Aaron's Last Wish$500 Tips for Waiters and Waitresses

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Aaron’s Last Wish 88 at Baker’s Pizza in Bucyrus, OH

For anyone wondering why I was circling Ohio and not stopping, this is why. Wes wanted to be with us to leave a tip in his home town of Bucyrus, so we needed to wait until Christmas. It also let me bring mom and dad along, which I think was worth it. Together we all met at Baker’s Pizza and surprised Tracy with the 88th tip!

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  1. Melissa Vaught

    I just happened to come across this story because I was reading comments on twitter about “tipping a waitress”. Then I clicked on the link to this website because it really warmed my heart. Being a waitress myself, I can see how much these wonderfully gracious tips mean to the waiter/waitress. But even more, I think it’s just so amazing of you to not only carry out Aaron’s last wish, but continue to carry it on and on. I bet Aaron was absolutely amazing. The fact that he was thoughtful enough to think about tipping a waitress as a wish really says a lot about his generous and caring character. And Seth, you are also amazing for continuing to give all the donations to other waistresses. I love how you are making a trip to go around the country! You are changing lives, one waitress at a time. I am obsessed with all the Pay it Forward stories I hear, but since I am waitress, this story just really stood out to me. I just wanted to write and let you know how awesome I think u are with what you are doing! Keep up the excellent job of making someone’s day!!!

    Melissa V
    from Arkansas

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