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  1. glenn

    Your brother left you with an amazing gift–have fun with it–get the camera and sound right–i feel like i love the guy and i never met him–youll need to start disgusing yoursefs–which will be fun as well

    • SethC

      Thank you, Glenn. The camera and sound can be tricky issues. A new camera body is expensive, and we won’t use any of the donated money for anything other than tips, so until I have the free cash of my own we are stuck recording with what I have available. I’m working toward the purchase of a Lumix GH2 so that I can have an external microphone on my shirt — that way it should pick up the conversation better.

      • Mike

        This is a joke u needed your bro dying to leave good tips. If I ever see u I will kick the shit out of you for your bro. You r getting famous for doing things that u should have done out of principal. you r a schmuck and its too bad it wasn’t u. Here’s an idea give the fuckin tips without a camera around. I’m gonna find where u r and kick the shit out of you, I am so pissed

        • sethc

          Thanks so much for the heartfelt and kind comment, Mike. I’m posting it so that everyone in the world can be a witness to your threats. This way if you do find me, the police will know who to arrest after you commit your crime. I hope you’ve mellowed out a bit since you sent this, but either way, have a great day!

          • Karin Morrison

            And what have you ever given to others? He could have just kept the money.! By letting other people know, they might learn something from this. We all have something to share, even if we are not rich. But many people do not care about anyone else but themselves.

  2. Cynthia Oriaku

    I read your story on yahoo news and it was very extraordinarily touching. I commend your family for being so gracious enough to help other people during these trying times. Aaron’s legacy will not go in vain.

  3. Aaron Montoya

    This story just made my day! Seth, it’s men, or women, like your brother that make the world a much better place to live. I hope this story touches everyone that reads it just as much as it did me. I plan I giving just a little extra next time I’m out in honor of your brother’s memory!

  4. Stacie

    It’s people like you and your family who make this world a better place. Thank you so much for what you have been doing, and you and your family are in my prayers. God bless!

  5. shelly

    I am just loving the last wishes of Aaron, and I wonder if he knew how much he would impact not only the servers, but the family who lost him, because of their regular outings to restaurants to give out the gifts. I think that is genius!…how better to honor a memory and ease familial sadness….brilliant! great job to Aarons brother Seth, and to Aarons mom, congrats on raising such fine caring sons! Kudos!~very touching.

  6. Samantha

    You are all amazing!
    I read your story for the first time a while back on Yahoo and i almost cried. I am a server, and i don’t know if i can express what this kind of generosity does to us. We have so much to deal with day in and out, people/cooks/employees taking their bad days out on us. but knowing that there are people as generous and amazing as you and your brother are, knowing that TODAY we might get someone who is so nice and leaves us just the normal 18% is worth it. I have had customers completely make and break my day.
    I wish there were more people in the world like your brother. You were very lucky to have him in your life. And we are very lucky to have you.
    I know even if this runs out you will find a way to brighten up the world around you, because you are the Light we all wish we had in us.
    Thank you

    • Tina Rae Collins

      Your words brought me to tears, Samantha. Thank you for taking the time to write.

      • grace

        wow i wish there was a way to give credit to your brother if i feel i have the chance to do this for a server!! something like what you had around the bills in the video on Godtube?!?!

  7. Shannon Fitzpatrick

    Hello, your story touched me a great deal and just to share with you I did a tip to a server in your brothers honor at a restaurant right after your first tip was on the web. I didn’t do near $500.00 but $40.00 made my servers night and she now knows the story of your brother too.. What a great memory your keeping alive in his honor.. You are great people. Thank you for sharing!! Shannon

  8. Cody

    I am very inspired by Aaron’s story! Though his life was cut short, his legacy will last forever!

  9. James Fallin

    Thank you for this. I am not a wealthy person by any means. I have been compelled to share in this and would like your permission to write your website on the dollars I give. I recently left (very small in comparison to your tips) a $40.00 tip for a sandwich and chips to go because I saw this. It is over my budget but worth the smile, thank you for helping me restore faith in humanity because of your great family.

    • Tina Rae Collins

      I wish everyone would write Aaron’s web site on their money, James! Thank you for wanting to do it!

  10. Stephi Cantley

    I am seeing this whole thing for the first time and I am in awe. Of course, I am crying my head off. I just wrote your family in my Prayer Journal. As I was praying for you, one of my favorite verses came to mind. Hebrews 6:10 ~”God is not unjust. He will not forget the love you have shown Him as you serve His people. Continue this diligence to the very end and you shall receive your reward in Heaven.” I have no doubt that God is smiling down on all of you, with His arm around your brother Aaron. What you are doing is powerful, and loving, and kind, and just exactly what this messy world needs. His legacy is beautiful and I thank you for sharing it. I will teach my First Graders all about this when school begins!!!!! 😀

  11. Steven

    I am an independent taxi driver in San Diego, California. Last night I was driving a couple to the airport from their hotel. The fare was only $60 but they gave me a $500 tip! Even though I needed it so very much, I tried not to accept it because I felt it was way over the top ridiculous, but then they explained to me that they had heard about your brother Aaron and his last wish in his all too short life……

    I am so sorry for your loss, I can’t imagine the grief of losing my son at such an early age. You and your family and brother/son Aaron are in my family’s thoughts and prayers!

    But I have to say not only was your brother/son a very giving person he seems to have started something to that has caused him to live on forever not only in your memories and thoughts but he has left his family a legacy of going out to eat a meal together and he is physically with you at what ever restaurant you choose as well.

    I can’t imagine you can understand what this means to me. I was going to be late on my house rental payment this month and not be able to throw a birthday party for my soon to be 11 year old daughter and now I am paying the full amount on time and taking my daughter and her friends for a birthday party at her favorite place, the local water park!

    Thanks so, so, so, so, very much to Aaron for wishing this! Thanks to you for taking it seriously and doing this! Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Rogriguez of Spokane, Washington for being inspired by Aaron and you and doing this to me!


    P.S. I promise that I too will do this (as soon as I can) and I will also write the name of aaroncollins.org on the bills I give so the server knows that this random act of kindness is inspired by your brother/son Aaron Collins!

    P.P.S. I love the meter you created for your donations that you have received. It is perfect! Don’t worry about the expense of a camera or sound it is not important and not the point of this huge thing you are doing, the quality is exactly perfect because it puts the focus of the video on what is important and that is Aaron’s thoughtfulness and generosity that have cheated death and made Aaron immortal!


    • Tina Rae Collins

      I cried pretty much the whole time I read this, Steven. You cannot imagine how happy it would make Aaron to know that he helped you to pay rent. He often struggled to pay his so this would make him very happy–in fact, no doubt IS making him very happy. And he would love that he helped a child have a better birthday too!

      You are very kind to write and tell us about what happened. I very much appreciate it! It is this wish of Aaron’s and the donations of good people and Seth’s hard work to make it all come together that has helped me find joy amidst my sorrow over the loss of my son. To see him honored the way he is, well, you can imagine how wonderful that is for a mother. And to know that even in death his good heart and generous spirit are making things better for others is extremely uplifting.

      Thank you, Steven! And may God bless you and your family.

      • Belle

        God bless you, Ms. Collins. You are blessed and I pray healing in every portion of your heart. You have raised beautiful children on the inside and that reward is great. What an amazing legacy. God is so good. Thank you.

        • Leigh Ann

          Incredibly beautiful, Steven and Mrs, Collins, and I so agree, Belle!

        • Tina Rae Collins

          Thank you, Belle!

          • Tina Moore

            sounds like a huge paying it forward and people need to learn to be kind life is way too short maybe this is a way Aaron is teaching love and kindness even being gone. Great job too you for raising such a great family and they have great friennds to help with the giving and pics. Im a mom of 4 and I totally understand hard times.
            My heart goes out too you.

  12. Melissa L

    No matter how in fact Aaron passed away, everyone is entitled to a last wish. For his family in their time of mourning to go out and make his last wish happen has me at a loss for words. We should all try to be more like this and love thy neighbor as thy self! Thank you for your huge heart and open minds, this is going to touch and inspire a lot of people to go out and do the same.

  13. Kiki Bytyqi

    I just heard about this story and it made me sad knowing that this world has lost such a beautiful angel but yet, it also reminded me that this angel has made this world a better place as he has touched so many lives in such a beautiful way. Aaron, you have inspired me. His family, thank you so much for sharing such beautiful fond memories of your angel. It is greatly appreciated.

  14. Jeff

    do you guys have a twitter or fb fanpage? if not, you really need to. I’d love to follow and share this blog and you guys donate to strangers. such an amazing thing you are doing.


  15. Dirk Dierking

    This is pure LOVE; I am honored to experience such great acts of giving. “It is in giving that we receive” comes to mind and it proves that your brother cared about human beings. Thank you for all you do and thanks for what you will continue to do for the next two plus years!

  16. Anie

    I want you to know how much this story touched me, and why I plan to try and do something similar for a server in my area. My brother died nearly five years ago in a car accident. He had only turned 18 two months prior to the accident. I imagine he would probably want someone to do something similar because he was a very loving guy. He always wanted to make people happy. I’m planning to get together with my sister either for his birthday(Sept 7) or for the anniversary of his death(Dec 2) to go out to dinner, and gift the server with the biggest tip the two of us can afford at the time. I know Matthew would have loved that. So thank you. To you guys for making this possible, and for Aaron for his last wish giving me some inspiration. What you guys are doing is truly amazing and touching and I intend to continue to follow your project.

  17. Stacey


    is the donation for one state? through out the nation?

    • sethc

      We want to spread the donations out as far as we possibly can.

  18. Lee Yates

    Very sorry for your loss….but this story is a sterling memorial to your brother’s life. I sent a little in to keep the fun going.

    God Bless !

  19. Maggie

    I ask that you extend this gift to all tip employees. The are bartenders, beverage servers (who serve pop and soda in casinos), housekeepers, and anyone else who work hard for tips. I love what your brother wish is. It reminds me of a country song “Chain of Love”. You brother really represents this song. Thank for his special gift.

  20. Jon Skullard

    When a family has so much love for each other that it overflows into the lives of other people like this, it’s an inspiration to the rest of us. Thank you so much for letting us know about Aaron and for giving these tips in his memory. Your story moved me so much, I couldn’t help but want to take part. And I’m letting as many people know about this beautiful tribute as I can. I’m deeply sorry for the loss of your much loved brother. What you’re doing in his name is the best tribute I could ever imagine. I used to wait tables and survive on tips, so I know how much it means to the people receiving Aaron’s gift. Keep it up, and every blessing to you as you do.

  21. patrick savoie

    i really happy to read that sorry it make my life change and see there some good person lift in this world, but im sorry he die in all that it not only the money that you gave out it love,happiness,help that what it great im sorry i cant help you by gaving you some money but my mind is with you dont stop what you are doing because you guys are the best and your brother to is and gardien angel a real one.i’ll share you’re story all in canada to show that live is not full of non carring person there alot of good person lift yet like you guys i wish you good life and take care of you and your famely god bless you all….patrick savoie from canada…

  22. toby garcia

    Thanks for doing what you are doing, and thanks to Aaron for appreciating the true values in life.

  23. Karry Williams

    I have been following your website and become over joyed every single time I get to watch your wonderful act of kindness. What a wonderful gift you guys have as a family just to be able to go and bring joy to others sharing your wonderful stories about your brother. I know his name will not be forgotten in the lives of many. Its people like you that I WISH there were more family like. Just to be able to celebrate the life of your wonderful brother in this way. I hope you all have a little more peace within your hearts knowing that its not only your brother that is and was wonderful but you all as well. What you are doing is just as kind . I for one would love to say thank you to being such wonderful kind people. May many many people keep your family in their thoughts so you can keep his memories going for years to come. God bless all of you for your kindness

  24. Takeru


    i from japan. i read your story in newspaper named yomiuri shinbun.

    amazing story of love and sacrifice!!!! unbelievable!!!

    in japan, there is no tip. tip is american culture. so i cannot give a tip.

    but i donate 50,000 yen to unicef. unicef help poor humans in third world country. your brother is inspiration to world.

    great job!!! do your best and do not give up!!! fight!!!

  25. Patrice

    So sorry that Aaron passed away, I love that you found such a great way to honor him and keep his memory alive. Special congratulations to your Mom for raising such wonderful kids!!

  26. Lisa

    My best friend, Kathy, passed away from cancer nearly two years ago. This Friday, August 31 would have been her birthday and we always celebrated our birthdays together since mine is just a few days later. After hearing your story, I decided that this year I will go to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch on her birthday and leave a generous tip to the server. I’ve not been looking forward to her birthday or mine because it makes me miss her so much, but hopefully brightening someone else’s day will also brighten my own.

  27. Tiffany

    I just watched your story here in Detroit about your amazing deeds. Its so heartwarming to see such a beautiful gesture of love in a world full of hate. If I didn’t believe in God before, this would definitely be my moment of clarity. So may God bless you, although I suspect He already has with a heart as big as yours.

  28. Joe Harbison

    It’s really difficult to describe what is is to receive this kind of generosity. If you had asked me what would happen at work today, I probably would have rated “Godzilla attack” higher than getting a $500 tip on a coffee drink (by the way, I really, really hope that drink was okay).

    I know everyone who has been the benefactor of something like this has had a lot to say. I’m nothing special in those regards. If I had been tipped by some multimillionaire actor or CEO who had so much money to throw around that it meant nothing I would have been thrilled; to be given this by someone who clearly is relying on their own kindness and the kindness of strangers means so much more. It’s deeply affecting. I wish I had the money to do this for others all the time.

    As a point of interest: I shared this money with my coworker, and we have both decided that a chunk of it should go towards a big get-together with food and drinks for our other coworkers. It’s a tight-knit family of workers here, and we felt that it should be shared. Likewise, some of it will go towards a hefty tip to someone else – what’s the point of all this if not to spread some goodwill in your son/brother’s name?

    Finally, both myself and my coworker Dalyn are musicians. We work the job we have now to support ourselves (barely) when we can’t be out on the road. I want you all to know that this gift has single-handedly made it possible for me to live out the dreams that I have. I work hard, and I while I wish it weren’t so, money is the make or break element of my life. I am at a point where music is a full-time position but doesn’t pay well enough to live on. I was seriously concerned about that because I want to continue on (and possibly be able to support myself on just my art) but the expenses of life have made that a serious question. Because of your generosity, and the generosity of your son/brother, I am going to be able to pay my rent and bills and still be able to go out and do the things that I love. That alone could be the deciding factor in how my life moves forward. That’s tremendously, tremendously significant to me.

    It seems strange to just say “thank you”, but thank you. Really. It gives me shivers just to think about it. There are charities out there that do great things, but something like this means so, so, so much to singular people, and there’s not enough of that. I didn’t know your son/brother, but I his name will clearly live on forever with me. You all are making a huge difference, and, well. Wow. Just that. You’re making a huge difference.

    Thank you so much for your kindness.

    Also, enjoy your Zombie Dust, Seth. That stuff is mighty tasty. And whenever you or anyone in your family or friends want a drink around the shop, you should know it’s on me, yeah?

    Thank you all again. You’re tremendously giving people. I hope to live up to that.


    • Tina Rae Collins

      Joe, your words brought tears to my eyes. Wow, what nice things to say! Aaron would be so, so, SO happy to know that he helped you to fulfill dreams! To think that he helped someone who is struggling and especially someone with musical or artistic talent (which is not often financially rewarding) would really make him happy. Thank you for opening your heart to us and sharing these thoughts!

  29. Jessica Lehotta

    As a former waitress, I was once given a large tip right before Christmas. I was so thankful. It took a huge burden off my shoulders. What a wonderful gift from your family and the Lord above. Seeing you do this makes me want to be apart of it! I will be paying it forward to keep this awesome act of kindness going.

  30. Wenjiang Chu

    I am deeply touched by Aaron’s story and really appreciate what you and your mom are doing to memorize Aaron in such a wonderful way. I just want to let you know that I did basically the same way in Aaron’s name, in China.
    I just came back from Beijing, China, where the economic development is so fast, and the spirit of caring for others is seemingly left behind. On my way to the airport, I had a long talk with a young taxi driver when we stuck in the traffic jam. He complained that it became increasingly difficult to make a living with the traffic that worsening everyday, especially the event that he worked with a loss in yesterday’s extraordinary city-wide traffic jam because of the rain. Trying to cheer him up, I told him Aaron’s story; and gave him all the cash I had when we arrived. Although it was way less than $500 (I did not prepare for this), but, Aaron, you would be happy when you could see his reactions–he was really surprised with moment of solemnly silence. I told him that he should thank Aaron, not me. I did it because of Aaron. I asked him tell Aaron’s story to at least one more person, so Aaron’s last wish could be known by more people. He nod very hard when I told him that your efforts and hardworking will always be appreciated by people like Aaron.
    Aaron, I wish you could see all this; and I think you did…
    My best wishes to you and your mom.

  31. Kathy

    I predict a movie in the making:)

  32. Chris

    I’m sorry for your loss… but this is a way where Aaron will not only never be forgotten but will be heartily remembered throughout the nation.. What an amazing thing. I love love love it..

  33. Marija

    This is the most beautiful gift from your brother..When i saw the video with the girl who work in pizza restaurant I was shocked..Your brother is а gift from the heaven and I really want everyone to think like your brother..You must to go on whit this!

  34. Jennifer Tehani Sarreal

    What a beautiful thing you are doing for your brother. It is so amazing what a beautiful life can inspire in others! I lost my dad about four years ago and I, too, went on a mission to do good things in his honor. He believed in who I was and what I did and had told me to “keep doing good things” with my life and for the world. We worked on projects together and unfortunately he didn’t live to see our last project come to fruition. I put together a book of his photography then began Artists For Action (or simply AFA) in his honor. He was my best friend and I live my life to make him proud. My father had a similar spirit. He was a free-spirit and was one of the few who really understood the important things in life – it appears your brother was the same way. I want you to know how touched I am by this wonderful labor of love. It is a beautiful thing you are doing and I wish you all the best this holiday season and always. You have a wonderful brother and he does, too 🙂 Aloha.

  35. Björn Kristal

    You guys really made my day!
    I’m speachless…
    I’ve been a waiter by myself and here in Germany it’s a totally underpaid job.
    Although I never met your brother/son/friend, I feel so sorry that he passed away… There should be so much more people in the world, thinking like him!
    I never had a chance to say goodbye to my Dad, so I really hope your actions are going to help you getting over this huge loss…
    Have to go, dry my eyes now…
    Please keep being that kind! 🙂

  36. Mike T.

    Just checking in again, as I try to do now and then. It is still heartwarming to see the video clips of each meal. It seems so long ago when someone shared this with me. It was an honor then to make a donation to the fund.

    Last weekend, I was at an event where they conducted a fund-raiser auction for the a living history organization. The last item auctioned was a hand-carved pipestone pipe from an individual who had passed away a few years ago. It was the last item he ever made. This man often made pipes and knives, but gave them all away, never selling one of his works of art.

    I was working as a ‘Yipper’ for the auctioneer, when a man in my area started bidding. As the bid neared $400, he had tears in his eyes and wasn’t sure how much more to spend. Family members sitting next to him assured him they had the money as the amount reached $700. At $800, even though I was working the auction, I threw the last $40 in my wallet on the table. Others joined in. Soon, we had more than $140 to help this gentleman, who most of us had never met, win this pipe with a bid of $1040.

    When it was over, I was able to shake his hand and talk briefly with him. The pipe maker was a long-time friend of his (he appeared to be in his 60s), and he owned the last knife the artist had ever made. Now he owned the last item ever made as well. There was emotional value to the item, not possession. Watching him react to our meager offering, just to help him get something that meant that much to him was pure emotional rush.

    All I could think of was your objective. Share freely with someone who least expects it. Just trying to keep ‘paying it forward’! 🙂

  37. Zack Frankel

    Hi Collins and friends and family. I’m not an easy person to touch, but honestly I think what your brother has spawned is amazing. You guys are extremely cool! Truly and honestly if/when you guys come around Chicago if I could share in this moment it’d be extremely cool. If you get that request too much and want to keep it personal I totally understand. Best wishes and keep up the good work.

  38. Frank Barthold

    Aaron had a great last wish . . . simply thinking of others. I’m sorry he’s gone. Thank you for honoring his request so well; it is a tribute to true devotion and love for family and people. Your story brings hope. Thank you!

  39. Karen

    I am 51 years old and worked as a waitress all through high school and college. I still remember the feeling I had, at age 17, when I served a couple 2 cups of coffee – nothing else – and I was rushed and unfortunately somewhat rude to them, and they left me a $5 tip on their $1.50 bill. I cried that day. That small act changed my life. You are doing great acts, you are changing people’s lives, and I am going out today to leave my lunch server a $50 tip with Aaron’s name on it.

    Thank you. I needed this story today.

  40. Kelly Thompson

    Hi Aaron’s family!
    This is so inspiring, so touching and such a demonstration of love and honor for your brother’s life. Is it possible to purchase the book your mother wrote about Aaron?

  41. Lisa Briley

    God Bless you and your family I’m so proud of your family. What your doing is AWESOME. I lost my 29 year old son 4 years ago the 19 and they were kindred spirits. I also lost my husband this past July. I know how hard emotionally it can be. I too am blessed with loving children and grandchildren whose lives are all touched by this story as soon as I’m able I intend to do the same. You people are touching the lives of so many and I literally got chill bumps from heaven. Thank you for sharing those random acts of kindness and You are all in my prayers. Lisa Briley

  42. Lisa Casey

    I live in Waterloo Iowa and manage a convience store here and I just want you to know how awesome I think this is I deal with alot of addicts and its very sad I see it daily Bless your Family !!!!!!!!

  43. Mary f., Savannah, NY

    I saw you & your Mom on the Jeff Probst show yesterday. I just wanted to say that what you are doing really serves God’s purpose for your brother & son’s life. This world need many more special Angels like the two of you. I wish you much happiness in your journey for Aaron’s last wish. Your sister in Christ, Mary F. Savannah, NY

  44. Drew

    i am AMAZED that you all are still doing this! I remember reading about this forever ago and thinking that it would last a little while, thinking it was so sweet of your family to continue on with his wish. but y’all are STILL going! I applaud y’all for sticking to your original gameplan and touching so many lives for the better. I cant wait to send in my $500 check to y’all so that this doesnt stop. Keep on doing amazing things! you are shining a bright light in this dark world that there are still wonderful and genuine people out there. Aaron, you have an outstanding family!!!

  45. Mike

    This just shows how one life can really impact so many indirectly. It’s also kept you busy in following a goal and bringing your family together just as your brother i’m sure wanted. Keep up the amazing work! I’d love to see you guys get some more diverse servers, maybe in some poor neighborhoods or low income areas. Just a tip!

  46. Janice

    I lost my 29 year old brother a few years ago, and it is a loss you carry forever. What a beautiful way to honor Aaron, and for his spirit to live on.

  47. Linda

    Wow that is awesome what you guys are doing. My mother was a waitress for 65 years and it’s hard work! I wanted to do the same so I tried it and “failed”. My mom said “honey you better to go school” and that was the end of that.

    I did just that and I am a graduate student in Texas A & M University- Commerce and will be getting my Masters of Science in Global e-Learning in August 2013.

    What makes this story great is that I just watched a lecture about Randy Pauch He was a professor from Carnegie Mellon that had cancer and wrote “The Last Lecture”. What your brother did was outstanding like Randy Pauch. No one will ever forget what he has done and his legacy lives on through you.

  48. Jenn

    Are you planning a trip to Alaska at some point? I have several friends who are servers that truly work their hardest and best and it would be cool to hear about something like this happening here.

  49. Marc

    I think this story is beginning to bit a tipping point as I have heard about it from three separate people in the last few days. As I started watching a few videos my thought was “what a nice gesture” and how kind and inspirational it is. Then, continuing to watch, I began to realize the widespread implications of this. I began to see comments here of other people not associated with your journey randomly performing these acts of kindness, I began to feel this overwhelming emotion that can only be described as inspiration, hope, generosity, and love rolled up in one. I realized I began feeling like I should start donating more and leaving bigger tips and trying to make a bigger difference in the lives around me through random acts of kindness. I suppose the point of this is just to, once again, reassure you that this message is seeping into every crevasse of society and making a difference. I am one of the most disconnected people when it comes to current events and such and so are my friends so when I am hearing about it from multiple friends it is very impressive. Thank you all for what you’re doing and from now on I will be putting your website on all my generous tips. God bless

  50. Amanda

    What an amazing way to honor the memory of someone you love. It has grown because it was borne of a wonderful selfless thought of Aaron to enrich another person’s life. May God continue to bless you and your family and all who loved Aaron and thank you for being courageous enough to share your family’s story with the world.

  51. Sondra

    Hello Collins Family, I’m sorry for your loss. I lost my brother & sister too soon. Because of them I worked in
    healthcare. I’m a disabled senior citizen on a very tight budget.
    I have had Assistance Dogs for balance & walking support. My school is
    CARES INC. p.o. box 314 Concordia, KS. The phone number is
    800-498-1077. The CEO of CARES is Sarah Holbert. I ‘m wondering if you would consider a donation in
    Aaron’s name? I’m sure you could name the pup. It could be any breed from a pappion to a great dane or mastiff. I’m very tall so I need a giant breed. The dogs are
    very costly for the people, but believe me, they make having a disability
    tolerable. If my dog Harry Potter had his magic wand he would
    give Aaron back to his amazing family.
    God Bless, Take care & Be Well Sondra

  52. Janine K.

    Hello Collins Family,

    It is a priveledge to be able to write to you. I overheard Aaron’s story on a daytime talk show one day while I was cleaning. I could not stop thinking about for days and now here I am contacting you! His legacy is amazing and I am in awe of how you all have made it happen. And it’s still happening! I would love to be involved in the giving! If you ever come to Philadelphia you will be welcomed by open arms! Lovingly, Janine

  53. Will Hunnicutt

    My name is Will Hunnicutt I am from Atlanta Georgia and I just wanted to let y’all know I just watched every single video that y’all have posted and literally cried to them. That was one amazing and powerful thing and Aaron touched a lot of peoples lives because of that. I am a server in a little mexican restaurant here so I know how they feel and the impact it gives to have someone do that for you. Trust me, if I had money, I would donate all I could to y’all because this is just amazing. Thank y’all for sharing your experiences with the internet. My prayers are with your family for being so moving in this. I know y’all probably get thousands of emails daily I hope that you give my message a read and know how much this impacted me just watching these.

  54. Milton

    Seth, I’m the guy that suggested you stop in a smaller town and give a tip, you did so and stopped at a Waffle House in Mississippi and left Ducky a $500 tip. Thank you for following up on my suggestion and I hope that you will do so again.I’m sure you pass through a lot of smaller towns on your road trips and these are towns where the waitresses are working mothers supporting a family and they never see a big tip like you are giving.
    Keep up the good deed. I am proud of what you and your family are doing.

  55. Pamela Messing

    If you are coming to Michigan – you could stop at the Royal Diner on Dixie Hwy in Clarkston, MI. The hostess working mornings (Kristy) had been working as a waitress until neck surgery made this not possible. The diner now allows her to hostess so that she can still help her family of four children. She is always in pain but works hard daily. She really deserves a nice tip. It is so special what you are doing when everywhere you turn you have people facing such hardships.

  56. DirkrisHar

    I was really inspired by Aaron’s story even though I haven’t really read the book which I will surely get a copy soon. His last will just made him live forever…forever in the hearts of all the simple acts of kindness that anyone could think of. No matter how big or small, what matters more is the “heart” that does it freely and passionately…I admire the efforts and kindness that your family has done…not for Aaron, but for all the people that he has touched! God Bless you all!

  57. Mayenga Mabula Mbuzah


    the Almighty God, no doubt, has pardoned Aaron of any bad things he’d have done while he lived for the world of good his last wish is doing to beneficiaries of the donations.

    RIP Aaron!

    May I ask you, from your exposure, is there anybody whom you know who may wish to come to Tanzania to jointly establish a Kindergarten and Primary School that would cater to children from needy homes?

    God bless you!

    Mayenga Mabula Mbuzah,
    Nyasho ‘B’, Ng’wanangi
    Nassa, Busega
    P.O. Box 1987,

  58. yan

    It may be even better if you give out $50 per person for tips – so you can give to 1000 people.

    yes, you give $500 person for tips, you can only give about 100 people.

    If you increase to $5000 per person for tip, you can only give out 10 people.

  59. Brandy

    I just have to say how amazing this made my morning. I help manage a seafood restaurant in Maine and I see firsthand how hard some of the waitstaff and myself have it at times. They come in with nothing each day, hopeful that they will make enough to pay their bills. The majority of people tip between 10-12% (in the winter especially) and occasionally some don’t tip at all. It’s hard work and we are all just trying to get by, so I know firsthand how completely amazing a good tip can feel. It’s a sign of appreciation, because behind the scenes we do a heck of a lot of work people don’t always see. I think your brother had a perfectly inspiring heart. I truly hope you continue this tradition! Thanks for brightening up my day. 🙂

  60. Tina & Ryan

    Greetings from Maine,

    I just stumbled across your story and the video of the grateful waitress at Friendly’s in Vermont. You are an absolute angel to carry on the dream of your brother!!

    Just want you to know, you have a place to stay while in Maine (as long as you like dogs). We would be honored to host you and your guests so you can continue the legacy here in Maine.

    God Bless & Merry Christmas
    Thank You!
    Tina & Ryan

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