Pa.

  60. Luis Santamaria

    Dear Collins Family:

    Here in Panama tips are optional. We can just leave the place and pay no tip at all. People here also are not the giving kind. So big tips are somethig really rare around the city. So when i leave a 20 dollar bill as a tip for a 30 dollar meal is like OMG you are a hero!

    But i believe that very soon is going to be more like “omg, are you Aaron Collins family?”

    And you know what, in some way, i like to believe Aaron was something like a brother to me. A big brother with a great growing up model. So if that happens i will say “Yes, he was as much my brother as you are. Now take the money, and do something good for someone else”.

    Thanks Aaron for this great example.

  61. Robert Freel

    You are all amazing and Aaron is proud.

  62. shukhrat2001@gmail.com

    Excellent story! I am in the process of getting a job and once I do, I will donate to Aaron’s cause!

  63. henk

    now that is something worth believing in!

    cheers from the Netehrlands

  64. Anna

    I found your story on Cnn.com while I was at work…Holding abck the tears and watching the video…I believe what you are doing is truly amazing keeping his memory alive and changing other people’s live at the same time. Some people may not think $500 or even $50 is alot but to people who are struggling or people who don’t make much it could mean the world. Ya’ll are doing a wonderful job and I have shared this page on Facebook and hopefully others do to so you can keep on doing this.

  65. Monica

    You, (brother of Aaron) and your family are absolutely wonderful to abide by your brother’s last wishes. This is such a heart-warming story and even though I am sorry your bro has passed, I’m sure he’s definitely happy where he is and that if he could see what you guys are doing, he’d be grinning ear-to-ear 🙂

  66. Cesar

    Hi, I Cesar and I live in Quito-Ecuador-South America; Aaron is an extraordinary person. I say is because, I think it is a pretty safe prediction to say that he is now inmortal. The reason for this is that, as long as this keeps going on he shal live in the lives that will be touched by his wish. This is not about the money, anyone can give away money. The beauty about Aaron Collins is that his last wishes showed that he didn’t care for himself but for the rest. I believe this action of self-denial places him among the few people who have come to realize that it’s all about giving and giving just for the pleasure of it. I believe in Jesus and, despite we are all flawed, I have the feeling that he now with Him. Thanks for making my day and, thanks Aaron for being an example that we all can!

  67. Lisa

    Just wow…these are the things in life that remind us that there is so much good in the hearts of some people- So much selflessness- so much appreciation. These are the things in life that make us stop and think for a moment to appreciate what we have, and what we can do for others to make their lives just a bit better, and change them forever.

  68. Amanda W

    This story is absolutely amazing!! I have cried a few times this morning reading the story, watching the video and reading the comments. It is refreshing to see that there still are good people in this world.

    I donated, although very minor in comparison to what has already been received. However, I will be back often to add more to the cause.

    You’re brother sounds like a phenomenal person and your family is equally as great for not only carrying out his wish once, but continuing it on. This story and your efforts have touched a lot of lives. Rest In Peace to Aaron and may your family be blessed!

    Las Vegas, NV

  69. helen Harris

    I am in the UK, I have just given a very hard working table cleaner at my local Harry ramsdens at £20 ($30) tip, it’s not the type of place people normally tip as you collect your own food, so she was very surprised and welled up, I wrote the website on the bottom and told her I did this in Aaron’s name……….pass it on 🙂

  70. Peter R

    Hey guys!
    I think your cause is great! What you’re doing for your brother is amazing. I’m willing to help you. I’m a advanced programmer, willing to for no charge help you make a page that will allow you to display people who have donated. I could probably help you integrate it into wordpress as well 🙂

    Shoot me an email!

    Thanks 🙂

    • Peter R

      Also, the amount total that has been donated. Sorry, I was a little unclear. If you want full information, email me 🙂

  71. Jason

    Truly amazing story I am from Bowling Green Ky and at one time worked in the restaurant industry. I know first hand what you are doing is making a huge impact in everyone’s life that hears about this story. Thank you

  72. Vinnie

    I really wish I could donate something but I am just getting by bill to bill. The only thing I can leave is this commenting and my best wishes to your family. It is not everyday you see things like this and it is very heart warming and inspirational. Keep up the good work, your brother would be and IS very proud.

    • sethc

      Vinnie, supportive comments like yours are just as good as donations. Sometimes what people really need is a kind word or a hug. Giving money to people is great but we all have the ability to make someone happy, even without a dime in our pockets. Thank you so much!

  73. Marcy

    Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing legacy. Your brother, son, uncle, cousin, nephew, friend, etc sounds like a remarkable young man. I’m sorry he passed away so early in life. But this legacy will keep in living in your thoughts and hearts for many many years. All the best to you and your family

  74. Zac

    This is a great idea. I would encourage the family to start a Kickstarter campaign to create a fund, put the money into trust, structure the random donations to wait staff to occur a certain number of times a month and year. If you accrue a good seed money for the campaign you would be able to ensure that you could continue doing this in your brother/son’s honor for years to come. Congrats on honoring this special request.

  75. Momma

    I am sorry for the loss of your brother – he sounds like he had an amazing heart. He would be proud of the way your are honoring his memory.

    People who wait tables are some of the hardest working people on the planet. I did it while I held down another job full time and carried a full load at college. My sister and her husband both wait tables at the same pancake house while she works her way through school and starts her career. Her husband started on weekends in addition to his full time job to help shore up family finances to allow my sister to pursue her education. My niece waits tables too… a step in getting her life together after kicking a severe drug habit and a stint in rehab. Everyone has a story in life, but even outside of my family, some of the most moving are servers who work hard to get ahead. If someone were to drop a tip on that on one of my family members who is currently serves, I don’t know if a one of them would able to not burst out in tears – it would make such a difference as they struggle to pursue their dreams. What a blessing to be able to do that for someone… now you can do that for a couple of dozen souls. Amazing!

    My best to you and your family…

  76. BrandyC

    What you are doing to honor your son/brother is amazing. I hope this leads to other people showing the same kindness as each of you have. I wish we had more people in the world like Aaron and you and your family.

  77. Patrik

    This is amazing! 🙂

  78. shell

    i left replies to other comments…it was very sweet of him to think of his favorite server. we get customers that are regulars and it may be because we become like family when youre there awhile. we work our butts off. i have gotten awesome tips for no reason before. it really makes our day when somebody does something like that. and it is a shame that people didnt really think about this until that sweetie and his family made that servers day.

  79. Shana Oneal

    SIMPLY AMAZING! THANK YOU for fullfilling your brothers wish and then some! I will make sure The next time i go out to eat i will leave a great tip on AARONS behalf

  80. Rhonda

    I am living in Spain and just to say what a remarkable family you are keeping Aaron memory alive and touching so many people lives god bless you all.

  81. V.E.G.

    Aaron Collins’ heart was of gold.

  82. Teresa

    What an amazing story, Your Brother is smiling down on your whole Family, seeing that you carried his wishes through… God Bless you and your Family, and I hope this continues to carry on for quite some time…..

  83. Pablo

    HI!i’m from argentina and i just saw the video!this is fantastastic…i don’t have the words to say how exacly i feel now!what you are doing is amasing! i wish i could donate something but i’m still on highschool! i lost my father a couple of month ago and it hurts but he left us things to live for, and i feel that he is right by my side more than ever!!i can tell you will get realy far with this project! i hope you the best!

  84. Hazel

    Amazing story! I am deeply sorry for your loss and at such a young age. In my life I haven’t met too many people with a heart of Gold. Though I didn’t know Aaron, he still makes an impact in the world he left. Indeed he was Angel and an Angel was also gained in heaven. God bless you all ! from Wemindji, Quebec, Canada.

  85. Tammy

    My daughter and I went to lunch on 7/14/12, our bill totaled $15.00 and some change. Our waitress was really busy and we noticed a lot of tables around her leaving $1.00 and $2.00 tips. We wrote her a note that told her about Aaron’s wish and this website. We then left her a $40.00 tip. We could see her face through the window as she shared the news with everyone and read the note we left, we passed on the wish and the happiness 🙂 we were blessed also.

  86. TeacherBites

    I believe in overtipping and this story confirms that we should all do it whenever we can, for however much we can!!


    Good luck with your project – may your brother’s spirit live on in each of us!!

  87. Beverly B.

    What a wonderful story!! I also love how this “pay it forward” moment has touched so many, including myself. Aaron Collins, thank you and may you rest in peace and to Aaron’s entire family, GOD BLESS YOU!

    P.S. I am not one to normally “donate on line,” but was compelled to do just that after reading your story and watching the video.

  88. Tina Rowland

    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing, it has been such an inspiration to me. I know these acts of SHEER kindness will effect peoples lives for years to come…May you and your family be BLESSED in a great way, what an awesome legacy to AARONS life… God Bless you all!!!

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