Aaron's Last Wish$500 Tips for Waiters and Waitresses

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About Aaron

Aaron was born June 15, 1982.  He was a computer technician for Computers Plus in Lexington, KY and held a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management.  Aaron lived his life quickly, not holding on to many things and always with a vigor to have experiences not possessions.

He was incredibly sentimental, though he always tried to hide it.  The small things people did for him are what touched him the most.  He was generous with the limited means he had, and his last wishes were that any money he had be given freely in ways that would impact those who received it.

476 Responses to About Aaron

  1. Heather Adkins

    Proud that he is my family. I’ll never forget you Aaron.

    • Sandi

      Aaron realized what is really important in life.We are all connected and we are here to help and to be kind to everyone and everything on this great planet. You were so blessed to have Aaron in your lives. I am sure he is smiling at all of you right now.

      • Bernadette Dunne

        What an amazing gift and such a touching story. I cried the whole time I was watching the video. I am a server myself so I can only think what an amazing gift this would be for me. My son is 32 and he is also a server. I lost my oldest son 7 years ago at the age of 28. I have donated to your cause in Aaron’s name. When I am able to I will leave a larger then normal tip for someone in Aaron and my son Robbie’s name. This is something that he would have liked to do if he ever had the money to do it with. God Bless you all for sharing the story of such an amazing guy who was Blessed to have such an amazing family.

    • brittany holmes austin, texas

      this is so beautiful it makes me cry. it is sad that the world lost such a sweet soal, it truely is hard being a part of the middle class customer service world, and we do go greatly unappriciated though we work so hard every day. rip sweet aaron i dont know you, but i cry for the loss of you anyway

      • Madeline Doherty

        Arron you are Wonderful Sprit a Beautiful heart may you be with God and may God Bless all who loves you…..
        My Heartgoes out to you!

      • George W.

        Hey Brit, I’m pretty sure in Texas they spell your soal, soul, as in your soul goes to heaven.

        ”Don’t mess with Texas!”
        George W. Bush

        • tammy

          well George W. Bush I guess you didn’t spell check “unappreciated” either…it was also spelled wrong…

      • Jimmy

        I hate to break it to you but the customer service world does not put anyone in the middle class bracket. It is akin to slave labor what these people are paid by their bosses. Not to mention the lack of benefits and poor treatment they receive. Thank your republican congressmen for continuing to vote against fair labor laws in favor of the big corporations.

        Aaron’s wish is one of the most wonderful things I’ve come across. Seth, you and your family deserve a lot of credit for fulfilling his wishes. I hope you continue to do so. I’ll pass it on and try to donate when I can to help keep this going.

    • Karren

      Read this story on msn- what an awesome man. It’s not about the $$ but the fact that he wanted to make someone else feel great in life! I hope if I have an untimely death(or not) I can remain this generous and humble!!! Praying for all close for peace and realizing what an awesome story this is!!!

    • Jason

      What a touching story. I’ve always wanted to do something like that (give money away to people who need it). That is why I became an actor/model. When I start making some really good money, I plan on helping others.

      God Bless Aaron. Which is Ironic…because my brother’s name is Aaron, too. Please give his family all my best and that my prayers are with everyone involved…especially Aaron. What a great man. I will definitely share this story with all of my friends/fans on Facebook. This story needs to live on and show that there are awesome people out there that think of others instead of themselves. God Bless him.

    • Raul Bobadilla

      What a kind man…it’s stories like this that make us sad and happy. People do care about one another and want to make this world a better place to live! God Bless Aaron….we will keep paying forward.

    • Joey

      Aaron Collins sounded like a great guy.
      I really wish i had some extra money to donate to this fund.
      But maybe one day when i’m in a better financial situation i can give back to someone for Aaron.
      Good luck with this.
      it gives me faith in humanity.

    • Saray Caballero

      I would be proud of him too if he was part of my family. He had a lovely wish and I’m so glad you are sharing it with us letting us watching this videos. What can it be more important than make people happy?

    • Brenda

      Aaron must have been a truly amazing young man, a shame he couldn’t have stayed strong and carried out his mission in person. To his family…Bless you for granting Aaron’s wishes and keeping his caring and kind way alive

    • Scott Van Dusen

      This is a really humbling and selfless gift. Aaron’s life was cut short, but he GOT it. Thank you, and remember life is sacred. Beautiful person, and that’s what I call an American… PEACE

    • martin silva

      Thank you Aaron. Thank you for showing us the way. I wish I can follow!

    • Anthony Torres

      I was so unbelievably touched and moved by this gesture of compassion and generosity form Aaron and his brother Seth, that even though I just lost my job unexpectedly on Friday, I had to contribute. As soon as I retain employment again, I intend on making larger and consistent contributions to this beautiful and touching cause. If I can be of any additional assistance in any way, if there is any way I can help, I implore you to reach out to me.

  2. Peter

    This is a truly awesome idea!

  3. Jackilyn

    Saw this story on http://www.fark.com. Was completely touched by not only Aaron’s story but that his family followed through. I cried when you were telling her your story. So touching

  4. Susan

    I, too, saw the article from a Fark link — and will be passing it on. I wish we’d been able to know Aaron, but please know his legacy is going to keep going for a very long time.

  5. Chris

    I worked with him here at the store and although I didn’t know him for very long I could tell that he was one of the nicest people that I have ever met. I with that I could have known him longer and gotten to know him a lot better than I did. I will do my best to carry on his traditions.

  6. Luke Goldstein

    Just saw this on Defamer and shared it out to my FB circle. It is an amazing story and one worth spreading and emulating far and wide. Great luck to you all!

    • lloyd cardones

      i was reading this post and had my goosebumps all over my skin….. you’ll be a good example for everyone aaron..

  7. Alex

    He looks like such a fun guy. So sorry for your loss, but at least you had 30 fun years, many people don’t get even that.

  8. Eli

    Very sad and touching story.

  9. Sudhindra

    People like Aaron – who like to give something back long after they are gone – are so rare..May his soul rest in peace…Seth, God bless you for fulfilling your brother’s wishes..

  10. annissa

    Just saw this on ebaumsworld.com. He seemed like an awesome person. We need more people like this in the world. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Michelle

    I found this article on the Sudbury Star Website, in Ontario, Canada! I never knew Aaron, but I really wish I did! He seems like a great man, I’m sorry for the family’s loss and respect how you fullfilled his last wish. I hope more acts of kindness like this continue happening! Its such a selfish world out there… we need more people like Aaron around!!!
    RIP Aaron
    “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” Leo Buscaglia

  12. Tisha

    I LOVE THIS STORY!!! Sending condolences and blessings to Aaron’s family, Seems like he was a blessing to his family and wanted to continue to be a blessing to the world! Thanks Aaron what a great message!

  13. Ian

    Guys like Aaron help restore my faith in people. It’s touching to know that there are other people in this world that are able to ‘Pay if Forward’ for only one reason…because they can. I did something similar this past Christmas for the girl that cuts my hair, a $100 tip for a $12 hair cut. Why did I do it?…Why not?

    I hope people continue to give to Aaron’s cause and help make the lives of other better through a small action.

  14. john connors

    its a shame good people like this are taken early. good looking, caring and a positive impact to society. your family is awesome to carry out his wishes and make his memory live on.
    you are all the best!


  15. Adam

    He is a good example for all of us to follow. He truly knows what is important in life.

  16. ajay pawar

    great deed Aaron! cheers to your life!

  17. Linda McCoy

    I had been wanting to do something like this for years. I was going to try and find a pregnant young woman server and leave her a large tip. My daughter has been a server for about eight years now and I know how very hard it is. Great work!

  18. Robin

    Wow incredibly touching story sitting here bawling like a baby! I will be leaving a big tip the next time I go out in the name of Aaron. I too just lost my brother on May 6th 2012 it will be for both of them.

  19. Rhonda

    What an amazing person. These are the type of people I love to have in my life. Full of such love and compassion for people of all. He is home now but your family his making his memory here on earth live forever. God Bless!!! And yes…its nice to pay it forward. I have done that many time in my life…..Rhonda

  20. Jeff

    I have always said, if the worst thing anybody has to say about me after I’m gone is, “He over-tipped!” then I’ve done something right. Way to go Aaron and your sweet family for your simple act of pure kindness and generosity…may the ripples from your lovely idea radiate throughout the world and touch many hearts, and wallets.

  21. Syed Hashmi

    I am so happy to read that Aaron was so kind.

  22. Amber

    Just the video. Truly humbling and nice to see that the world still has good people.

  23. Annie Jay

    I was moved by Aaron’s request and even though I can’t afford a $500 tip, I did, however, leave more than my usual 20% tip when I was at the local Cracker Barrel here in El Paso, TX. I hope the spirit of Aaron’s love of life and generosity shines on in every person who reads his story. God Bless you, Aaron, and may you be in God’s heavenly kingdom singing with all his saints and angels!

  24. Edwin Garcia

    Wow that was a great thing he wasn’t thinking of him self just others I love him and don’t even know him sorry for the families lost but he will live forever peace .

  25. Linda Marie

    Your story is so touching, I am so sorry for your loss. What an amazing way to keep Aaron’s legacy alive. My little brother’s name is actually Seth Aaron, so I am compelled to pass your story on. Thank you for reminding me that there are still truly good people in this world.

  26. Angela G

    I just read about Aaron and what he requested his family do when he passed away, and i couldnt stop crying. It touched my heart that he thought of others instead of himself. I can see how special a person he was by his actions and only hope that all of us reading this story or seeing the video will do something for others and carry on his legacy.

  27. JanH

    What a sweet man! My condolences to your family for the loss of a very kind person.

  28. Dj

    Great idea! Must have been a great guy! No doubt by his actions and the continued actions of the family, that there is a great family values that raised him. Way to go mom, dad and family!

  29. Anil S

    From this I am thinking … there can be another dash on a tombstone and that’s the legacy that you leave behind that can continue to impact others … Rest in peace Aaron. Proud of your family for holding the fort and making an impact … God Bless … God Speed …

  30. David

    I’m so very moved by your family – I’m sure Aaron was a good kid…salt’s of the earth you all are…Aaron would be pleased you and he have touched so many hearts

  31. Dori

    My condolences to Aarons family and friends. Truely a touching story. I lost my son as well this month 2 years ago and keeping a legecy going is not an easy task. Thank you for sharing.

  32. Jeroen

    He looks like such a nice guy. So sorry for your loss!!!

    Greats from the netherlands

  33. Chuck

    It looks like you went viral. I hope there are many, many, many more happy servers.

    Way to go Aaron!

  34. Tim

    What an amazing legacy! To continue touching lives after he is gone is absolutely unreal. We can all take life lessons from Aaron. RIP Aaron!

  35. Cindy H

    What a giving young man. Make me happy to know we still have people that are that giving! God Bless him & his family for following through with his wishes. May he Rest in Peace.

  36. veronica

    What a wonderful and inspirining story. It it how God wants us to express our love to humaity. We are all connect and One person can make such a great impact in this world. Im sure his smilling for he is proud that his family followed through. Thank you for sharing such an amazing story.And now Aarons legacy is carried on. :–)

  37. bluelightningduo

    I followed the story on Neogaf, and now it’s everywhere. I hope this story inspires others as it has me.

  38. Janice

    What a truly amazing man Aaron is – for thinking of others and not worrying about life’s possessions that really don’t matter. I too will be sharing this story and following a few of his “tips” if you will. Rest in Peace Aaron.

  39. Sabrina Newton

    Tears are running down my face as i type this. I had been a server for 36 yrs ( retired now), i know what a impacted this made for the young lady that waited on you.My late husband and I would go out to eat every Dec.22 and leave a 100.00 tip for our server. Aaron, you are 1 in a million. If more people were like you this would be a better world. To the Collins family thank you for sharing your story with me, it has made my day. Momma Collins, you did a wonderful job raising a wonderful son that thought of others with all he was going through. May God bless you all.

    • Tina Rae Collins

      Sabrina, I just now read your post. You are very kind. Thank you! And what wonderful people you and your husband are/were for giving such a large tip at Christmas! Thank you for sharing that. It is very encouraging.

  40. Michael

    With all the things that are wrong in this world, it is people like Aaron who are a beacon amongst us all. Thank you for showing us that there is humanity in this world still.

  41. katrina

    I am so touched by your story, what an amazing gift he was to your family, I’m sure he is in heaven smiling!!

  42. Jo

    This is wonderful. I’ve shared the link on FB to spread the word. I hope Aaron’s legacy goes on forever!

  43. Jane

    What an amazing and touching story! I have lost three close friends to illnesses in the past year and I know how hard loss can be. It’s great that this family has a project to honor the memory of a kind and wonderful person who left the earth too soon.

  44. Brandy Strawn

    I saw it on you tube and was also bawling my eyes out. it was very touching and inspirational and that you followed thru with it was also very touching. My sentiments are probably along the lines of everyone Else’s. What a great person he must have been. He is still inspiring people even in death……God bless you all and everyone who see’s this and is moved to do great things because of it.
    Brandy Strawn .

  45. Joni Gaines

    Aaron, if there were people in this world like you,it woulld be a wonderful place to live. You were an awesome man, i respect and admire your family for carrying out your final wishes. May you rest in peace. God Bless your family.

  46. Doug

    I also found this on the Sudbury Star website. It is pleasing to know that someone can have a lasting legacy that is both worthy and a source of pride for his family.

    Thank you Aaron for restoring some faith in people.

    With a daughter and son both employed as servers, I am sure the young lady is more than grateful, and will share her good fortune with her fellow employees.

    I can only hope my small donation will assist in continuing Aaron’s wish.

  47. Jean

    What an incredible story! What a tremendous way to be remembered too. Definitely need more Aarons in our world. If we all could live with this kind of generosity, what a better world we would have. From what I see in the video, Aaron was not the only amazing one in his family. Seems like his whole family is pretty amazing. You made his wish come true. I hope you all get blessed 100 fold for what you have done. Keep it up.

  48. Lisa

    Sorry for your loss. I love the spirit of this! Thanks for sharing. I’m going to FB this right away!

  49. amanda

    So sweet! There need to be more people like Aaron and his family! God bless you all!

  50. Arv

    …and so shines a good deed in this weary world.
    Rest In Peace, Aaron. God is with you now.

  51. Hamed Dion

    My condolences, Aaron reminds me a lot of my older brother Aman who passed two years ago at the age of 31.

  52. Mark

    Great story, great family. He requested it, which says alot about him, but the family did the leg work to have his wish come true. I’ve practiced random acts of kindness before, but this is bigger than I ever dreamed. I’m inspired to attempt this myself, and put this site on all of the bills as well. Maybe you have just launched something. I saw this on Yahoo!, so your internet reach is growing.

  53. Leah R.

    this made my heart smile.

  54. w2p

    We do the same type thing through out the year. When we have some xtra money we tell our waitress to bring us the bill of an elderly couple or a young family or servicemen/women. We don’t want the thanks yous’ so we just leave before or make the waitress promise not to tell who we are.

    This started one morning at breakfast when the elderly couple sitting beside us was trying to figure out what they could order with the money they had. We leaned over and told them they reminded us our my parents and offered to buy their breakfast in their memory. They agreed and the lady had tears welling up in her eyes. So now we look for a young families or anyone that catches our eye. Makes us feel good that we can help people in our area.

    We leave big tips when the waitress is expecting too.

  55. Michelle

    I just read this story online and it brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing gesture. Aaron sounds like a person I would have liked to hang out with!!

  56. Kimberly

    What a fantastic legacy. Restaurant work is one of the hardest and thankless jobs. I will donate and I look forward to seeing more “tips from Aaron”!

  57. Bill

    I love it and I think it’s great what you are doing for your brother! I hope it catches like wildfire and you are able to give out hundreds of tips to people!

  58. Jimmy Johns


  59. Rebekah, Josh, and J.J. Turner

    I am so very sorry for your loss. I can relate, my sister, Delilah Ward, passed away at the young age of 27 on May 7th 2009 of CHF. It was so hard to have her leave this world but I know she is in heaven with God. I hope she gets to meet your brother because I bet they would get along great. Your brothers last wish made me cry so hard, I think it is awesome that you and your family are helping to fullfill his wish and help so many people. I want to donate but I do not have a credit card, do you have an address that I can mail a Money Order? I plan to save money so that my family and I can go out to eat somewhere or maybe even just walk up to someone on the street, in a store, or a park, and give them $100. We need so many more people out there who are as generous as your family and the people who have donated. I will be sharing this online and anywhere else that I go.

  60. Susan

    My 8 year old daughter and 5 year old son both saw Aaron’s story with me and ran to open up their piggy banks. We are paying it forward through your site as well as on our next restaurant outing. Thanks to Aaron for reminding us how amazing it feels to give. Aaron Collins – You ROCK!

  61. Jennifer

    this is awesome such a touching story. We need more people in the world like him and his family

  62. Kenyon Callahan

    What you guys are doing is wonderful. If only everyone had the character Aaron and still has through what you all are doing the world would be a much better place.

  63. John

    It is sad that you dont know what someone is worth to you until they are gone. This guy was a jewel hidden in life’s crap. I wish more living people like Aaron were visible. He is an inspiration to many after reading this article. Most people leave behind a legacy of sadness;but, this guy, he is going to perpetuate joy long after he is gone. Will he ever really be gone though with a heart like that? I think Aaron will live on in the hearts of those he has touched.

    Born the year I graduated from high school. RIPP Aaron. God Bless you.

  64. Candy Hannan

    I cried when I saw this video. Aaron must of been a wonderful human being. His parents had to been so proud of him. His family is truly wonderful for fulfilling his last wish. Thank you for telling a wonderful heartfelt story. Prayers are coming your way.

  65. Andrew

    Truly inspiring idea. The family should be very proud.

  66. Julie

    I’m so incredibly sorry for you loss. What a wonderful legacy to leave behind though. So many lives are touched through random acts of kindness. It truely is one of the most substantial things that creates a lasting domino affect. Paying it forward in Aarons memory, your family are in my prayers.

  67. Cannon

    Just an awesome act of kindness!
    The world needs this, the world needs more Aarons!
    Thanks for sharing!

  68. Leo Walter

    Just saw this on Yahoo! Making a donation now. Keep up your brother’s great work!!

  69. Good stuff!

    I really enjoyed this story, just goes to show the POWER of each of us as individuals. Great exclamation point at the end of your life’s story Aaron!

  70. Aron Wright

    The world will know of Aaron’s love and kindness through his family and all of you out there helping to make this happen. It is good to see that even in one families darkest hour that love shines through. It may be small to some from the outside but the people whose lives this has touched will forever see it as the biggest thing they remember. May God Bless Aaron’s family and all those who kept his dream alive. Maybe this world isn’t as lost as most people think. We all just need to take the initiative to start changing who we are and how we think. With a little faith and love we can change the world.

  71. Dion

    i will remember this for the rest of my life and try to do the same as often as i can and practice the same kindness at my end. Wow he shows true compassion towards others…. RIP Aaron….

  72. cari

    watching this story brought tears to my eyes…. ive always wanted to have lots of money and just give it away on the streets to people here and there…. he must have been an incredible young man…. big hug to the family of aaron… xox its funny sometimes when life gets you down… things like this come around…

  73. suztjsmom

    Your video of giving that young lady a $500.00 tip was wonderful to watch.
    May God Bless you all.
    I am sorry for your loss but Aaron sounds like he made an impact in others lives, and that is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.

    I lost a brother last June 2011.
    I still miss talking to him nightly right before or after the news.
    I catch myself wanting to pick up the phone to call, so then I just talk to him softly. I feel like his spirit is always here.
    Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Robin

      What an amazing spirit and sweet soul……..what a loss to the world. Could you imagine how much better our society would be if there were more Aaron’s in the world? To his family, I am so sorry for your loss and it breaks my heart that he couldn’t save himself from the darkness he didn’t let anyone else see. We should all continue to “Pay if Foward” and help make the world a better place, a little at a time.

  74. Lisa

    This shows what an amazing and beyond lovely human being Aaron was…to say the least!! It also obviously shows what kind of family he comes from as they carry out this generous beautiful tribute to Aaron. His good truly lives on and goes forward!!!!

  75. Shelby Medina

    You are beautiful people, and show how awesome Aaron is. It’s wonderful to see him living on through your love and actions.

  76. Faye

    Hello family sorry for your lost of a wonderful person. It seems that those who love to give and help are never in a position to do so. But i’m so glad you all able grant him his last dying wishes.

    If the world could see through his eyes, and understand that sometimes the smallest gesture of kindness make the greatest impact in lives.

    I hope the family will continue to do the right thing and not let money that is generated from the unfortunate situation cause greed to enter into your heart… remember the goal of Aaron’s wishes.

    GOD Bless your Family

  77. Mark Flitcraft

    What a beautiful gesture of kindness to carry out such a request after his death. His brother filmed this perfectly and in such a moving and understated way. Must have been some kind of a great guy Aaron! I don’t know them but I’m pretty sure his family must be super too as they influenced him to become who he was and then remembered him in this way. Great, great reminder for all of us. Thank you for sharing this!

  78. Kathy

    It hit Yahoo News. I just read it there. When I can I pay it forward and donate to the cause a wonderful cause from a wonderful soul.

  79. Taylor Best

    I read this story on Yahoo and it has impacted my life in so many ways. i am 16 years old and to know that there are still loving and amazing people in this world makes me grateful. I will never take life for granted. Aaron seems like he was a very loving man and just liked to have fun with others:) R.I.P Aaron you were a good man:)

  80. Heather F.

    Just read this story & watched the video. Aaron’s memory is being kept alive by those who loved him!! “Pay-it-Forward” Life is too short… Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! Truly Inspiring!

  81. Mike

    Wow – Just saw this. AMAZING generosity by your family. You bet I will be donating to Aaron to help pay it forward!

  82. Caison King


  83. Maureen

    Wow, what a wonderful man Aaron was. I am truly inspired by his story, and after reading it I’ve decided the next time we go out to eat, whether the service is good or not, I will leave a big tip with a note about being inspired by Aaron Collins, along with this web address. Reading this makes me think of a quote I heard recently “Be Kind, Be Kind, and Be Kind.” It’s evident that Aaron lived by this rule. Thank you for sharing, and I am truly sorry for your loss. I can only imagine that he continues to do amazing things up in heaven!

  84. Anthony

    I hope Aaron’s family know that his legacy has gone world wide as I’m reading about this amazing story from Australia. I too will pay it forward on Aaron’s behalf by donating to his cause.

  85. Fausto Ascencio

    This is so generous!! Lets just hope this can inspire all of us to do good in this short life we have on this world. Thanks Aaron.

  86. Mary

    Gave what I could… Sorry to hear that Aaron passed so early in life.

    • Mary

      Are you kidding me George? Did you NOT understand the sentiment? Did you NOT understand her meaning? Do you understand what is going on at this website? What a piece of S*** to point out a SPELLING ERROR when someone died and someone else wrote a touching sentiment!

    • Jean

      Lovely story. Grief is hard. I hope the memorial to your brother is able to continue.

      By the way, soul is spelled soul in California as well.

    • edwin knowles

      G.W.- What a slug you are to give Britanny such a hard time over a spelling error!!! Plus I think you are a Coward for using G.W. as a name to hide your own identity. You missed the whole meaning of compassion and caring which is what this story is all about not nit picking over spelling!

    • Donna Mattox

      George W., shame on you. What a sad little person you are. Didn’t your mother ever teach you that “if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all?”

      Brit, I am with you, I am sad that such a beautiful soul was taken so early in life. God Bless him and his family for carrying out his wish.

  87. mikeregan

    Sorry for the loss, he was blessed to have such wonderful people around him as yall good luck and god bless

  88. Christine

    What an amazing guy and a WONDERFUL family!!! I am sorry for your loss,but am grateful to know that people like all of you exist and that you are sharing your brother’s legacy. YOU ARE ALL INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!

  89. anonymous

    Hello i am a us service member living in ft drum i dont normally do this or share my story with anybody but my brother passed away last year from lou gerrigs disease and he had an honorable wish as well it was for me to give his money away to a person with a good and kind heart… i got very emotianal and touched so hopefully on the 15 af august i can donate some of my brothers money to you …

    • Bernadette Dunne

      God Bless you who ever you are that is serving at Fort Drum. Thank you for your service. I will leave a tip today in memory of your brother when I take my grandchildren out for breakfast. My mother in law passed away from Lou Gerigh’s disease, so it is very close to my heart. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of others also to fulfill your brother’s wishes.

    • Tina Rae Collins

      Wow, what a kind gesture. Thank you!

  90. jasmin

    this is someting people should do everyday,Im truly sorry about Aaron,and also proud of what he and his family did.it really changes people’s life.GREAT JOB!keep up that hard work and keep changing random people’s life! many round of applause! 😉 il also share it with my friends!

  91. JDG

    Just saw this on Yahoo. This is great. I hope the waitress makes good use of the $ and that money will spread around and more peole can learn about how great this person was.

    I am going to start randomly leaving $20 tips once a month to a nice wait staff. I know it’ll make their day and help them out.

  92. Melvin

    Such a great story! and so sorry to the family for their loss of such a nice young man.

  93. Janet

    He seems like an amazing person! 🙂 I’m so happy he lived such a happy and caring life. He definitely would have made a great impact on the world and it’s great he has a chance to still do so through you guys! 🙂

  94. Liz Novosad

    Your brother must have been an amazing man! I always try to leave big tips and now I have an even bigger reason to do it! I’ll be sure to put the website on my bill! Thank you for sharing your story and passing your brother’s message along!

  95. aubrey

    I cried when i read this story it was so amazing that he did that. There aren’t many truly and unbelivebly nice people like him in the world he is one of a kind. I hope the website keeps getting so many donations this story will forever touch my heart.

  96. hollie

    Such a bittersweet story. Hearing this makes me want to be a better person.

  97. Michael

    Empowering… simply awesome!! Thanks Aaron!

  98. Jocelyn

    This is such a beautiful story. People like him are so rare.

  99. Yvette Kriz

    What an amazing young man Aaron must have been! I will absolutely pay it forward and pass the word on this Web Site!

    My deepest condolences for the loss of this incredible human being!

    Thank you, Aaron!

  100. Laura

    I am truly touched by Aaron’s wish, and by his family’s determination to make it happen. I was a young widow with a young child, who chose to celebrate my late husband’s short, but beautiful life, rather than bury myself in grief over my loss. Those we have lost are best memorialized by remembering the light they brought to our lives while they were with us, rather than emphasizing the void left in our hearts by their loss. Tonight I will raise a toast to Aaron, and I will leave a generous tip in his honor.

  101. david

    wow! what a great story and a wonderful tribute to honor his wishes to continue to help others even after he was gone. he must have been someone very special to think of others like that. i would love to know more about him and why he passed so young. what made him have the vision to do something like this. how can we all be more like him?

  102. Jodadi

    Awesome story! I hope it lives on forever!

  103. Ashley

    I saw this story on Yahoo! and it made me so happy that I am telling this story to everyone I know. I’m very sorry for your loss and will be praying for you. I know how hard it is to lose someone that you love dearly.

  104. Liz

    Caught this on Yahoo and shared on Facebook. I’m unashamed to say this made me cry. Aaron’s level of thoughtfulness is rare and incredibly touching. He has inspired me to find more ways to practice random acts of kindness. Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your loss, and please know that Aaron’s spirit is touching many people in his thoughtful gesture and your dedication to his wishes. Thank you!

    • israel

      hmmmm it so touching and never will be afraid to read it and share it

  105. Dan Smith

    Love the idea! This is just what the world needs! Just keep making videos every time you tip someone and we’ll keep donating! Also, make you you’re tipping someone IN NEED, and post each video on this site! I’d love to see more videos!


    p.s. – RIP Aaron, you seem like you were a good guy.
    The good die young.


  106. Dana Hill

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Aarons family …The impact of this video is very touching and inspiring to reach out and help others. Bless you all <3

  107. Maranda

    What a touching story. I’m still crying. I’m sorry for your loss. What a wondeful idea. How kind and thoughtful he must of been. Good for all of you and especially Aaron.

  108. Daniel C

    I saw the story on my yahoo news and was so moved by it. What an incredible thing to do to honor your brother. I wish more people were like him in the world, to bring joy to those who might of lost it, by being so generous. Keep up the good work and posting the videos for all to see.

  109. Dana Peugh

    God Bless Aaron & all of you. May other carry on the wishes also.

  110. JC

    I found this on yahoo website front page, great story. We need more of these kind things happen in our life. Cheers mate, keep it up.

  111. Rebecca Brown

    I would love to first say that it seems Aaron was raised by a caring,loving family with respect for other’s and for that I want to thank his family!!!! THANKS………We truely need more people in the world like Aaron!! Second I would like to say to his family and friends sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace knowing his family is living out his final wishes!!! May I and my family do the same by paying it forward……

  112. laura g

    this is such a touching story. aaron was a special person. i’m so impressed that you followed his wishes. you made me cry… thank you for being a wonderful family!

  113. Dana

    What a great dying wish. He wanted to help people even after he was gone, and he really helped his family by giving them a positive mission to focus on rather than their intense loss. God bless all of you.

  114. Emerson

    I wish I knew Aaron personally, but I guess with his legacy and the actions of his family, I will know him for the rest of my life. Paying it forward… Will look to donate to your site one of these days!

    Here’s to Aaron, his mom, dad and the entire Collins family! You truly raised a truly awesome kid!

  115. Daniel T. Adams

    This was a very touching story. Thank you all for sharing. Life boils down to 2 different kinds of people: Givers and Takers. And it sounds like Aaron was definitely a Giver. Thanks again for sharing that message with the world.

  116. Jordan

    To Aaron’s parents:

    You raised an amazing kid, to think of something so selfless. What an amazing idea!

  117. wiley

    Each day I, as many of us do, read numerous news articles, general interest stories, etc. At years end I could count on one hand those that impacted me in that I will recall them the rest of my life, Aaron’s wish is such a story.
    You, your family, and Aaron have positively impacted not only on the waiter/waitress’, but all of us that have heard the story, of Aaron’ Wish. Bless you!

  118. Tony

    Great Idea. I just made a donation. Good luck getting more.

  119. Celia Crawford

    Greetings from South Louisiana! I saw this story on yahoo tonight. Next time I eat out, I will leave a large tip in remembrance of Aaron. I’ll put AaronCollins.org on the bottom of the receipt to share his story. I hope that his kindness multiplies.

  120. Tony Petersen

    You never knows, one selfless – random act of kindness to a stranger, may change his/her life. This story has already effected me, and I thank you for sharing and allowing me to celebrate (in a small way) Aaron’s story. This is what is all about Man!

  121. Brandon

    Saw your video on The Chive and was touched. Aaron seems like a KCCO type of guy, so be prepared to feel the love of chivers. I have a feeling you are about to meet a lot of waitresses.

  122. Annie

    G’day from Australia.

    Firstly let me say how sorry I am for your loss and secondly what a great young man he sounded! We definitely need more people like him in this world!.

  123. Dani

    I’m crying my eyes out right now; thank you for restoring my faith in humanity! I wish your family all the best, I’m sure he appreciates what you all have done for him. Take care!

  124. Evan B

    Saw the $500 tip video on relevantmagazine.com. This is awesome. Generosity will change someone forever. Thank you.

  125. jco

    What a wonderful ripple effect he started!! The world is a better place for him being here — something that everyone hopes can be said of their existence. Bravo to his beautiful family for not only raising someone like him, but also seeing his dream through!

  126. camcheney

    This made me cry, how wonderful to have friends like you.

  127. Deminica

    This is a great story! It is good to know we still have good people out there. I am sorry he was taken from you so soon in life but truly he is still living on because of this “tip” before you know it he will be in the thoughts and homes of many. May he RIP but live on like wild fire touching everyone and everything.

  128. Tara Atkins

    This story just made my night. I hope that story is passed on and on. What a shame that such a young person with such a beautiful heart left this earth. I’m sure that Aaron’s family will always pass on to others the beautiful soul that he was. Aaron I hope that you saw this beautiful day for your family to be together and change a womans life. Again thank you for sharing this beautiful story. Tara

  129. Jessy

    I was checking my email on yahoo,when I came across this story. very touching, my sincere condolences to the Collins family…he will be missed but never forgotten. I will post this on FB and most definitely keep the legacy alive by donating as well. Much Love from all the way in Palo Alto, California.

  130. Michael

    I lost my older brother when he was only 26 in the south tower of the world trade center on 9/11/2001.

    This story, and the youthfulness of Aaron’s face invokes memories of my brother James, lost but never forgotten.

    Keep up his wish, find the way…i hope others donate, I know I will. My prayers go out to your parents, especially his mother who I know carries the heaviest cross for his loss, just as my mother does for my brother.

    God bless you all…


  131. martyR

    what a wonderful person:)

  132. randy

    what a wonderfull gesture just seen it today so sorry for your loss

  133. Lexie

    Such a beautiful and inspiring story, rest in peace Aaron and may your kindness live on and influence people forever. <3

  134. mary

    this is an awesome and amazing story! i am so touched by this. i lost a brother back in november of last year, and know how hard it is to deal with the grief and pain. i applaude your entire family, GREAT JOB!! i hope you can change the lives of many servers that work hard. i was a waitress for many years, and enjoyed the atomosphere. your family makes it that much more worth wild! i commend all of you! bravo!

  135. G-ma

    His birthday is exactly one day before my brother’s! (Same year and everything.) I am going to do the same the next time I receive crappy service, leave a banging tip. As a matter of fact I am impatiently waiting for it. Aaron, you’ve been a good influence on me. 🙂

  136. chris bills

    i was so touched by your story. i recently lost my grandmother just three ago. she was one of the nicest people around who would help out some just because.i hope your can continue to this for years to come

  137. Jennifer

    I love, love, love this story! I started my working life as a server and had many generous tippers along the way, but none as touching as this story. Make a donation if you are able <3<3<3 in the end giving selflessly out of love is all that really matters.

  138. Shalee

    As a single mom of two little boys in a small town, I find that people and life can be really rough on you and tend to beat you down. I think it is incredible what your family is doing. Aaron’s last wish was thoughtful and so giving towards strangers. Only further proof of how generous and considerate your family is. It is wonderful to see that kind and generous people still exist in this world and are willing to step out of the shadows to shine. John Donne said that “no man is an island.” This family is the perfect description of such words. Thank you!

  139. Sophie

    I saw this on Yahoo news and shared it on facebook. The world truly needs more people like Aaron; it’s so unfortunate that death is claiming them at such a high rate. RIP Aaron and to his family you are such honourable people am sure were ever he is he’s so proud to be a member of your family.

  140. Brandi

    I love that through you Aaron lives on. What an inspiration you and your family are! So sorry for your loss and may you have many more weekly dinners in his honor. Sending love and light!

  141. stacey

    His mom lookes so happy in the picture with the waitress. It made me cry to think of the pain she has, and is suffering after losing a child. What an awesome family to go to such great lengths to honor this wish and to help others in their time of sorrow. My condolences to the entire Collins family on their loss. In honor of Aaron and his amazing family I will leave a big tip in his memory. God Bless the Collins family.

    • Tina Rae Collins

      Thank you very much, Stacey! I wish I could thank everyone personally. I wish I could hug everyone who posts here. But it’s hard even to always read the posts as the page is very long and I don’t know what I have read and what I haven’t. I hope everybody knows that our whole family appreciates ALL of you!

  142. Clifford

    Be proud and keep this person close to your hearts and minds. Aaron’s Wish is a bright light for everyone and be proud that Aaron is a dear member of your family. Be proud that even in this moment of tragedy his deed is inspiring and touching many thousands of people. I hope you can carry on his inspiration.

  143. Chris

    I’ve always said “Your not known for what you get in life but for what you give” thanks for making that quote a reality Aaron.

  144. Angie

    This action says a lot about Aaron and his family. For his family to carry out Aaron’s will have a hugh impact on the world. The inspiration of the story will encourage others to take the same course of action.

  145. Andrew

    A man with a heart of gold and extreme sincerity. Hope this leads by example across the world.

  146. Gina

    Aaron sounded like a great guy to know. What a beautiful legacy to leave. I only hope that each one touched by this generosity (whether waiter/waitress/onlooker or viewing this video/site finds a way to pay it forward themselves. God Bless

  147. Erick

    It people like Aaron that make the difference. I am a older man and here I am touched by his generosity and care for others. The world is a better place when people like him have been in it. May peace be with you at this difficult time. May you always have the ability to keep changing lives. 🙂

  148. Josh

    RIP Aaron, I’m sure the Angels will appreciate your gesture

  149. Kelly Ellis

    Aaron, your life and your living wish to pay it forward, just as the movie suggests is an inspiration in the difficult times. You give the world hope and are still give us hope. Thank you for that.

    Kelly, Ottawa Ontario Canada.

  150. Mike

    I read this story on yahoo – It’s absolutely amazing that someone is so willing to be thoughtful and care about others besides themselves. You don’t hear about this type of thing anymore. I know he is looking down and smiling on you guys. I will be passing this story along with my family and friends. He sounds like an absolutely amazing person.

  151. Nuno

    Sometimes people have ideas, very few times people make those ideas come true. I know your brother will appreciate that his family keeps changing peoples life’s every week! Random kindness will keep changing peoples life. I’ve just donated from a very small dot in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!
    Good luck!

  152. James Ward

    If you, his family, are any indication of what type of person Aaron was then he was a great peson who I wish I could have known. God bless him and you all for the great work that you have undertaken. Its so nice to see people doing something nice for one another in this world of negativity and gruelty. You all are in my thoughts and prayers-James

  153. Kristen

    Thank you for sharing your story. What an incredible family you all are…. and lucky to have Aaron waiting for you on the other side. God Bless!

  154. George Combs

    Aaron, you left your mark!…Especially on me. This is what we are suppose to do in life Live and Love. This day forward you have inspired me to be a better person, to those I know and don’t know. I will be forever grateful by your leading example. Thank You.

  155. Leigh-Ann Scott

    Aaron’s Wish has made it to BC, Canada…I was a waitress all my life and often struggled to make ends meet to raise my kids…I am grateful that I am in a position now to write “Aaron’s Wish (from Canada) and his website on some Canadian bills and pass em to a waitress here…or maybe a few…lol…This is totally a Pay it Forward type deal and I am proud to feel the inspiration…THANK YOU

  156. Debbie Menow

    I just read the story and saw the clip of the first Aaron’s Wish lunch at the pizza place. I was very touched by Aaron’s generous spirit and the spirit of the Collins’ family to follow through with Aaron’s wish. You have inspired me so I have donated to the wonderful cause. I wish all of you the best and I hope this generosity continues for many years….

  157. NationalShowTickets.com

    What an inspiration to us all, Aaron truly made a difference in the world and still does thanks to you, the family., Debbie

  158. Marilyn Reid

    What a wonderful legacy he has left. Thank you for sharing the story and bringing some love into this world!!!

  159. Panashe

    It’s sad that you have lost a loved one but I’m sure he is in a much better place. May the good Lord comfort you during these difficult times and may he bless you abundantly.May he give Aaron eternal life.

  160. Jessica

    What an amazing man and family! I always leave large tips and help others when I can but this is much bigger! Keep it going!!!

  161. Zehara

    He’s in heaven, of course, that’s where angels belong. 🙂 I wish for the family and Aaron whatever they wish for themselves. They deserve the best, all of them.

  162. Mark

    The strong and empathetic keep this world going. It is amazing that Aaron is doing this from another place now. I too feel for folks in the service industry…greatly under appreciated, working tough hours and at people’s mercy whether or not they make rent that month. I always knew if I won the lottery or something, I’d be dropping $100 tips every time out. Everybody I know who receives one of those at an average restaurant talks about it for days. If I never have kids, I might just leave everything I have one day to you guys, to disperse $500 droplets of happiness all over the world. I wish I could met Aaron for just five minutes….

  163. Lili

    Thank you for sharing your story with the rest of the world. I am not an English speaker. I just wanted to say that your brother’story touched my heart deeply.
    Gracias!!!! 😉

  164. Laurie West

    I jsut watched the video and shared it with all my Facebook friends, what a truly inspiration soul, I will always think about him when I do something kind for a stranger, your family was so blessed to have you, Rest in Peace Aaron.

  165. anonymous

    At charities end, the angles still brightly sing;
    in all beliefs there is always a legacy to the king,
    A symbol provided to witness souring dolphins;

    Reminding always of the pain, of a quick bee sting,
    The cleansing breeze from a doves wing;
    Honor and majesty of defending griffins.

    Give on to us almighty inspiration,
    Bless upon us with amazing grace;
    Remind us of glory never in completion;
    Let us see this beautiful Aaron.

    A groom upon bended knee, a simmering ring;
    The old couple upon their porch swing;
    Surrounded by all of ones be-loving kins;

    Knowing little to life, others, or any thing;
    Sharing from originally purest of mineral spring;
    Reminders for all gifted by royal generous Collins.


  166. Laurie West

    I just watched the video and shared it with all my Facebook friends, what a truly inspiration soul, I will always think about him when I do something kind for a stranger, your family was so blessed to have you, Rest in Peace Aaron.

  167. Jennifer

    Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story. Aaron’s genorosity and spirit continue to live on, he is looking down so proud; so proud of his family for helping to make his wish a reality. Such an inspiration.

  168. Chad Kukahiko

    read about this on Mashable, shared it on Facebook and donated a little $ myself.
    R.I.P. Aaron Collins. may your memory and your selflessness live forever.

  169. Peter

    I am very touched. And I hope you guys can make more people happy in the memory of Aaron.

    I read about it on a Dutch (as in Holland!) website ( http://www.vkmag.com/magazine/500_dollar_fooi_als_laatste_wens/ ) and will spread the word :)))

  170. Lindsay

    Aaron and I share the same birthday and (cheesy as it sounds) I feel oddly connected to him, of course through the wonderful story of his last wishes but also through the pictures posted on this website. I will forever use his name in connection with any random act of kindness. RIP, my kick-ass Gemini twin…

  171. Roger Jordan

    You’ve made your brother proud!
    God Bless you from Texas

  172. Leah

    When I saw that video, it made me happy to be able to help someone in this way, and it not be long after their passing. The effect is seen immediately, and I applaud y’all for helping others. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for all y’all are doing to make a positive impact on others in honor of your brother and his life. God bless!

  173. Mark

    What a great way to celebrate the life of Aaron and help those close to him to come to terms with his loss. Donation sent. spread some more happiness God bless

  174. JohnHW

    To aaroncollins.org. I am a tax preparer (enrolled agent). When you give a tip, the receiver MUST pay taxes on it. Because you are giving this really as a gift, which would not be taxable to the receiver, give the money as a cashier check marked in the Memo section as a gift in memory of Aaron Collins. The receiver would not have to pay taxes on it although if the trust paid out over a certain amount (currently $2,000,000) they would have to pay taxes on all the gifts.

  175. Melanie

    Just read this on yahoo, I live in Toronto and have worked just about a decade as a waitress and bartender. This is a fantastic idea and really will help the memory of your bother live on. In all the years I have waited tables and made drinks I still to this day remember the best customers, the nicest people and those who were extra kind. Hopefully you can continue doing this for years to come and make a difference in peoples lives through generous acts. I wish your family all the best.

  176. Kim

    Aaron’s vision gives me hope for the human race. The video is uplifting and inspirational. God will bless what you you’re doing ten fold, as you’ve already seen. I’m sharing this with everyone and hoping others will “pay it forward”.

    What a lasting legacy! Thank you for sharing a bit about your brother with the world.

  177. Paul S.

    I’m suspecting…. The guy knew how to live….. and I’m sure “He lived life well”. He’s more than likely looking down and saying “NOW That’s F*%#&ing COOL”!. To make a difference in one persons life can have an enormous systemic impact for all. Playing if Forward…… My most profound condolences to his family and friends, you all had a very special person in your life.

  178. Rachel

    I would love SO MUCH to be able to give to this cause. It’s so amazing and I’ve always tried to do something similar- make somebody’s life (or at least their day) that little bit better through pure, basic kindness with no catches. I really wish I had money to give to this cause, but unfortunately I don’t. As soon as I do though, if this site is still running in a year or so, then I’ll definitely give as much as I can! Such an inspirational guy.

  179. Colleen Eastman

    This is an incredible legacy Aaron has left, not just for himself, but for his family – a way to perpetuate the spirit that embodied him and continue to touch the lives of others. I hope we are all inspired to touch others this way and “borrow” from Aaron’s example. I don’t think I will ever see pizza the same way and without smiling. Thank you.

  180. Katie

    Hello. I am very very touched about this. I started bawling. I am a waitress at Applebees in Council bluffs, Iowa. I seen you write that he always liked to leave big tips, and I do to. Even if I dont have the money i still leave a good tip. So props to him =). I also know how hard it is to make ends meet being a waitress. I have a 4 year old son (single parent), plus I live with my parents. My dad has Multiple sclerosis and cant walk, so I work my schedule around him to make sure he is never left alone. He had a heart attack about a month ago, so we;ve been a little cautious. And I want to say sorry for yor loss. My brother Travis Mckern died back in 2005 of an accidental overdose. It was the hardest thing i have ever had to go thru, but I promise you it will get easier. I miss him each and Everyday. But he will never be forgotten. I just wanted to tell you that i am very sorry for your loss and Good luck with the money. When I am able to I promise I will donate.

    Katie Mckern
    Council bluffs, Iowa

  181. Jodi

    What a great idea and wonderful tribute to your brother. Please consider extending donations to the elderly trying to buy food at grocery stores. This always makes me feel so bad when they dig in their wallets for their last dime. You are a wonderful family!

  182. Lars

    That’s amazing. I’m sorry to the family for their loss. You’re all blessed to have someone awesome like him in your life. I hope this story will keep him living in everyone’s memory for ever.
    Bruno, Curitiba Brazil

  183. Mike Richey - Dallas SEO

    This is totally awesome…. I just got an e-mail from Hulu telling me about some password/security breach at Yahoo and to change my Hulu password. As I did, I thought I’d better change my Yahoo password as well, which I never use. This was one of the first things that caught my eye on Yahoo after clicking a story about a 65 year old man giving away $5 bills on his 65th birthday… This is what it’s all about… Being kind and helpful to one another, and everyone having it as their mission to help their fellow men at every given chance. I’m about to click on the site and donate, and probably won’t just donate once, will probably come back often to help make Aaron’s wish come true, and help touch peoples lives. Truly a gift, this site, his memory, and what ya’ll are doing….Living and example for others and keeping Aaron’s wish and memory alive.

  184. me

    i don’t know aaron but he has a good brother to carry on his wish and keep him alive

  185. kate

    ur brother seems like he was an amazing fun person and it’s sad his life was cut short my brother passed 4 years ago he was 25 after hearing ur story i did leave a very generous tip to a waitress on my birthday july 10th of 200.00 and she just cried she said she was struggling and wasnt sure if she would be able to pay some of her bills but now she could it felt good to help and i would never have done anything like this if i didnt read ur story ……i hope people keep donating and when ever i can i will leave a big tip again

  186. Antoinette

    This site is absolutely wonderful! It is awesome that many people still have a heart while our economy is so distressed and while our nation is so divided. Everyone should look beyond our differences and help thy neighbor to become a more united society. We need more people like Aaron in this world and you better believe that I’ll donate to your exceptional cause and I will pay it forward locally. I also live in the Lexington/Paris, KY area. God Bless your thoughtful family for making such an impact on so many, while fulfilling Aaron’s wishes…..rock on!!

  187. Rene

    God bless you, thanks to people like Aaron can live on this planet

  188. Layla Wesley Chapel, FL

    As a server single mother of 2 and pregnant with number 3 I have to say that Aaron’s compassion is amazing. Serving is a very hard job and do trust you earn EVERY dollar you make. I can tell he was an amazing young man. Really makes you open your eyes. Whoever was able to call him family or a friend is truly blessed. I wish I could of been blessed with his friendship. Positivity is what everyone needs in their life. My thoughts n prayers are with his family n friends. RIP Aaron

  189. Teresa

    What a wonderful family to do this for Aaron! I pray for you all but I know each time you do this …..you will be richly blessed. It would be nice to get each waiter or waitress’s picture and post on this site. Your brother would be so very proud!!!

  190. John Hosein

    Stories like this absolutely makes me love and appreciate others more and more each day. Aaron, thank you.

  191. Amanda

    Beautiful. This is the kind of real life story movies are made from.

  192. Carol Silva

    What a marvelous act of kindness this family is carrying out in Aarons name. I share Aarons birthdate, only I am 45 years older than he was. I plan to do something special for my community on my next birthday in honor of Aaron!!

  193. Eric

    I hope you create a video for everyone that is impacted 🙂

  194. LInda Joy Serviss

    VERY touching! This will be a movie… I just know it!

    I am so sorry to hear about Aaron. You will miss him dearly.

    My oldest son, Tommy, died Christmas Day 1983… 5 days before his 3rd birthday. Each Christmas since, we have blessed someone, in honor of Tommy. We always pray and ask the Lord who to bless… and the stories are totally amazing!

    May God comfort your hearts during this season of your lives.

  195. Rhys1214

    In an age when the new is always so depressing and only the horrific stories of how people act seem to be published, learning about Aaron helps restore my faith in humanity. Not only that, I feel inspired to practice random acts of kindness. Thank you Aaron and thank you Aaron’s family for sharing his story with the world.

  196. GM in Montreal

    To Aaron and his family: Angels do exist; what you are doing is simply incredible and so caring towards others. What touches me most is to see a simple young man with a simple salary make such a generous gesture, when people with riches do nothing. I fell on this post by pure chance, after coming back from helping a friend with 3 children with buying food, when we nearly have nothing in our own fridge. Meanwhile, I wake up this morning, with a sense of having helped a friend in need. I am used to giving away my last cent – as they say – and have been doing so for years towards the homeless in Montreal. Aaron is an angel and so is his family for continuing his legacy.

  197. meg

    This gives me hope for future generations.its very heart filling to know there are still good souls in this world if greed and war.I hope that my son turns out to be half the guy Aaron seemed to be.

  198. sandy

    Like everyone else, I was moved to tears as I watched your family follow out your brother’s last wish and impact the life of a complete stranger. I’m humbly inspired and reminded of what it is that is most important in this life – to help each other. Thank you and I look forward to seeing how far and wide this spreads. We’ve all been inspired to be more than we were before we read this tribute – thank you.

  199. Valhall

    What a very special young man, but it is no wonder….look at what an extraordinary family he came from. You guys are something else and I am so very glad the news is covering this so that people like myself can see the good that still exists out there.

    What a legacy. God bless you all.

  200. Keith Ragland

    very touching story and in this day and time that act of kindness rea;;y stands out. that typifies the American spirit that should live in all of us who call ourselves Americans. Hats off to AAron and his family. God bless you all.

  201. Char

    Aaron seems like he was a wonderful person. My heart goes out to you and your family but what a wonderful gift he left you. Although I know you will miss him, you will always have such joy in honoring him each time you tip someone new. God bless all of you.

  202. Rich

    Bravo. Your blessed family is already making an impact on the hearts and the minds of the world. My girlfriend had been homeless before and I have worked a lot of commission jobs . We are also musicians who play for tips. We always tip heavy and give money to homeless. Big amounts to brighten people’s day. What a great way to promote your brothers belief on giving!!!! God bless Aaron and God bless his family for giving the world a way to keep giving!!! I am so so very sorry for your loss but thanks for spreading the word on giving!!!!

  203. Jen

    This is an incredible thing your family and brother has done. He was clearly an amazing person, and his family is equally amazing in respecting and keeping his wishes. I lost my Mom 2 years ago, and seeing your story really resonated with me. I have tried to pass on her kindness and love everyday in as many ways possible. Thank you for keeping your brother’s wish alive, and for giving hope and inspiration to the thousands of other people coping with similar tragedies.

  204. Kyle

    thanks for sharing this. I donated to help you continue this generous last wish. I hope this goes on forever. Inspiring last wish and inspiring family.

  205. James

    This is such a wonderful story. It puts everything into a new perspective. I’m sad that your family have to endure such a tragedy. However, I’m more encouraged that such goodness can come out of this. I pray that your dedication never ends and that more and more people can see what love can do.

  206. Eric Harmon

    What a beautiful story of hearing of someone providing grace and blessings. In a world where people are constantly thinking of themselves, it is wonderful to hear of someone thinking of others.

  207. Cathy Bateman

    Even in death this young man continues to touch the hearts of us all. I could only donate a small amount, but am so thankful that I could do that. Thank you for sharing Aaron’s story and for giving me a reason to believe in human beings once again. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers and try to remember that everyone needs a little kindness from time to time and ultimately try to pay it forward daily. God Bless!

  208. Connie

    Aaron rocks! His legacy lives on through the love and kindness of his family. Aaron’s spirit is always besides you as you continue to do what he loved, helping and serving others. Blessings to you Seth, your family and Aaron. Continue to shine his light for all to see!

  209. nicola

    Do the best.
    Love u.
    N. (Italia)

  210. AMP

    What a wonderful way to honor and remember your brother. My brother died on July 7th as well (2009). He was born on June 17th (1961). Your story touched me in many ways.

  211. Casie Barloe

    This is amazing! I just donated. I hope you keep receiving donations so you can keep paying it forward!

  212. Dardan

    What a touching story .. What a wondeful idea. How kind and thoughtful he must of been. Good for all of you and Especially Aaron. I qunato piacrebbe prednere his place of work and remember what he did. Rest in Peace Aaron

  213. John

    I love the Pay it Forward concept that I have follower whenever I can after I saw the movie. I’m sorry for the loss of your Brother, I lost mine when he was 41. All way too young. I made a small donation and hope the the mass of people out there keep it rolling! You are doing a good thing!

  214. Darren

    Iam going to do the exact same thing. i love giving to people and making good people who do the little things feel even better. truly , a great brother you have there. i drive a bus, and constantly pick people up , who are walking on the sidewalk…why not ? always be kind.

  215. rob

    For Aaron

    Do not stand at my grave and weep,
    I am not there, I do not sleep.
    I am in a thousand winds that blow,
    I am the softly falling snow.
    I am the gentle showers of rain,
    I am the fields of ripening grain.
    I am in the morning hush,

    I am in the graceful rush
    Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
    I am the star shine of the night.
    I am in the flowers that bloom,
    I am in a quiet room.
    I am in the birds that sing,
    I am in each lovely thing.
    Do not stand at my grave and cry,
    I am not there. I do not die.

    Mary Frye

  216. Cilla

    Prayers to yall. God bless yall on your generosity and sharing his wishes hopefully many times over.

  217. Shara Little

    I hate to hear Aaron is gone now. I was very close to him a few years ago and then we just managed to drift apart, mostly because of distance. Funny now, because I live in Lexington now, and he’s gone. He grew up in the same church I did, and his mother still attends it (this was in Pikeville, KY- but they moved a long, long time ago). I even have pictures of us on the church steps when we were kids. We were all from the same city, and funny as it may sound, we connected over the internet when we were like 13! Then it donned on us…we know each other! I will miss him so much. He was so wonderful, kind and beautiful…he really was. We even established a relationship for a while, just parted for different reasons (and remained close friends). I would come to Lexington to visit when he lived in Berea, and he would drive to see me and get so excited hehe! Shew, his smile was unlike any other. I am a server now here in Lexington while I finish school and I can tell you that any server who receives this will be touched and very grateful, no doubt. This is just like Aaron to want to help others! Well, Aaron, I’ll miss you very much and wish we could’ve spent more time together 🙂 To his family: I hope you all have found peace and live your days loving and remembering him! My family also wants to give their condolences to you. We hope his mother is doing alright and if you ever need something, we will be there to help! Love Always…

  218. le_dartagnan

    Aaron is a great man in the small things he did and still does. One small wish has a great impact. A small stone in a pond, creating ripples widely around.

    Hope you’ll be able to continue with this for a long time.

  219. KELLY

    This is an awsome story! I think not only was Aaron a great person, but his family is also great to follow through with his wishes! Pay it forward!

  220. James

    God bless you for your generosity!

  221. Danielle

    I am not a relly religious person…I do howevre believe in God….and mi believe in angels even more…I believe that angels walk amongst us every day….they guide us through our everyday life….I am saddened by your loss of Aaron, he truley sounds like an angel to me…even though he is no longer here in the physical sense…. I believe he will be with you forever. God Bless y’all and keep spreading Aarons wishes…. it does the world a great good to know there are people like you out there…I can only hope it starts an epidemic!

  222. Ash Evans

    Amazing story – the most simple things in life often mean the most. Moments like this define our Purpose. One Love.

  223. Naga

    Wow, it’s always great to hear about people who try help other, random, people. It honestly always makes me smile when I meet or hear about such people! I hope that (at least some) people who hear this story learn something truly valuable.. That the world isn’t only about you.. and that small things can have a big impact on someones live! 😉

    I already learned that from Bronies, but as the general public still seem to think that they are a bunch of freaks, I ask that everyone here, please share this story with your friends, family, facebook, whatever. This story might change someones life for the better! 🙂

    Also, Aaron made a good decision. He has managed to impact more people with this than he could ever have done himself, alone. You- No, WE ALL should be pround of him!
    -With love from Finland

  224. Mariah Winstead

    This is such a touching story. It takes an amazing soul to want to do such selfless acts of kindness. Being a former server myself, I know I would appreciate a gift like that more than words could attempt to express. You had to be a wonderful man Aaron. You have a lucky family.

  225. Lori

    This brought me to tears. What an amazing man Aaron was. I will continue to share his story and your website with everyone. If we all thought like this, the world would be a much better place.

  226. Sandra Pina

    i guess its true what they say..that life goes on..Aaron may not be here in the flesh,but his beautiful generous soul is! To his family,i say,celebrate his life always,and never forget that one day you will see him again!

  227. Dan Wiese

    It is things like this that make me feel that there is hope for humanity. I don’t watch the news anymore because it depicts nothing but evil and bad things, it was really nice to hear about Aaron and the way he saw life. I will definately be “Paying it forward” in the future. If everyone was to have this attitude just think of the amazing possibilities.

  228. Antney Oslund

    I have always felt a connection, somehow, with the people that I share my birthday with- June 15th. My older brother and I shared that day and the longer I live the more people I meet with the same birthday.

    I didn’t know Aaron, but the things I have read here about him have made me think that we would have been good friends.

    My goal is to either do this locally and in Aaron’s name or to send you a donation so that you can keep doing this and continue to experience the impact that his wish will have on so many more people to come.

    Thank you for sharing your story, it has inspired me.

  229. GeminisGem82

    Wow, Aaron and I share the same Birthday! This was a very touching story

  230. Lori Boydston

    This is truly wonderful. All of the family should be proud that they are making his last wish as great as he was. I am proud to share this story and page with all my family and friends and know that there are still great people in this world. I am very proud of you all and Rest in Peace Aaron and know that your family is doing what you wanted.

  231. David Allen

    This weekend when I go out to dinner I will leave a $100 bill with your brothers name and website on it. Thanks for sharing his story with us! David

  232. Rod Dudley

    My great-Grandfather was Matthew Collins and one of his daughters, Pearl Collins was my grandmother. I have been doing the genealogy of our family for several years. Would like to know where you all fit in on the family tree…

  233. Dave In Texas

    The bigger effect this man’s generosity will have is not the happiness he brings to individual waitstaff but to all who hear of this story and perform similar random acts of kindness. My hat is off to you and your family, Aaron.

  234. Stephenie Keller

    Wow, you guys are doing a great thing for this man that you all obviously loved so much.:) I’m only 16 and this has made me look at the opportunities in life in a very different way. Thank you for adding to the amount of great people on this world. And good luck with all you want to achieve for Aaron!<3

  235. KimC

    This is such a lovely thing to see. I think most people have waited a table or two in their lifetimes and understand that it is hard work, probably not your first choice of jobs (although there are plenty of career waiters/waitresses who just enjoy taking care of people) and usually the reason you do it is because you are a young person trying to make your way thru school, eating Spaghettios and PB&Js and taking public transportation to get by. Or you are a single parent trying to take care of your child. Or you are a person of any age or situation who for whatever reason relies on this job to survive. It’s the type of gesture that can save someone’s life – you just never know. When I waited tables, my hourly wage was $2.40. Without tips I would not have survived. To receive this type of gift would have meant that I could fix the air conditioner in my car, or buy chicken and vegetables for dinner instead of spaghetti and hamburger, or buy my son a toy that he really wanted that I couldn’t afford. So, by all mean, pay it forward. I promise I will to as soon as I can afford to.

  236. Rob Fleming

    The really good souls are taken way too soon and is why the world is such a cruel place to be. His family should be very proud of him for the life he lead and the lessons he teaches us in his passing

  237. Erin in Seattle

    This is simply amazing. I’m very sorry for your loss, but you are celebrating his life in a way that leaves a lasting legacy for many years and touches the lives of people who, very likely, are in need of a little boost. You all have a wonderful heart, and Aaron’s last wish was reflective of his upbringing around good people.

  238. sharon

    This story touched me deeply. It reminded me that one doesn’t have to have a lot to do a lot. A random act of kindness, such as these generated by a loving spirit, can go a long way to making the world a much better place. I was happy to donate a little to this wonderful cause.

  239. Leslie in Conroe, Tx.

    Aaron and I worked at Home Depot together for numerous years. I am so shocked and sadden to hear of his passing. From the first day he started at THD he fit right in. He was outgoing, funny, helpful to everyone and of course good-looking. I would ask for his help on a project and I could always depend on him, he was always there for me and all the other associates. Always smiling, always happy and always cuttin up..he will be truly missed.

  240. Rachel Carey

    These wonderful people left me a $300 tip tonight at work and on the ticket they wrote down the name of this organization- The Aaron Collins Foundation. I was sooo happy to get that tip I could not believe it!!! What a great idea. I think my brother would have liked something like this, too! Its so funny because I was just reading about this in the news yesterday! And then it happened to me… 🙂 Whether or not I actually ever see the money is irrelevant, because just the thought and the intention behind it, really brightened my life. Thank You So Much Aaron Collins! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  241. Aaron Smock

    WOW! How lucky you all were to have Aaron, you can rest assure that he is so much needed any where this man goes.
    If only our politicians could be like Aaron, what World e would have.
    I wish nothing but the most precious things in life for all who knew this man named Aaron Collins.
    We all feel your loss a you can tell by the e mails.
    God blessed Aaron, I’m sure he did you all as well by letting you know the most thoughtful man I have ever read about.
    Kind thoughts, Aaron Smock

  242. carla archambeault

    this has got to be the most beautiful thing i have seen. May god rest aarons’ soul. Awwwwe.

  243. Gina

    Aaron…this world is a better place because you were in it. Your sweet soul is shining brightly still.
    My heart aches that you hurt so deeply in silence and could not find comfort here. Know that your family loves you very much and are honoring that love with continuing your legacy.
    This world is deeply hurting and spiritually vacuous.
    People are responding to your authenticity. I and all of us wish you were still walking this earth. it is indeed all of our losses.
    May you finally be at peace Aaron.
    God bless you. Rest now.

  244. Anita dwyer

    Amazing story. Tears fill my eyes. If only everyone in the world felt the same…pay it forward folks. Pay it forward

  245. Bianka

    This is great 🙂 Kind of like the movie It could happen to you,but not exactly the same.Very touching thing you are doing here guys 🙂 Aaron had to be really great person 🙂 He would be probably very happy to see this 🙂 And the first waitress seems nice 😀

  246. Abby

    SImply amazing and heartfelt. Aaron must be proud of all of his family fulfilling his wishes. Keep up the good work, what you’re all doing is life-changing for these waiters and waitresses!

  247. Kellie

    I’m sitting at work reading the Jacksonville Fl news and something catches my eye…. this report of a generous young man. It’s really sad how this family lost their loved one at such a young age. How cool is it that he left such an unusual request after his passing!! My heart and prayers go out to this family. I hope you keep this giving these tips in his honor as long as the funds are available! I’m sure its making such a difference in these peoples lives due to this economy. Although its sad that he lost his life its so refreshing to see someone my age requesting such a wonderful gift to give back. We need more people in this world with a big heart as he had. Hopefully this story will inspire others as it has me. Looking forward to more videos and stories! 🙂

  248. Bobbi

    I knew Aaron … while he lived here in Texas. He actually used to drive my car everyday to school – I refused to let him drive his motorcycle in the rain. Aaron was def a free spirit, but as strong as the message is that Aaron has left behind … I think there needs to be more focus added to the cause of his death. Not to upset anyone, but I do have a strong reason to believe that he did take his own life. Alocholism is a very real and serious problem, and when you add other habbits it only compounds the the sometimes overwhelming issues. Maybe there needs to be an alcohol abuse outreach hotline or something added to his memorial page … I just pray that the family can continue to spread the love and joy that Aaron always did, but not let the opportunity to help people in other ways pass them by. Admitting that there was a problem may be a very hard thing to do, but one life lost is too many as it is. Be aware, be proactive and dont let there be a reason for anymore memorial pages! And nows when Aaron would look at me and say, but at least I recycle my Fosters cans lol. Praying for the family and friends … You will be missed!

  249. S

    Swedish newspapers are reporting about Aarons last wish. I hope you will be able to continure spreading his last will for a very long time.

  250. Scrog

    Giving is a powerful gift. I love your story and idea. I am sorry for the loss of your brother. His desire to make another smile, is what we all should want to be. He has lit many Candles. If you can find the time, check out QSAROO, “Candles Lighting Other Candles”. We have a lot in common! Random acts of Kindness.
    Next year, See you at the local power company!

  251. Christian

    Great thing to do. Rip Aaron.
    Christian. Stockholm, Sweden

  252. Kikki Asentorp

    God Bless Aaron and im stunned by this movie. I wish the family the best. Next time i´ll go out for dinner, i will give a big tip! Lots of love from Sweden!

  253. DrBOP

    Simply put, I think your brother was some kinda honky-tonk Angel. All solaces to the family. Thank-you SO much for doing this…….love you!

  254. Peter from Sweden

    I hope you smiling in heaven;=)

  255. Yunier

    I really feel so sad with this history the tears run down my eyes to see a noble history, I’m really excited about this story and sure I will also donate in memory of aaron, I am Cuban starting a new life in this country and I have almost the age Aaron had, I have 29 years. Thanks for share this beautiful history. God bless all your family.

  256. Yunier

    I am a computer technician too.

  257. Mauro

    Hola, soy de Córdoba, Argentina y realmente me conmovió mucho la historia de esta gran persona. Un ser HUMANO con mayúscula, que transito por esta zoociedad desposeída de todo, donde el tener es mas importante que el dar y con su luz esta arrojando un manto de solidaridad y conciencia social. Su espíritu siempre estará vivo.

  258. Hans

    This is the best wish you can have !!!
    God bless you Aaron, and your family.
    Love from The Netherlands.

  259. NJ

    Good begets good. Thankful for a man like Aaron, a family such as yours to continue his wishes and bravo to all who donate. You write that he didn’t have much, it sounds like to me had more than most. Much more. Prayers for your family and blessings as you continue this good cause in Aaron’s memory. It will be far reaching. Aaron did good.

  260. Aris

    What a wonderful story! Guys like Aaron help restore my faith in people. Lots of love from Indonesia.

  261. Joshua Joatam Villaseñor Estrada

    Realmente sorprendente.
    Yo creo que el mundo lamenta la pérdida de este jóven.
    (Soy mexicano, así que mi idioma es el español, no el inglés;
    espero que puedan entender mis palabras los supervisores de este blog.)
    ¡Que Dios bendiga a esta familia por siempre!

  262. Pablo

    Mis más sentidos pesames para los familiares en primer lugar desde America del Sur, y siempre que parte una vida tan joven, deja un sentimiento de tristeza en el ser humano. Sea o no conocido, exitos… se siente la perdida de un alma generosa…

  263. Lori Peck

    This reminds me of the saying, “I am only one, but I am one.” What a difference one life can make! I’m sorry to Aaron’s family for your loss, and I admire your strength in fulfilling Aaron’s wishes.

  264. Malin

    I´m bad in english!! BUT…..this is sooooo nice that I cry when I red this story and looked at it, on YOUTUBE!!! <3 <3 <3……soooo gooooood!!! I don´t know what to do, I´m from Sweden…..?????

  265. Tojo Melville

    What a great tale….this is only the start…..I can see the idea snowballing and helping and surprising many. A lovely thought to remember Aaron..

  266. Elise

    this is what the world needs, selfless and kind beings. sad that this world lost a beautiful soul. what a wonderful legacy.

  267. bryan picatoste

    i am from the Philippines and when i read this amazing story it touched me, i am a complete stranger from a far away land but it gives me the feeling that i am connected to all of you in admiring the goodness of this young man’s heart. i could almost feel getting teary-eyed in reading the posts here of all these people who came to this site. i am sure God has blessed you (Aaron) with a reward far greater that what you have given, and that is the right to be in heaven. now, we all look up to you above the clouds.

  268. Rebecca Voss

    Thank you for your story, your service, and your inspiration on “paying it forward”. I promise you that Aaron is SO VERY PROUD of his family.

  269. Blake

    So I was excited tonight when friends suggested we go out to a restaurant here in Palm Springs, CA cause I wanted to leave a big-ish trip in honor of this story…and what happened was so interesting. I went into the restaurant ready to leave a big tip. We got there and there weren’t any tables, so we were contemplating squeezing into a small 2-person table (there were 3 of us plus another friend who showed up)…when suddenly two young women having dinner nearby offered to move to the small table so we could fit (they were in the middle of their dinner, and it was kind of a rough move (lots of plates and glasses), but they did it for us!…which is was so nice). Then, I surprised them by sending a round of drinks to their table…and they were so appreciative. Now I’m not rich by any means, but we left an almost 100% tip on our bill and I wrote “For Aaron” and the website on the bill. Made me feel great. It’s amazing how such a small gesture can make the world a better place. I’m so sorry for your family’s loss – the story has really touched me. Hang in there – your Aaron’s story is really affecting all of us out here.

    • Tina Rae Collins

      Wow, thank you for sharing this, Blake! I just read it this morning and it brightened my day!

  270. Dalio

    Gracias Aaron!
    Gracias a tus padres y tu familia.
    Tu voluntad va mas alla de tus acciones, gracias por hacer sentir bien a quienes llega tu historia.
    El Peru siempre sera tu casa!
    Te llevare en mis pensamientos hasta conocernos en persona.
    Que estes siempre bien amigo.

  271. David Scott Whitaker

    Very touching story. If only there were more people in the world like Aaron. The world would be a better place indeed. What a selfless act by Seth to carry out his brothers wish. God Bless

  272. Chrissey Rubenstrunk

    This is AMAZING! I work in the food industry not to many people tip us let alone think twice about us. If someone would do that for me I would be so shocked. I lost my bestfriend last year this past may Cody he worked at Panchos Mexican restaurant and he would always be sad if he got stiffed because he was always so friendly and willing to serve u with anything u needed and when I can ill definitely make a donation in our name. Im sure he would like that. this is an amazing last wish. I will definitely pass this along to everyone I know RIP Aaron your memory will never be forgotten.

  273. KG

    I stumbled across this story on CNN.com this morning. It brought tears to my eyes. Not tears of sadness but tears of happiness, realizing there is still a bit of humanity out there. That there are still some people that think of struggles of otheres. I am so sorry for the family’s loss but what a beautiful wish and I wish I could donate. I will promise that as soon as I can afford it to give a very VERY big tip.

  274. Kurt

    I’m a bartender and this is amazing. Your brother must have been an amazing person. I consider myself a good tipper but when I have bad service, I still leave a decent tip but not as great as normal. Always forgetting that I have my bad days where I’m not as attentive as I should be and maybe my server is going through that as well. Also, my father just passed and I wish I had something like this to remember him by. I just donated and posted this story to my facebook wall to spread Aaron’s story.

  275. Joke Vermanen (Netherlands)

    He’s my age… life can be short but full of everything!

  276. Michelle King

    In a time where greed and selfishness get too much “air time” it’s great to hear such a beautiful story. Stories like this live on and have such great impact on each individual in their path. Whether it’s the people who receive the tip or the people who end up with their faith in others renewed simply from hearing about it, how can you deny the beauty that still exists in others? I will be sure to share this story so that it continues to spread by leaps and bounds. I feel blessed to have come across Aaron’s wish and will forever be grateful 🙂

  277. Kohrane Green-Hayes

    What an amazing person! God bless his family for staying true to his wishes. I’m going to stop crying now and get back to work.

  278. Jana Neumann

    i came across this story when i was on youtube, this story has touched my heart, i am from Wales in the UK. aaron is a amazing person and i am glad that he was in this world when he was, as he could teach us all a thing or too about kindness. love to your family as they have lost a son. r.i.p xxx

  279. Julius from RoundNews

    God bless you! We want to share the word. A news article with your story was posted on RoundNews.

  280. swissy

    hello from switzerland..there should be more people like ur brother and sure the world would be better. my heart goes out to you.may he rest in peace.

  281. Christian

    Aaron’s wish and news has reached hart’s as far as Norway in Northern Europe. This is just pure love & respect! It’s beautiful to see the goodness amongst so many greedy souls in todays society.. I truly hope that this will stay as an worldwide campaign in Arron’s name – with the desire that we remember to take care of each other in an otherwise greedy and cold era. My condolences goes to the family, and I hope you continue the work in completing Aaron’s desire and wishes. http://www.dagbladet.no/2012/07/16/nyheter/innsamling/usa/22558234/

  282. Elisabeth

    Read it in a norwegian newspaper on the web. Love it. Hope you will be able to make a difference for many more people in Aaarons name.

  283. Maryjane Smith

    PS: I was able to donate but promise to continue overtipping and telling wait persons that Aaron Collins is why they received what they did. Keep paying it forward. God I love mankind or womankind or people kind when they act like this.

  284. www.linkedinheavyweight.com

    Amazing. I have shared this with everyone in my network, it is just an amazing story. I have ALWAYS overtipped – I call it my “Blue Heaven Rules for Life”. Years ago, there was a movie with Steve Martin and Rick Moranis. Steve Martin is in witness protection, but keeps standing out. One of the things he does is overtip everyone. He mentions this is how you should go through life – giving away significant tips so that you are memorable to others – it si the right thing to do. I feel that people who are not nice to the waiter/ress are generally not nice people in life.

    Servers are scratching out an existence, and it is always a tough evening when you have rent due, you need to make so much, and you are hoping you can. 500 bucks… best idea ever. Your brother was made of pure awesomeness, and what an amazing legacy indeed!

  285. George Olson

    So glad you have done this to honor your brother’s memory.
    Sorry for your loss. I will share his story with everyone I know.

  286. Danyel

    this story is so inspiring/….if only more people would be like Aaron, then this planet would be a whole lot different.
    My thoughts go out to his family and beloved ones, thanks also for sharing this wonderfull story with us
    When I find myself in a better financial situation, i WILL donate a tip to a waiter or waitress, in Aarons name.
    With love,

  287. Jørgen

    This story touched me deeply, Aaron must have been an awesome guy, and his family is so noble for doing this in his memory. I will make shure to leave a big tip next time im out eating, and then tell the waiter about aaron, his story and this website. My thoughts and love goes to the family, keep spreading joy and changing lifes, this story changed mine.

  288. Mariska From the Netherlands

    This is the most SELFLESSNESS last wish!!!!!
    BEAUTIFULL!!!!!!!! If everybody has such a kind heart to others then the world should be like heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!

  289. Karen Huffman

    Aaron is smiling down knowing his final wishes are not only completed, but VIRAL! God Bless his family, friends, his spirit continuing through them, and all the people donating and sharing this story!

  290. nick

    Found you guys on youtube. I usually dont ever respond back or leave comments, but really great story. Good to hear people helping other people out, it makes you grateful for what you got. Keep up the good work.

  291. Brian

    This story was linked to an article on Sports Illustrated. This is touching and has motivated me to start over-tipping here in Chicago.

  292. Valerie

    Wow. I saw a video online, and I really think this is a GREAT cause.

  293. Suzy

    Wonderful brother. What a final wish. I love it. Good for you for caring out.

  294. Julia

    What an amazing and touching story! God bless Aaron and his family… Your story will be told all over the world – it’s unbelievable. PAY IT FORWARD EVERYONE!

  295. eden

    He’s really a wonderful person, a God’s gift to his family and to everyone. He is a blessing, indeed!!! He is happy right now.

  296. Freya Muller, The Netherlands

    So sorry for your loss. What an amazing person! One person and small gestures really can make a difference.

  297. Sylvia

    I also lost my boyfriend last month. He just turned 31. It was sudden and unexpected. I wish he could have left his last wish for us to accomplish for him. There are too many things I wonder everyday and I will never know answers too. So you are very lucky to know what Aaron wanted his legacy to be and it’s so successful!
    The story touches me, because they have both left at such young age and with such big hearts, I feel my boyfriend have not left enough mark in this world and I want to do it for him, just like what you are doing.
    I share this with you because Aaron has left a great gift for you so please embrace and continue this great job! Please have my best regards and maybe these two young gents have just met over the rainbow. xS

    • Tina Rae Collins

      Sylvia, I am sorry for your loss. I will be praying for you. Thank you for pointing out that Aaron has given us a great gift. I think one of the things that makes this so special for me is that, as you said, Aaron is accomplishing great things even in his death–things he was never able to accomplish in his life. It is indeed comforting to us, and I appreciate that you have an understanding of that.

  298. Rhonda

    I’ve always LOVED doing this! One of my favorite things to do is: when checking out at Walmart, I ask for a $10 gift card. Then when I’m 100% ready to get the heck out of there, I hand it to the cashier and say, “And this is for you. God bless!” It’s important to skedaddle right out of there, because I discovered that the employees aren’t allowed to accept gifts. They usually react in one of two ways: They will either stand there with their mouths hanging open, or they will object. So my parting shot is something like, “I won’t tell!” or “Pass it on to someone who might need a lift!” My challenge to you is to try it and see if you get one of those two common reactions! I like to think that the tiny gesture, at a minimum, brings someone joy for a second. And at most, maybe it will be a random act of kindness that snowballs. Aaron…the way you lived your life is a giant snowball of kindness. God bless Aaron and his wonderful family!”

  299. Jón Gunnar

    Hello, my name is Jón Gunnar & i’m from Iceland. I wish I could donate, but I don’t have a credit card, so the next time I will go eat somewhere, I will give a generous tip.

  300. Tyrell

    Looks like he had a huge impact on people’s life he even does now in death R.I.P. to him May God be with his family and grant them peace and serenity

  301. shannon

    No one knows when then their time will come. Not only had Aaron made preparations for his untimely end but he was thinking of others; people like that are truly rare in this life. As the bible ask the question how can you say that you love God if you hate your brother? Unfortunately so many people say that they are Christian, loving, accepting and generous people, but their actions show how truly cold, selfish and even evil they are; but Aaron truly was one of those rare individuals that embodied God’s love because he loved his brother ( his fellow man/ human being ). I personally as an unemployed partially disabled woman still living with my parents and ( being a part time student) know firsthand how cold/ mean/ selfish and uncaring the people in this world are. If more people in this world could practice Aaron’s gesture not only in death but also during one’s life, there would be more hope in this world.

  302. Penny Allen

    May god bless you all…..what a beautiful and inspiring story and it certainly says alot about the love you must all share as a family.

  303. Jayne

    Aaron must have been quite a man to have such a humble and as someone said in an earlier post, noble last bequest. I am a believer in the pay it forward theory and am proud to be a part of this man’s last wish. My brother passed at the age of 23 so I truly understand the pain of losing one so young so I send heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Aaron as well as a donation to the cause. may God lighten your load with the love that is pouring out for you.

  304. Gino Jeric

    I am proud to know Aaron Collins story. He’s a very good man and i respect and salute to him “Aaron Collins” and to the “family and friends” that made his wish comes true.

    God Bless as all.

  305. Rebecca

    I don’t think this person (meaning you Nora) has the right to insult such a wonderful family for following through on their brothers/sons last wish. And such an unselfish wish it is. This is NOT panhandling, this is kindness and generosity, maybe something you know nothing about. Try it, try to be kind to a complete stranger and you will see how wonderful it will make you feel. Maybe it will melt that ice cold heart. You have broken my heart, with your Panhandling statement. Shame on you Nora. They have lost someone they love love with all of their heart and you do not need to belittle it.

    To the family of Aaron Collins. My cheque is in the mail. With love and respect.
    Go with God. And God Bless you and yours.

  306. Brandi

    I just read the story and watched the video on yahoo.com. What a beautiful wish to be fulfilled and and what a wonderful family for honoring his wishes. $500 can make a big difference to someone plus the impact of the good deed is priceless! Kudos to the people who donated the money too. Beautiful all the way around! To the family I am sorry for your loss but his legacy lives on…

  307. Tina Rae Collins

    Somebody left me this on my guestbook on my web site: “Why don’t you have those who receive the tips write to you and tell you what the tip meant to them? That would make a great read. And….you’re already an author. What a wonderful son Aaron must have been. My sons are tender hearted, too, and it’s a gift.”

    I don’t know how to respond since no e-mail was left. I would love it though if the ones who receive the money wrote to us telling us what it meant to them.

  308. Seb.

    That’s amazing! I look forward for another video!

  309. Kat Frazier

    My husband and I just read the news on KSL about Aaron and followed the story to your website.
    Obviously we did not know Aaron, but he obviously was a great guy. An example to follow. We are thankful for Aaron’s example and thankful for his family for fulfilling his wishes. It’s people like him that make the world better, literally.
    People like Aaron that gives us hope that no matter what horrible things are happening today, Good will always prevail.

    Thank you Aaron!

  310. Véronique

    Aaron devait être super, mais je tiens aussi à dire à la famille à quel point c’est beau! Sur les vidéos on voit de petits enfants qui grandiront parmi les mêmes valeurs et c’est surtout ça: donner au suivant! Bravo! Quand on regarde la vidéo, on voit tout à fait qu’il est toujours vivant, sous une autre forme, mais on voit quand même qu’il est là, qu’il vous serre dans ses bras au travers ces belles serveuses! Je vous souhaite un deuil rempli de belles émotions de la sorte ( rendre des gens heureux) et surtout vous pouvez être très fiers de ce que vous accomplissez! Je vous serre aussi dans mes bras!!! Bonne route!

  311. Billie Jo

    I was a waitress about 8 yrs ago. I had a few regular customers that always asked for me. On Christmas Eve they left me a card with $100 dollars in it.
    I cried just about my entire shift. I was not sure I could get my kids Christmas that year. The money helped me so much.
    Your family is so very thoughtful. You all are amazing for carrying on Aaron’s wish.

  312. Kevin

    Shootings in Colorado, the Sandusky sex scandle, upheaval around the world . . . . Unfortunately, Aaron Collins death is A small part of the recent unhappiness. But out of that sadness comes this wonderful legacy that he has left us and that you carry on to remember and honor him. This reaffirms all that is good in mankind and reminds us that the truly special and amazing people walk among us every day. Sometimes we do not realize it until they are gone. Sometimes we are lucky enough to realize it while they are still with us. In this instance I believe we are seeing both – Aaron seems like he was a very special individual and most of us did not know him. But we do know him now – and that is because of his wonderful family who is perpetuating his legacy. Thank you for sharing your son and brother with us and reminding us that good people and good deeds will always carry the day!!

    God bless you all.

    • Tina Rae Collins

      Thank you for this, Kevin. It deeply touches my heart. Thank YOU for sharing our grief with us. It is a great comfort to us. This morning a friend sent the following poem to me. Aaron helped us to do what this poem says to do.

      If I should die and leave you here awhile,
      Be not like others, sore and undone,
      Who keep long vigils by the silent dust, and weep.
      For my sake – turn again to life and smile
      Nerving thy heart and trembling hand to do
      Something to comfort other hearts than thine.
      Complete those dear unfinished tasks of mine
      And I, perchance, may therein comfort you.

      –A. Price Hughes & Mary Lee Hall

  313. george f. bonnett

    today Johnny and I got a message that Aaron had passed away. We are so sorry for your loss. Corbin and Aaron had been the best of freinds for many years, Aaron had been to our home many times. Even though Corbin and Aaron moved to different places they always kept in touch with each other and they always remained the best of freinds. One again my wife and I are so sorry for your family

    • Tina Rae Collins

      Thank you very much, George. I talked to Corbin today. He had written me because he just found out today and so I called him. I am so sorry I didn’t think to tell him. I thought he would see it, of course, on Facebook, but I wish I had had the presence of mind to contact him. I know he was very hurt to hear the news.

      • george f. bonnett

        Corbin was and is deeply hurt about Aaron. The shock was overwelming to him. He told me Aaron was his best friend and had always been.Them two did a lot together. Some of it we may not want to know about. lol. But they did it together and that is what counts as pals. Aaron was always so upbeat. We always enjoyed him being at our home and Corbin always enjoyed being at yours. The wishes that Aaron requested sounds like him. I cant say how the empty feeling you feel inside for losing a child and I pray I never do. Thank you for letting Aaron be part of Corbin’s life and letting him be part of ours.

  314. Viraj

    I am speechless after reading about Aaron’s last wish. What a beautiful soul he had! You must be so proud to be his mom/dad/brother etc. Brought tears to my eyes that he was such a thoughtful person . Even though this is a very tough time in your life right now with Aaron not with you anymore, we all must celebrate his generous, beautiful spirit. Take care.

  315. Jaime Ann Rehus

    What an amazing & touching story…almost like a Pay-It-Forward. I wish I could’ve had the chance to meet Aaron. You will be receiving a donation from me and I will also leave a ‘very nice’ tip, in Aarons honor!

  316. Michelle Pace - El Segundo, CAlif

    I watched all 3 videos and cried during all 3….. You guys have been blessed to have had someone like Aaron in your lives. And everyone that has donated to keep his wish going you are all AWESOME too….. God bless you all and pay it forward….. Keep Aaron’s wish alive….. <3

  317. Ashley

    its people like Aaron that can make us cry and smile at the same time. I am happy to see that wonderful people do still exist today. Aaron is a prime example of paying it forward. Hopefully, this story inspires others to think about their life can be taken so soon. There is nothing guaranteed including life, cherish even the small things life can offer. My heart goes out to Aaron and his family, you had a wonderful family member that didn’t just care about himself but he cared about others and I hope everyone out there that sees these videos will brighten up someone’s day and Im not saying to hand over $500 but some people out there don’t even tip period.

  318. Roxanne

    Absoultly AMAZING!! I just heard about this entre thing when i logged into my Yahoo and I like to see what the current topics/coverages are about! I cried when I watched the 1st clipped and then went to this website. This is an amazing story and a wonderful thing Aaron and your entire family is doing! If only more people in the world could realize how priceless/precious life really is and to look out for the next person even if you dont know them. The world would be a better place. I am in amazement with the work that you have done and will continue doing. I am going to share this story with people that I know to help with Aaron’s Wish! THANK YOU!!!

  319. Kim Oshana

    I am so touched by this story!! Your brother was was an incredible man and with your help he is leaving an incredible mark on the world! In this time when so many people are struggling….you are making such a difference. Not only are you helping the waiters and waitresses… you are also helping all of us to remember what life is all about…giving and making a difference!!! God bless you all!! Kim

  320. Stephanie M

    saw your awesome, uplifting story on Yahoo! and shared it on my Facebook page.
    RIP to Aaron

  321. Lucy

    What an incredible story of how a good thing can grow. In a world filled with such turmoil, it is nice to read a story like yours.

    Thank you Aaron for paying it forward. We will learn from your example.

  322. Tonya Mabe

    This is the most amazing story–what a selfless person aaron was. I love how his family continues on with the last wish. We need more people in this world like this family. I used to be a waitress before I became a nurse, so I can really appreciate this story–keep up the great work.

  323. Laura

    What a beautiful way to honor your family, by touching the lives of strangers. Wonderful

  324. Joy

    What an inspiring story and what an amazing man Aaron must have been! I am so glad he has such a wonderful family that will help to continue his wish and leave a life time memory for so many people. I was a waitress for many years and it is not an easy way of life. While working 2 jobs, raising my 2 kids, and struggling to make ends meet, I can truly appreciate the meaning of this unselfish act. Aside from giving away the $500 tips, Aaron’s last wish will leave a legacy of hope and rare kindness in a world gone harsh and uncaring for so many of people! Thank you!

  325. Melissa

    This is such a great and inspirational story. I hope Aaron RIP. His story just made me cry. 🙁

  326. Samantha Ortiz

    It brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart to hear of such random acts of kindness are being done. Paying it forward in memory of Aaron. I must say i am inspired….
    May God bless you for your selflessness

  327. Kiara Mitchell

    What a great man Aaron must have been! And you are an incredible family for making his wish come true in a big way! I will gladly donate to this wonderful cause. I think it would be great if you gave a $500 tip to a pizza delivery person. My son delivered pizza in college and its hard work, puts miles on your car and very little tips most nights, this kind of gift would mean a lot to a delivery person.! xoxo keep up the great work and I love how your whole family comes out for these dinners.

  328. Cool Conman

    I am so touched by this story and im only ten. Aaron must have been an incredible man.I wish I could meet him today.

  329. sergio

    what an amazing last wish and what an amazing family that is carrying out the wish my deepest respects for aaron and his family….. and to the world we have lost a amazing person (aaron) if more were this way the planet would be a much better place..again my deepest respects all the way from california 🙂

  330. Tom Thomas

    May you find joy in carrying out Aaron’s last wish. Your story and his life is what makes me so proud to know that there is Good people in this world. I plan on honoring my sister who I just lost and my wife’s uncle (they died 2 weeks apart this year) in the way Aaron would approve. God bless you in this endeavor and may those that receive the gift remember a young man named Aaron for a long long time.

  331. Rachel

    Hello from Germany! I read your story on Yahoo news and think what you are doing is wonderful! Random acts of kindness restore my faith in humanity! Thank you 🙂

  332. Callie

    It’s so nice to know that there are still good people out there with big hearts! What an amazing man! Best wishes to Aaron’s family.

  333. Courtney Desenberg

    I was on Yahoo and this story caught my eye and I decided to take a look. Then went on to take a look at the website and watch all the videos. Aaron seemed like such an amazing man and you were very lucky to have him in your life. Very humble and generous. I hope that he sees, from wherever he is, what an impact his dying wish has had on peoples lives. I myself even cried a little at the reactions of the waitress’. I hope you can continue this for years to come!

    • Courtney Desenberg

      I am not yet 18 however I will be very soon and as soon as I possibly can I would love to make a donation. I will do so the very second i get the chance to. I want to be apart of helping make Aarons wish come true. Its an amazing feeling seeing those waitress’ so happy and joyed. It is nice to see such acts of kindness. Blessed Be.


    Kudos to this generious young man and his family….Too bad the world wasn’t made up of more people like this young man..May you rest in peace Aaron.. And may your family be so so so PROUD of you…God Bless all of you..


    Kudos to this young man and his family…You must be so PROUD of Aaron… God Bless all of you and may Aaron rest in heaven where all saints should be… Rest in peace young Aaron….Too bad there wasn’t more young people in this world like you..I know if you were my son I would be so very PROUD of you..

  336. Dawn Johnson

    This story just made my day! I think it’s wonderful that you are able to fulfill your brother’s wish in such a huge way. Waiters and waitresses have such a tough job trying to please everyone, and they are so deserving of a break like this. God bless you!

  337. Schwartz

    I read about this on a newspaper from Monterrey Mexico… its amazing, congrats
    the link, its in spanish


  338. jacqueline kelley

    wow..i cried while watching every video..how sad to lose someone so loving and caring, but what a Glorious person to have shared a moment with, I dont know any of you in the family, but to continue on in his name is awesome and so touching to the heart..Not only is Aaron an amazing person but all his family included. I would like to know more about Aarons life, what he enjoyed, where he liked to go, what made him laugh, what made him cry. He is a role model so many more ppl need to look at and follow his heart. May God place his loving arms around your family and keep you safe and comforted in this time of such a loss..He will always be remembered tho thru generations to come because ppl who recieve this gift will tell their grandkids about this one time…they recieved an amazing gift. What else can you ask for in life?.

    • Tina Rae Collins

      Jacqueline, I am writing a book about Aaron. I will post about it on the site when it’s published. Thank you for your kind words!

      • Tina Rae Collins

        Also, Jacqueline, I would like to use a part of what you said in the book if that’s okay with you. I want to say this: But who was Aaron Collins? That’s what people want to know. “Tell me about this guy,” they often say. Jacqueline Kelley wrote on Aaron’s web site: “I would like to know more about Aaron’s life, what he enjoyed, where he liked to go, what made him laugh, what made him cry. He is a role model so many more people need to look at and follow his heart.”

        Please let me know if that’s okay with you.

  339. Holly

    I watched all the videos and I’m in tears right now! I’m so very sorry for the loss of Aaron, and at the same time so very proud of his family for making his last wish come true. It sounds like Aaron has a wonderful family! I hope the donations keep coming in and you can continue to do this for years to come. Best of Aarons family!

  340. Diane

    I am so sorry for the loss of Aaron. His spirit is truly amazing, living on in this small gesture with such an impact on the lives you touch. What a noble thing.
    We seldom think about what a small gesture can mean to someone. When I am in a drive through, like Starbucks, I will sometimes pay for the person behind me in line. These acts of kindness help to balance the good karma in our lives. Bless you all, and I hope the money keeps coming so you can continue to give.

  341. Brent

    Just goes to show what kind hearts can accomplish with such simple ideas!

  342. Terry Simons


    Not only did I donate to your website, I also gave my own tip locally just last night. I made sure to include a note referring my waitress to your website. 😀

    The sentiment and example that Aaron stands for is one that resonates with me, and I’m glad that his message is garnering so much attention.

  343. joe

    The news has reached Greenland. I’m sorry about the circumstances, but you and your family is definitely making sure that your brother is leaving a big impact on a lot of peolpe. Looking forward to see some more videos!

  344. Kent

    Wow, not sure how I even came across this site, but truly amazing…
    I am so sorry for your lost, Aaron sounds like he was a great guy.
    Awesome work guys keep it going, cant wait to see more…

  345. Ralph

    Hello from Spain, I saw the touching video of Aarons generosity on youtube. i was born in june 15th 1982, the same year with Aaron . this story has encouraged me. I wish the family all the best.

    • SethC

      You actually share Aaron’s birthday exactly. You were both born June 15 of 1982.

      • Ralph

        yes, i was born 8:35pm on june 15th 1982, I live in Spain. this story caught my eyes on you tube, I cried alot while watching the videos. thanks for sharing your brothers story to the world so that people like us that live far away from USA can be encouraged. Aaron lives forever in our hearts..

  346. ellie

    I watch the video and I think It’s an amazing cause, I’m a server myself and sometimes I wish it was a rule that every person should server at least one day to realize what we have to go through to make them happy and earn a good tip and sometimes people dont know. What ur brother did was awesome that proves that he was a good soul and he will never die. Thanks Aaron I’m sure u r right next to god. God bless all those good souls like him that are out.

  347. rebecca patino

    what an awesome way to show love, appreciation and keep Aarons given personality alive. I am in the restaurant business and its nice to see appreciations for those who serve others. THanks so much.. God bless you and your family.

  348. April

    Amazing young man to leave such a powerful and thought provoking idea! I have cried with every comment and story I have read on this website….Aaron was obviously a true blessing and is surely missed very much~ I hope that the money keeps coming in and that Aaron’s wish can continue much beyond what he could have imagined! My prayers and thoughts go out to you Seth and your family….You are an amazing and wonderful man to see this wish out for your brother!!! My words can’t even express how sad and happy I am at the same time…This is nothing short of an amazing story and so inspiring!

  349. Richard Elmer

    Deepest sympathy for your loss. What a great way to celebrate his life.

  350. Avery Robles

    Thank you to everyone that donated! Yall are awesome. A couple came into Babes Chicken Dinner House in Garland, Texas last night and surprised me with a $500.00 Tip! I am so greatful for yall! That tip will help me start with paying for college! THank yall so much !!!

    -Avery Robles 19

  351. Avery Robles

    Thank yall so much for the “AWESOME” tip! That $500.00 is helping me pay for my books for school and so much more! I can not thank yall enough. I am also very sorry for your loss and I will keep yall in my prayers. Never did I think, working at Babes Chicken Dinner house in GARLAND TEXAS that I would recieve such an awesome gift. Thank yall again so much.
    God Bless.
    -Avery Robles 19

  352. Laura Ann

    a friend of mine just received a BIG TIP…. I think this is a great idea!!! you never know what people have going on when they bring you your food or any kind of customer service for that matter… Times are hard and a little goes a LONG way !!!! WTG !! this is a great organization

  353. Meagan in Ohio

    Wow, I just watched you on the today show. What an awesome thing y’all are doing. Your son sounds like he was an amazing, kind & generous person. I used to serve pizzas in my small home town. It’s not as easy as a lot of people think. As an ex-waitress I thank your family and your son for what your doing!

  354. Tammy

    I love this mans idea..and much love and respect to his family( and all the people who are helping with donations) for following through with his request. I’m not sure if people really realize what a blessing such a big tip can be to waiters/waitresses in todays economy. Aaron, you and your family really are angels among us!!

  355. Therese

    I am inspired by a young man’s wish to bring a little happiness to the life of someone working hard to make ends meet. I am more inspired however by the love of a family (particularly a brother) who took (are taking) the steps necessary to bring that wish to life. God Bless you Collin’s family!

  356. Michelle

    Thanks for sharing Aaron’s story. I shared it on Facebook and have donated and I hope many more of my fellow Canadians do the same!

  357. Monica

    Just wanted to let the family know that your doing a great job touching others and fulfilling Aaron’s last wish. Saw and read about his story and we honestly need more people like him. Keep up the good work!

  358. Colleen

    I saw your story today and was inspired. My niece lost her husband, Mikey, and is now a widow at the age of 32. She’s is in the difficult position of raising 4 kids (13 and under) on her own. Like many people, I live check-to-check, but I only have one kid to watch over…I can’t imagine trying to support four. So today, on my lunch break, I went out and bought each kid a new outfit for school. I only had $100, which worked out to $25 per kid…not much, but hitting the sales rack helped. Anyway, I shared my niece’s story with the sales clerk who then pulled some strings to get me a 15% discount. After shopping I went through the McDonalds drive through and gave that $15 as a tip to the cashier (in memory of Aaron and Mikey). Not $500, but they were happy non-the-less. Now we have eight people that feel great, two for giving and six for receiving. I could get used to this.

  359. JoAnn

    God Bless you and your family. Aaron was a great guy, I dont have to know him to figure that out. I can see by the actions of his family, in his memory, that he came from a giant circle of love. I am 55, and also a waitress. I have worked at the same restaurant for 12 years, and have made many wonderful acquaintances; customers and also fellow employees. Servers work very hard for a living, and appreciate acknowlegement for our efforts. Even if it isn’t in the form of a $500 surprise, a kind word can mean a lot! Keep up Aaron’s wish as long as you can, I know it will spread and he will be remembered forever!

  360. JL

    Interestingly, the name Aaron may mean “high mountain”, “mountain of strength” or “enlightened”.

    Make sure you “aaron” the waiter/waitress next time you eat out.

  361. Saudi

    Made me happily cry <3 this is the kind of trace one should leave behind <3

  362. Sergio

    Wow guys, thats an amazing initiative!!

    Best greetings from Spain.

  363. Karlos Rod

    An amazing story I shared with all people I know, Im living in Mexico.

  364. Toni_Marco

    I just want to thank you for all this that you made. The whole world needs more persons like Aaron was.

    Thanks, from Spain

  365. Theresa Lacousta

    Thank you for this video I found on YouTube. It was good that Aaron had this wish and that his family (you all) are making his wish come true. You were wise to put it on the social media as people want to help in ways not too obvious and it’s such as surprise for those that work so hard (servers)to make their customers feel happy. Good work. Blessings on you and to those that are blessed!

  366. Charles Hayes

    Such a good guy .

  367. Charles Hayes

    This is really a great thing – God Bless

  368. Elizabeth

    Godbless this man just found his story on Msn, with more people in the world making these true acts of kindness it could improve our world greatly. 🙂

  369. Janice Boswell

    I saw on one of the things where you gave away the money for your brother to a waitress where you said that you knew not what killed your brother …
    *I* know why your brother died …the Good Lord knew that YOUR brother would not have been able to have taken what was happening to this world …the corruption and meanness that is happening these days and He knew what it would have done to him …therefore He took him …a beautiful soul Home …Home to where there is NO meanness …no hatefulness ..no pain ..and everyone loves each other …
    you brother knew the real meaning of what we ALL should know …but we don’t all practice it like we should …i think your brother tried …he tried his best …and when the Lord saw that the world would hurt him …He sent for him so that this would not take place …for He knew he was such a wonderful soul …and THIS is why so many folks have done what they have to honor him in the way that they have …
    many years ago i was also a server …and as a short cute blonde i also modeled a while so i had decent tips …but not always great ..then i got cancer and i had to stop ..but i went into remission then i got married and with the help of my husband i was able to live my dream for many years …training my beloved arabian horses ..but the cancer came back and now at 55 i am once again in remission but my husband has had 6 heart attacks and i have had to give up all but the old timers of my beloved horses and i can no longer show ..not strong enough .
    and now i can only love the remaining 6 horses that i have and we barely get by ..but they are too old to sell and i wouldn’t anyway …i rescue cats when i can …i dearly love animals as i could never have children
    i never knew your brother ..but i did ..really ..i know the type of person he was …WONDERFUL i can just tell by the way he has acted from the grave …
    and his family is a wonderful family as well …you are all quite blessed to have one another …may the Good Lord smile upon you …as He has done for me …
    yes i still feel He has blessed me …I’m still here and i can still watch the sunrise and get up and walk around …so many can not say this …do i hurt …YES i’m on morphine , toradol percocet and many other things to control pain ..sometimes it helps …sometimes it doesn’t but i had a wonderful life ..my senior stallion SHUGAK was the USEF Leading Sire in 2004 and this year 2012 of Arabians and Half -Arabian offspring ..so i am a proud Mama 🙂 so YES i have CHILDREN they are simply 4 legged versions …
    i would have LOVED to have known your brother …he sounds like such a love ..as is his family ..God bless you all ..sorry this is so long and as i am crying so hard i can hardly type now i guess i’d better stop now 🙂
    I wish you and Your family a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year ..please be careful in your travels …just sign me …the Shugak’s Mama

  370. Windy Woods

    Thank you Collins Family,
    I live in Lexington, KY and have worked at 2 of the restaurants you visited.
    What a beautiful sentiment to carry on in your loved one’s name.
    Thank you for sharing your story with the world. Like many others on here, it reminds me of all that is right in this world.
    May peace be with you all.

  371. Daniele Mariconi

    It is indeed better to give then to receive. Wonderful way to keep his legacy alive. 🙂 Great work!!

  372. Ty

    I think what this family does in Aaron’s name is truly amazing. I’m a YouTube subscriber and watch the videos every week. I can only imagine how much better the world was with Aaron in it, but it’s comforting to know that even though he may not be physically here, his spirit lives on. God Bless

  373. Tracy

    Such a beautiful legacy. Much love to the family!

  374. Pam

    Saw a post on Facebook. What a truly selfless man! What is even more inspiring is that his family is continuing his legacy. Nice to see stories about good things. Thanks for sharing.

  375. Tommi

    Small kindnesses make a big difference in this world.

  376. Ruth-Anne

    This is an incredible story! I kept thinking that it is so sad to lose such a wonderful person who made a difference in the world to those around him. The fact that he wanted to pay-it-forward after his passing tells us how special he is and you’ve made my day with your inspirational acts.

  377. Lucy

    I am sorry for the loss of Aaron…we are on a precipice with our beautiful young grandson as he continues to fight the scourge of substance abuse. Your story made me cry for the loss of Aaron (although I am not saying that is how he died)…and all the beautiful young people who die at too young of an age. I’m watching the Jeff Probst show right now…what a blessed young man you are Seth. Congratulations on receiving a special proclamation from the mayor of Lexington, KY.

  378. Karen

    i love this idea, but I do wish the family was more honest about his death. It makes them look deceitful when they allow people to report that he died of cancer. I am reluctant to donate because of this.

    • sethc

      Karen, I don’t know who reported that Aaron died of cancer but it certainly isn’t true. Unfortunately, some news outlets aren’t very responsible and they report things without verifying them. No one in the family has ever told anyone that Aaron died of cancer, so I’m unsure where they got that idea from.

  379. Austin G

    Wow, I don’t really know what to say. Considering the society we live in this is so heart-warming to know that there are great people as Aaron was. I’m in tears right now so its hard to think.. but to all that have donated thank you, we are keeping Aaron’s wish alive. Thank you for being such an amazing caring person. Love you Aaron!

  380. Sharon

    What an awesome thing. I cry everytime I see one of the stops. Aaron may have lived a short life but left a long legacy. We should all be so lucky to touch as many lives as he has.

  381. Jenifer

    The world needs more people like Aaron who believed in the power of paying it forward. What an inspirational story, thank you for sharing and fulfilling Aaron’s wish.

  382. Avagen

    I really wish I had some money to donate. Good guy Aaron.

  383. Sara Connors

    What an amazing story, I did not know Aaron, I even live in a different country and I’m crying right now because of what your doing…Being a server myself, its nice to connect with your guests, and to make them a part of this journey is such an amazing honour…Cheers to Aaron!!!

  384. Rachel

    I lost my best friend “Heather” to colon cancer last year (she was only 36) and she would have loved Aaron’s last wish. She saw me struggle for years working as a waitress/single mom before I was able to get through college. This past month my only daughter just moved into the dorms and I’m in a situation where she won’t have to work to go through school. Sometimes a little extra money can be just the “hope” that a waitress/waiter needs to get to that next step in their life. Go Aaron!

  385. babz covington

    It is a lovely legacy . i love watching how the video styles have”grown”. i am very sorry for your loss, and very glad for others gains. You’re a good brother.

  386. alex

    what a nice memorial. I’m sorry for your loss.

  387. Anna N.

    This is a very beautiful concept! I’m glad you are honoring your brother’s memory by being so gracious! I tend to tip well myself. (at least 20% of the check) I wish I had this kind of money to be able to help people. I just recently got a new job. Once I get enough money saved up, I plan to donate towards this cause. I do have a question though. How long do you plan on doing this?

    • sethc

      Anna — I will do this for as long as we have money to do so! After the road trip I may have to give the gifts less frequently, but it will continue so long as people continue donating.

  388. Mike in StL

    Thank you Aaron. And Thank you Seth & family. Thank you for keeping faith in people alive. Thank you for making it still feel possible that people are inherently good and compassionate towards their fellow man/woman. Thank you for being an inspiration.

  389. Jennifer

    It’s people like Aaron and his family that make me so proud to call Lexington, KY my home (I’ve lived here all my life). Keep up the amazingly good work. You’re brother would be so happy. Thank you!!

  390. Carolyn P

    I will always think of your brother when I get my check in a restaurant. What a wonderful legacy for your brother and for all of those generous people we have lost in our lives. He would be SO proud of you, I am sure.

  391. Kristen

    Hi, Seth.
    I think the way you’re carrying on your brother’s legacy is admirable. However, I will say I’m sad to see it seems you’re not very open about his cause of death. I, too, lost my brother to suicide, weeks before his 30th birthday. I have since become a suicide and mental health awareness advocate. Part of what I do is try to take away the stigma that people attach to suicide and mental illness. No one would be embarrassed to say their brother died of cancer. So why are we ashamed to say they died of terminal depression? The two diseases are more alike than you realize. Again, I love what you’re doing for your brother and for humanity at large. But I would ask you and your family to consider using this publicity you have toward bringing more awareness to the root of the problem. You are in a position of power to do so. I wish I had the viewers you do and the support you have for the trail race I started in Ryan’s name. Use your publicity to make another difference!
    Thanks for at least considering it. We owe it to our brothers’ memories.

    • sethc


      I wish I could! Unfortunately I just don’t know the circumstances surrounding my brother’s death. Aaron certainly wasn’t suffering from any sort of terminal depression, at least not that anyone in my family is aware of. If that were the case I would say so. It is my belief that Aaron’s death was actually an unfortunate accident.

  392. Steve

    I just stumbled across Aaron’s story on the Huffington Post in a piece called Random acts of Kindness. I am touched by the efforts of his family and friends and just wanted to say that his legacy lives on. Congrats on seeing out his dream in all 50 states!

  393. Irena

    1st time, Ive heard about Aaron from my friend, who told me this story, I could not bielive! I’m very sorry for Aaron! But all of are thankful to you , what you make! All people have to learn to be positive and be able to sympathize to all people and help to each other. Pity in Ukraine people are not the same

  394. Indraneel

    Hi Seth, this is Indraneel from Bangalore. Saw these videos and really felt wonderful that you are doing this with the contribution from so many good Samaritans.

    It’s just amazing.

    God bless you all 🙂

  395. Penny

    Your story is very inspiring. I remember hearing about it and thinking I would love to do something similar. I am sure many other people think the same thing.

  396. MikeE

    First id like to say that aaron must have a been a wonderful person to those around him and to his familly and friends. Very beautiful that he wanted to keep on giving and paying it forward after he was no longer around to do so, This is by far one of the most touching and inspirational things i have heard of and seen its rare to see this kind of kindness in the world today. Seth you are an amazing soul for carrying out your brothers wish and idea and though i doubt ill ever get the chance to meet you or meet many people like you i would like to thank you and everything you have done for those around you and for those who you will help in the future. You have inspired me to start paying it forward in more ways and helping strangers. So thank you again and your family you all wonderful people. Thank you aaron.

  397. Michael

    I came upon video’s on youtube completely by accident of aarons last wish, i know i am a complete stranger and some of aaron’s family still checks this, if you do, you are all wonderful people, and this man has all of you to thank for his beautiful perspective in life. i would like you to know that this has moved me in deep ways and is the most amazing act of human kindness i have witnessed in my life ,take care 🙂

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